What Is Scraping on Instagram?

Scraping on Instagram, like on any other social media, consists of gathering or extracting publicly available data. You can find lots of information that is directly displayed, such as users’ contacts or personal details like hobbies, interests, links with other social media accounts, and so forth.

More importantly, scraping images, comments, and likes can be used to infer patterns and tendencies about people’s buying choices, their implicit interests, and tastes.

Considering that Instagram primarily operates through images where you can find lots of advertisements and recommendations or resentments about different products, a more detailed picture of its evaluations with a future prognosis of market situation can be extracted.

It makes Instagram a very popular and useful platform for marketers of different brands.

How to scrape so many users?


Using social media makes it easier to maintain direct interactions with your customers and audience of interest. There are too many users though, and you can’t deal with each one of them directly.

Interacting with lots of people and getting key data from their activities on social media involves using lots of tools and resources. Harvesting data in big amounts and attracting many users while maintaining a sharp focus on their relevant interests and decisions can’t be done manually to reach success in a more extended period.

While it is necessary for a vivid connection with your audience, especially in the beginning, eventually, you will receive recurring questions and will have to do the same tasks repeatedly. That’s why scraping on Instagram or social scraping overall is often defined as automatic data gathering on social platforms.

Using automation software these days is inevitable in any more sustainable business-related activity on social media or the internet in general. Everyone is well aware that ads online are usually popping up based on algorithms that correspond to your recent or a long-term activity on the internet. On the other side of this mechanism stand these automation tools that help to develop such correspondence.

They are used not only for that. Their primary target is developing sufficient knowledge not only for focused ad campaigns online but for making business decisions on what products and services are more demanded and can be more profitable.

Automation tools help you in developing more efficient ways to approach your potential customers and offer them things that follow their needs and preferences.

How does using bots help?


An automation tool can provide a different advantage depending on what function it does. Of course, moderating and automating comments or messages is the first thing that comes to mind when you are considering the potential uses of such a tool. However, they can be invoked for much more complex tasks such as:

  • Creating and managing multiple accounts.
  • Improve your messages and posts based on important keywords.
  • Scheduling your posts and stories.
  • Monitoring mutual interactions between you and other users.
  • Making automatic comments, follows, and likes.

These tools help you improve your growth. They raise your visibility, for instance, by liking and following other users or by mentioning your name in comments, or by making certain hashtags that might make you a trendier brand. They also stimulate different users to engage more with you.

But the most useful automation tools for Instagram scraping are those that do most of the scraping by searching and digging up page details, comments, posts, or likes of your targeted users.

Instagram’s restrictions of scraping


As useful for business the scraping on Instagram is, it poses certain threats. Instagram is not very fond of this whole scraping idea, although it’s impossible to avoid. Too excessive scraping is unwelcome and might result in blocking you.

It’s already a big risk to scrape Instagram users in huge amounts. However, the most efficient scraping strategy includes using automation tools. This makes things even more complicated since Instagram, like many other social networks, is strictly against using them.

In their Terms of Use, it’s noted that you can’t attempt to create accounts or collect information in unauthorized ways.

These are not unauthorized by legal authorities. Using automation tools on Instagram is not illegal. However, it’s unacceptable in the eyes of Instagram, and for using them you can be punished within their platform by getting blocked.

Proxies break through restrictions

Excessive social scraping on the internet, including Instagram, is unimaginable without automation tools. Since they are unauthorized by social media that you are scraping, not to mention, the very practice of social scraping in big amounts of data is unwanted too, additional tools are needed to become good at scraping on Instagram. Check metrow.com for additional help.

All the automated tasks are being identified when they are done from the same IP address. In the same way, all your actions, when they consist of too many requests on the site, are linked together and identified as done by a single user.

If your IP address is linked with unwanted actions, such as scraping or using unauthorized automation tools, you can end up getting blocked. Your bots can be blocked or linked among themselves by sharing the same IP address. It also leads back to you and grants you the same fate as your bots.

On the other hand, if your IP address is disguised and all your actions are marked with different IPs, you can’t be blocked.

Proxies are intermediary servers that hide your IP address and provide you with a variety of new ones that can be maintained for a certain period while doing some tasks and then changing for doing others. Both manual and automated tasks can be done with your IP hidden.

Hence, if your IP is hidden, you can continue scraping on Instagram without getting blocked or identified as doing something that they consider unauthorized.


The use of scraping on Instagram for marketing purposes by extracting all public data that is out there is spreading among businesses and is only catching its rhythm. An intensive scraping includes using automation tools and intermediary servers such as proxies to work around restrictions for such activities. Using them is what makes any scraper a good one.