Is Instagram better for Business Marketing than Facebook

The battle for supremacy among the biggest social media platforms seems to have changed in the recent several years. No longer do they battle for every user to choose them over the competition. Now, they are adapting their own platform and offering the existing users new features that would allow them to do more things on one place. If you think about the, the heavyweights like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are quite different in their main objectives. This makes the users have profiles on all three and using them for specific purposes, while the companies themselves all get more than enough users.

With that being said, when it comes to marketing and advertising a business, no matter if you have a product to sell or a service to offer, this are a little bit different. It is Instagram and Facebook that are the absolute kings of social media marketing. However, which one takes the crown completely and is Instagram better than Facebook at it as most people think?

In the article ahead of you, you will once and for all learn which of the two giants of online interaction is the better choice if you want to start a social media marketing campaign. One has a clear advantage and in the following sections we will tell you which one that is and what those advantages are. To learn more about both as well as to get a neat head start on those like and follower numbers, make sure to check out instant-famous and choose one of their amazing deals.

Same Company

Although they started off as two separate companies, Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion in stocks and cash. This amount of money has come back their way multiple times over since then and it proved to be one of the best deals the tech giant has ever made. In almost 10 years since the deal, Facebook has helmed a giant turnaround and changed Instagram many times until they had what it is and what it represents today. It is important for the average user to understand that both of these platforms are overlooked by the same parent company and that they are connected. The best type of advertising is the one in which you integrate the content of both and share whatever you have between the two. Since you already have an Instagram account as soon as you open a Facebook account, why not use both and reap all of the benefits simultaneously?

The Numbers

Okay, they are the same company, but you still want to know which one is better for marketing. We hear you, so let us deal with the numbers first. Let us start with Facebook. The platform has over 2.38 billion monthly users and 96% of all of them access their profile through mobile devices. Although it is not mainly a video sharing service, around 40% of consumers claim that they watch most of their online video material on Facebook. Regarding the business side of things, there are over 65 million small businesses present on Facebook, each with their own Page. Moreover, 83% of marketers said that they use Facebook in a big way in the social strategy of their brand. Overall, it seems to be a good choice.

When it comes to Instagram, it has less than half the amount of active monthly users, 1 billion, and only 500 million daily active users who share Instagram Stories. Less people have Instagram than Facebook because it is oriented more towards the millennials and generations younger than them, while Facebook is widely dominant with boomers and seniors. Only 37% of all US Internet users are on Instagram, an amount that is similar around the world. Of all the users who have accounts, 68% of them log in every day. Regarding business, 77% of marketers said that they use it for the online recognition of their brand as well as their social media marketing strategy.

What is the Verdict?

Based on these parameters, it seems to be better to advertise what you have on Facebook than Instagram. However, in order for a business to have a business account on Instagram, they have to first make a Facebook Page. This stat alone is enough to make most of the numbers not that straightforward to base an opinion on. In reality, Instagram is much better suited for business marketing because it has more options to choose from and more features oriented towards marketing. The platform has undergone major changes in the last few years and its homepage and feed now feature a lot of sponsored ads and posts. Every fourth story is a sponsored one, and the same is with regular posts when you explore the network. Then there are reels, videos, and links which you can utilize in many ways to advertise photos both on photos and in videos.

A lot of people actually think that Instagram has become a business instead of a regular social media platform where you can link up and share content with your friends. It is still both, but the sheer magnitude of what you can do and how many people you can reach with the hashtags and algorithms cannot and must not be overlooked. While Facebook has lower brand engagement, it still gets around 8 billion video views each day. On the other hand, Instagram is much better with photos and short videos like stories and reels. As mentioned at the beginning, the best business strategies and marketing campaigns integrate both and use them simultaneously.

Last but not least, we should mention than Facebook has 10 types of ads to choose from, while Instagram only offers 4. Facebook has video, image, collection, carousel, slideshow, canvas, lead generation, offer, boosted post, and event response ads. Instagram only has photo, video, carousel, and story ads. Despite this, a lot more business reach for Instagram as their main platform, and only complement and supplement the entire advertising process with Facebook. To do the most you can, you should use both of them but know that Instagram still has a slight advantage overall because of the popularity, ease of access, and a younger audience.