8 Styles for Spring 2024

Though the year has just started, Spring 2024 is just around the corner. To be prepared, you’re going to want to upgrade your wardrobe. Runways are already exploding with spring style, so make sure to get the pieces you want before the season starts!

Here are some of the most popular styles for the upcoming spring.


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Every couple of years, we see fringe making a comeback. 2024 is fringe’s next big year, so break out all of those old styles you haven’t gotten rid of yet! This year, expect to see fringe on all manner of outfits, including blazers, denim, and capes. Neutral colors are in, so make sure you pick up some fringe in camel, khaki, cream, and brown.


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Cutouts have already made a huge splash this season, and it’s only going to get better as Spring arrives. Cutouts allow you to show off, layer colors and textures, and give an almost nostalgic look into fashions in the early 2000s. This season, choose cutout midi dresses, pants, and skirts. Pair them with leather, dark colors, and other effortlessly sexy apparel.

Ruched Dresses


Crumpled dresses are very much the head-turning headliner of Spring 2024. Exaggerated gathering with tons of folds creates an interesting silhouette. You’re sure to stand out when you wear one of these interesting dresses. Make sure to pair them with knee boots, strappy sandals, and gold accents. You can always dress them up for formal occasions or down for casual wear.

Long Coats


Long coats are going to be extremely popular this spring, particularly when the weather is a little cooler near the beginning of the season. This look is a callback to designs in the 90s based on The Matrix, so be prepared to see long black coats or PU styles. You can easily style a longer coat with just about any other look, so it’s easy to get your vibe just right.


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Catsuits and bodysuits are going to be big this year. The only difference is that a catsuit is a complete outfit on its own! Be confident in your slimmed-down style. You’ll want more neutral shades or solids for easy styling, but bold prints are also in style. Choose whichever option suits you best, but make sure that you have some matching accessories to take the look to the next level.


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Berets are versatile fashion accessories that can be used in the fall or spring. They’re best used during the chillier months, so be prepared to start the season with a beautiful beret. They just ooze class and elegance, and you can wear them in so many different ways! You can secure them to the crown of your head, pin them at an angle, or unfold them to cover your entire head. The sky is the limit with these cozy, colorful hats. Choose a few different colors to compliment the rest of your spring outfits.

Knee Boots

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Knee boots are back in season, with a variety of designs that are meant to make your legs look longer and slimmer. You can choose the standard cognac leather knee boots, or go for a bold color or pattern. If you are choosing a bolder pattern, make sure to keep your accessories plain so that your boots can shine! Otherwise, you can pair these boots with miniskirts, blazer dresses, shorter dresses, and cutoff shorts.

Powerful Messages

The past few years have been a trial. Representing your favorite cause or an issue that’s important to you is still very much in. Whether you’re championing change for our country as a whole, for a systemic problem, or for human rights, there’s always room in your spring wardrobe for representation. Find a message you can support, such as a Black pride shirt from a Black apparel brand, to show your support for important issues.


Spring is just around the corner, so now is the best time to update your wardrobe with some of the biggest fashions of the year. Make sure to pick up some fringe, a graphic tee, and a beret to make this spring a memorable occasion! This season has a lot of great options coming up, so you’re sure to find something in your wardrobe that’s totally in this spring.