9 Reasons Japan is The Best Place in The World to Live in

An incredible history, kind & hospitable people, a cuisine that will leave your taste buds craving for more, and an infrastructure that will make your life easier are only a few things that Japan has to offer to people thinking about moving there. But, moving abroad is a daunting task, which is why you might be wondering – why is living in the land of the rising sun better than other foreign countries?

Luckily for all people searching for an answer to this question, this article might be able to assist you with making the right decision for you. Naturally, if you decide to move to Japan, you’ll want to know more about the moving process and if so, you can check out this page for more information. The text below is going to feature a list of the top 10 reasons why Japan is one of the best countries in the world to live in. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

1. You’ll Never Use a Better Public Transportation System


One of the first things worth mentioning about Japan is that it has an amazing public transportation system. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that you can save thousands of dollars, mostly because you won’t have to buy your own car! There are various options when it comes to public transportation, including taxis, buses, trains, all of which will take you where you need to be.

If you do some digging online, you’ll probably learn that the trains usually roll every five to ten minutes, which means that you’ll be able to get from point A to point B in no time. Additionally, the trains and buses are never late, hence, you’ll be able to efficiently plan your time.

2. It is Safer Than Other Nations

By looking at the statistics, you’ll notice that the nation’s crime rate is quite low. In fact, out of all countries, you’ll be able to take a walk whenever you want without worrying about your safety. Now, this does not mean that there are no crimes happening there, but, it is highly possible that you won’t come across any unpleasant situations or dangerous areas while living there.

3. There Are a Lot of Green Areas


Although this is something a lot of people fail to mention about Japan, you might be surprised by the number of parks, green areas, and recreational locations that you’ll find there. What does this mean for you? Well, if you enjoy walks, exercising, or simply enjoying a book while outside, you’ll surely find a park that will suit your needs.

4. The Cuisine is Amazing


Yes, you have probably tried some traditional Japanese dishes such as sushi and sashimi, however, there is so much more than the Japanese cuisine has to offer. Depending on what your preferences are, almost all of the dishes that you can try will be healthy, it will incorporate a lot of healthy ingredients such as vegetables, fruits & fish, and all of them are quite tasty.

And, depending on where you are from, it is quite possible that the Japanese cuisine and meals are healthier, mostly because they are prepared with fresh and unprocessed ingredients. If there is anything that you should try once in this country, it is as many traditional dishes as you can.

5. Incredibly Hospitable People

Although a lot of Japanese people might not speak English, they will do their best to help you with anything you need – from the directions to the nearest bank to giving you some tips on what food you should try. Of course, you’ll want to consider learning Japanese, which is especially recommended if you are planning on staying in the country for a long time.


6. It is Extremely Clean

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Japan is a beautiful and mesmerizing nation. One of the reasons why it is like that is the fact that it is incredibly clean. Besides them taking care of their streets, Japanese people are quite disciplined, which means that they recycle their trash, they take care of their streets, and you’ll never see them disposing of their trash in the wrong way.

7. You Won’t Have to Worry About Work Opportunities


When compared to other nations, it will probably be extremely easy for you to find a job in Japan. They are constantly looking for English teachers, but, since it is one of the technology hubs of the world, you’ll easily find a job in a company that deals with computers, innovative technologies, as well as a lot of other industries.

8. The Culture, Traditions, And Customs Are Amazing

If there is one thing that you’ll fall in love with while there it is their culture, traditions, and customs. From the amazing martial arts to the delicate tea ceremonies that you can attend all the way to some modern twists such as fashion and arts, there are a lot of things that you can try and do while there.

Since you’ll be living there, you should not experience the nation like a tourist, instead, try to enjoy as many new things as you can, including attending a wide range of festivals, making some traditional meals, as well as calligraphy – which is the art of decorative handwriting. All of this will make your experience even better, and who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new hobby!

9. You’ll Find Cheap Accommodations


Now, you’ll hear a lot of people saying that Japan is extremely expensive, however, when you look at the living costs, you might realize that this is not entirely true. For instance, if you want to live in a rural area, your monthly rent would be approximately 50.000 yen, which is equivalent to approximately 500 dollars. Additionally, when it comes to other costs you might have, they are quite reasonable as well, which means that you can live.


As you can see, there are various reasons why you might want to move to Japan. Not only is it a safe and developed country, but the people are also amazing and you’ll have some of the best experiences while there.

So, now that you are aware of all the wonderful reasons why the land of the rising Sun is one of the best places to move to, you might not want to lose any more time. Instead, you might want to do some digging online and learn what documents and things you might need before you move there.