From Lion City to Tropical Haven: The Ultimate Singapore to Batam Ferry Adventure

Escape the urban hustle and immerse yourself in the tropical paradise of Batam, just a short ferry ride away from Singapore. With its beautiful beaches, vibrant markets, and exciting water sports, Batam offers the perfect getaway for travellers seeking relaxation and adventure. In this guide, we’ll show you how to plan the ultimate Singapore to Batam ferry adventure, ensuring you make the most of your trip to this enchanting island destination.

How to plan your trip and make the most out of it?

Before embarking on your Singapore to Batam ferry adventure, careful planning is essential for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Follow these steps to make the most out of your trip:

  1. Choose the Right Ferry Operator: Select a reputable ferry operator like redBus, which offers a convenient and reliable ferry service from Singapore to Batam. To ensure that you get the departure time and seating arrangements that you prefer, it is recommended that you book your ferry tickets in advance.
  2. Check Passport and Visa Requirements: Ensure you have a valid passport with at least six months validity and check the visa requirements for entry into Batam. Most nationalities enjoy visa-free access for a short stay, but it’s always best to confirm before your journey.
  3. Pack Essentials: Pack essential travel documents, comfortable clothing suitable for warm weather, swimwear, sunscreen, and any personal medications you may need. Don’t forget to grab your camera before heading out to capture the breathtaking beauty of Batam’s landscapes!

Explore Batam’s Must-Visit Places

Batam boasts a myriad of attractions that cater to various interests. Here are some must-visit places to include in your itinerary:

  1. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall: Kickstart your Batam adventure at Nagoya Hill, a bustling shopping mall offering a wide range of retail therapy, from local handicrafts to international brands. It’s an excellent place to buy souvenirs and immerse yourself in the local culture.
  2. Barelang Bridge: Head to the iconic Barelang Bridge, a remarkable architectural feat that connects several islands in the Riau Archipelago. The views from the bridge are breathtaking, making it a popular spot for photography.
  3. Nongsa Beach and Turi Beach: For beach lovers, Nongsa Beach and Turi Beach offer picturesque shores, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. Dive into the crystal-clear waters and explore the underwater world with snorkelling or scuba diving.
  4. Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya: Discover the cultural side of Batam at Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya, a beautiful Buddhist temple adorned with intricate architecture and serene surroundings.

Engage in Exciting Activities


Batam offers a wide range of exciting activities to keep you entertained throughout your trip:

  1. Water Sports: Experience the thrill of high-energy water sports like jet skiing, banana boat rides, and parasailing. The island’s coastal areas provide the perfect playground for these thrilling activities.
  2. Golfing: If you’re a golf enthusiast, Batam has several world-class golf courses set amidst lush landscapes. Spend a day on the greens and enjoy the scenic views while teeing off.
  3. Explore Local Markets: Immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring the vibrant markets, such as the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal Market and Pasar Oleh Oleh, where you can find traditional snacks, souvenirs, and handicrafts.

Relish Local Cuisine

No trip to Batam is complete without savouring its delectable cuisine. Taste the local seafood delicacies like grilled stingray, chilli crab, and black pepper prawns. Head to Golden Prawn 933 for an unforgettable seafood feast by the sea.

Enjoy Nightlife and Entertainment

As the sun sets, Batam comes alive with a vibrant nightlife. Explore the bustling nightlife at Nagoya Entertainment District, where you can find bars, clubs, and live music venues to dance the night away.

Wrapping it up

The ultimate Singapore to Batam ferry adventure awaits you, filled with tropical wonders and exciting experiences. With careful planning and the right ferry operator, you can make the most of your journey to this enchanting island destination. From exploring its diverse attractions to engaging in thrilling activities and savouring local flavours, Batam promises an unforgettable getaway for every traveller. So, pack your bags, book your ferry tickets and embark on a memorable adventure to this tropical haven.