YSH Meaning

YSH Meaning – What does YSH Mean?

YSH Meaning. Check out YSH Meaning. Are you looking to find out What does YSH Mean? It is an abbreviation for – You’re So Hot. Check out more here. It is an internet slang word for – “You’re So Hot”. It is used to give a compliment to any girl or woman especially. Read this article to understand how and where to use it properly with examples.

What does YSH Mean?

The most popular meaning of YSH is “You’re So Hot”. Mostly used by men of the age group 18-24 years on social messaging apps like Messenger or WhatsApp to give compliments to their girl. Look at the example below to understand more clearly –

Boy: Hey Lita, YSH!

Lita: Thank You.

YSH Definition – The Meaning of YSH

It is defined as the acronym or short term for “You’re So Hot”. In the age of social media, people are less likely to type long in order to convey what they try to say thus using slang words has become a trend. YSH is just another example used by boys to give a compliment to their girl whenever she looks beautiful especially during a function or in a specific attire. Let’s take another example –

Friend 1: Hello Emma, YSH that all the men were looking at you at Nick’s Wedding.

Friend 2: Hey Nick. Thank You. I noticed the same.

What is YSH?

YSH is an abbreviation basically comes in use when we compliment any girl or woman for her looks or beauty. It is obvious that if you have a girlfriend who is very beautiful, you often use YSH for her. It is not necessary that you can use this only for girls or women you know. On Websites Like Instagram or Facebook, people usually comment YSH on female celebrities pics.


Where to use YSH?

You can use YSH during Facebook or WhatsApp Chats when talking to your girlfriend. People also use this slang to comment on any beautiful girl’s picture shared by her on her Twitter Handle.

14 Other Meanings of YSH

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Acronyms Similar to YSH:
HOT Very Good Looking, Sexy
STUNNER Good Looking Person
VGL Very Good Looking
DURS Damn, You’re So Sexy
KAM Gorgeous, SEXY
BANGING Very Beautiful