5 Effects of Wearing Flat Shoes

There are numerous stories about the side effects of high heels. That’s why many believe that flat shoes can bring peace of mind and health. Although wearing flat shoes are better than heels, you still have to rethink them. Trust me, they are also not as perfect as advertised, and if you fail to select an appropriate one, you may lead yourself to the most upsetting risks. Many of these risking factors will surely shock you as we were too after the research. However, let’s see the five most surprising effects of wearing flat shoes.

While doing the research, I found many horrifying stories about flat shoes. Most of them started with the development of plantar fasciitis due to the continuous use of flat shoes. Well, this is one of the worst foot issues that usually occurs due to the inflammation of the fascia. According to the doctors, wearing flat shoes like flip flops can cause swelling in the arch area where the tendons and ligaments can get overstretched. This is how it can lead you to the worst phenomenon within a short time. Below, we are going to highlight the top five effects like these for your better understanding.

5 Effects of Wearing Flat Shoes

1. Lack of Arch Support


A little impact can give you hills-like pain when you have flat feet. This is where you need to avoid the super flat shoes. This type of flat shoe can hurt you a lot and worsen your condition. This may also lead you to a permanent foot issue. If you love flat shoes, ensure the required amount of arch support. So, make sure to find a shoe that can provide you with plenty of arch support and all other supportive features.

2. May trigger Heel Pain

If you wear too flat shoes, it may trigger pain in your heel area. Plantar fasciitis is the main reason behind this, where the condition can make your feet tearing leading to the tendons on the bottom of your feet. This actually happens when you wear cheap flat shoes. However, if you have started to feel pain at the bottom section of your feet, consult your doctor as early as possible. And make sure to invest in a quality flat shoe that can provide you with the required supports.


3. Lack of Breathing Room

Due to the inappropriate fitting, your feet can face plenty of major problems. If your shoe is too tight around your toe area, it can be really uncomfortable to wear. Besides, it can also cause infection on your leg, which can spread eventually on your bones and skin. Well, that will be a concerning fact. So, before buying any flip-flops, ensure plenty of breathing room. Try them around to find out if they are painful or not.

4. Lack of Cushioning

Flat shoes lag in adequate cushioning. This can lead to long-term heal issues. The most vulnerable thing is the misalignment of the pelvis, knees, and spine. So, if you are going to buy a super flat shoe, have a look at this issue. Besides, there are many inserts that can be used in your flip-flops. So, rather than returning your shoe, you can use them with supportive inserts.


5. Lack of Shock Absorption

Honestly, this is the biggest problem with the flip-flops. As they are flat and comes with unsupportive soles, they can make you feel every impact with the ground. This can make your heel bones burnt with every impact and end up with an enormous problem. When this happens, you will notice several painful blisters on your feet. This can also happen due to the ill-fitting of the shoe, but the ill-fitting of the shoe is also responsible for the painful blisters. So, it will be better if you select a low heel or block heel shoe instead of the flats.

Are Flat Shoes Bad for You?

The flat shoes with no shock-absorbing capability, arch support, the cushion is really bad for you. If you wear flat shoes constantly, it will be really bad for you. This can lead you to several issues like plantar fasciitis, back pain, and more. According to some foot experts, cheap flat shoes are equally harmful, like high heels. So, what to do? I am not saying to avoid the flat shoes completely. Just start using an appropriate one rather than the cheap shoes. TheShoeBuddy.com has listed 5 best shoes for flat feet, you can check it out.

You need to find out a shoe that has adequate support in the heel and arch area. You see, because of being flat, these shoes lag, providing all these supports. Poor arch support is really a matter of concern, and if not taken into account, it can lead to knee and hip problems. You may start feeling a little amount of pain at the beginning. But eventually, this pain will rise to your back, developing some permanent issues. Besides, you may also fall victim to plantar fasciitis. We have already discussed it above.

The best solution to this problem is to use orthotic inserts. There are various types of heel pads that can be used for additional cushioning for your heel and arch areas. And with the custom orthotics, you will be able to provide the required amount of support for your feet and ease the whole range of foot pains. Podiatrists also suggest using orthotic inserts to reduce the pressure on the sensitive areas and ease the pain. Although using a prescribed orthotic insert can be pricey, it can ensure better relief in the long run. So, make sure to use one.



Inappropriate flat shoes are really a concern and can lead you to a permanent foot injury. We have discussed the five common effects of wearing flat shoes; hopefully, you have understood them. In order to avoid these issues, find an appropriate shoe that has all the required supportive features. It will be better if you make your selection from the brands. They are good at what they deliver and can guarantee you the required supports.