Amazon Cloud Server, All You Need To Understand

As the use of Cloud Server is rising, many hosting or server providers develop their service and offer cloud service. IBM, Amazon, and the biggest search engine, Google, also generate the cloud server as one of their product. One of the best cloud servers, Amazon Web Service, is starting to introduce to the users that Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a good choice for a website owner.

In this article, you will get information about Amazon Web Service, how it works, and the pricing details.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Offering more than 200 exclusive features adopted from the vpsserver cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most all-inclusive and comprehensive platform globally. Millions of AWS users who have felt the easiness and the complete features of AWS started from small to large enterprises with high traffic every time on the website, including large startups, leading government agencies, and many more.

How AWS works

After understanding what cloud computing is, you should know Amazon Web Service (AWS). With the most complete and broad features, AWS is one of the best cloud server providers globally. You do not need to hesitate the credibility of this platform as AWS also handled large enterprises and even large startups. The customers of AWS had understood that AWS owns excellent infrastructure and applications to support the system.

Using AWS, you can create and build any platform or application such as social network, genomic search, video streaming, a smart city, online banking, and many more virtually. You need to use this platform to save more your expense but has long-term results.

As this platform is very important for you, especially a website owner with quite heavy traffic, using a cloud server in AWS is a good choice. However, no need to worry about the charge because AWS only charges you based on the usage only. So, you do not need to pay for what you do not use. This kind of charge is a great payment method as you surely want to less-expense in using this. Moreover, you can also do an experiment to find which technologies suit you until you find what you need.

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AWS offers you a complete and well-structured infrastructure for computing, storage, and the database. AWS is also using a high-technology tool such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data leaks and analytics, and others that can fulfill your needs. You will get full access to several services while managing the technical issues and resources on AWS’s hand. AWS is also fully responsible for the users’ security and operation to ease the users in using the platform with a high-experience for people.

Before using AWS, you need to identify the heavy lifting of your website first. This is important to know how much you need to lift using AWS as the users is not only you. For instance, you are working on a start up specializing in e-commerce, and you need a data store for the application. Before choosing MySQL, you need to do experimenting with another related database first. The next is installing the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), which is actually a resizeable virtual server and totally secure. You do not need to worry about the hypervisor infrastructure as the hole maintenance is on AWS’ hand. Exclude managing the hypervisor; all is your responsibility. You can control it like what you want, including managing the operating system for the guest, MySQL, and so on.

Before ready to go, you need to understand that your e-commerce is handling the security patches, updates, failover, backup, and the others. Even those tasks are not related to your business’ core, you need to always responsible for it to avoid the problem may hit your platforms. However, if those tasks are quite hard to do, AWS provide Amazon RDS (Amazon Relational Database Service). Open AWS ManaprovidesConsole and click it, then you are running a database based on your choice in a minute. Amazon RDS is a management service. You will save more time if you are using this service to take care of those administrators more time asks such as backup, patching, provisioning, recovery, repair, and even failure detection. Consider using Amazon RDS as you will get more time to focus on your business, data, and application.

AWS pricing models and competition

After understanding the features os AWS and how it works, the next thing you need to know is about the pricing model that Amazon offers to you. With at least 160 cloud servers, AWS uses the pay-as-you-go pricing method to charge the users. You only need to pay for what you use. You will not sign a long-term contract and a complicated license requirement. If you are still confused about this, imagine on how you pay for electricity and water. If you use 100L of water, you will be a charge for 100L as well. That is how AWS works. You will not pay more for something that you do not use. However, once you decide to stop using the service, there will be no additional charge for termination.

Here is some pricing method if you are interested in using AWS for your business:

  • Pay what you reserve

If you want to use AWS features such as Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2, you can invest first in Reserved Instances. By invest on the Reserved Instances, you will save more at least 75% as much as the on-demand volume. If you are interested in purchasing Reserved Instances, the larger down payment, the more discount you will get.

  • Pay-as-you-go

If you have a limited budget, this charge method is the best choice for you. AWS will not make a long-term contract, and you must sign on it. AWS will charge you based on what you use. You will not be a charge for what you do not use. This pricing model will ease the business owner as their business may up and down, which also affects the revenue. You surely do not want to be burdened by paying the same charge in fact; you do not use some of the services.

  • Payless by using more.

AWS will always ease you in the case of pricing models. You will get a discount for volume-based, and you will notice the usage increase, but you save more. For example, if you are using S3 services, the more you use the service, the less charge you will get based on the GB. AWS also recommends you get the service that is suitable for your business, not merely searching for revenue but also helping you grow your business.