Top 10 Road Trip Destinations in the USA – 2024 Guide

Traveling is something that can cheer up anyone instantly. The rush you get and all the excitement while preparing is a feeling that can’t be explained.

And all those feelings jump to a higher level when it comes to Road Trips. Road trips are the best way to fully explore and enjoy the journey. Road trips should be top-notch on your traveling list as they are budget-friendly trips that only require an automobile, fuel, and a backpack with essentials.

Americans are known for their love for road trips from time immemorial and are always keen to explore the vast natural diversity that America offers.

Whether you are planning to have a road trip with your friends/family or solo, let’s have a look at the things to be considered before executing your plan. And to help you out with great guides on the places you want to go, check out VacationsMadeEasy.

Safety Tips to Plan a Road Trip

While a road trip is adventurous and more convenient, but you should always beforehand keep a check on the safety measures, like:

1. Get Your Automobile Ready

Whether you are planning a road trip on your bike, car, or truck, get it examined and serviced if it’s capable of riding. And always keep the spare parts handy while being on a road trip, you can go with Sunway auto spare parts, which is one of the best spare parts for your automobiles. Click here to learn more about them.

2. Compress the Packing

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While being on a road trip you generally don’t have the luxury to pack extra or unnecessary things, so it is wise to compress the packing commodities as much as possible.

You can also pack Neon LED Flex or Signs if you’re planning on camping.

3. Road Trip Route

Always keep the road map with yourself on a road trip, just in case if the road is blocked/damaged you will always have route B.

4. Extra Care for Children

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If you are planning with family and have kids then always plan according to their comfort and take the extra food or other necessities.

5. Trip Snacks

Being on a road trip it is likely to not find a restaurant and an inn immediately, so always have extra snacks to help you with hunger.

Now with safety tips being discussed here are 10 Road Trips Destinations in the USA.

10 Road Trip Destinations in the USA

The USA is a land of 3.7 million square miles and offers several destinations for a road trip. Below we have shortlisted the top 10 Road Trips Destination in the USA for you:

1. Pacific Coast Highway

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One of the best road trips you can plan in America is the California coastline, giving you breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean throughout the journey. The California coast highway is stretched in 655 miles.

You can take the pacific route 1, which will take roughly 1 week for you to fully explore the beautiful coastline. Driving on the coastline high and experiencing the beachy winds with slow music, I hope you are already planning on it.

2. Hana Highway

To get the best experience of the Hawaiian Islands on a road trip then take Route 36, from Kahului to Hana, which is approximately 64 miles.

Hana Highway is not a typical highway, it is narrow and a few points become single lanes but the efforts are worth it. The roads will have waterfalls and an explicit view of the jungle and you feel in the lap of nature.

3. Route 66

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American’s long love for road trips is known to everyone and one of the historic road trip destinations is Route 66, from Santa Monica (California) to Chicago (Illinois), it is stretched over 2450 miles.

The famous Route 66 lets you pass through 8 states and 4 regions, making it an epic American Road Trip.

4. Overseas Highway

Highway 1 in Florida offers you the most self-calming trips, starting from Amelia Island and ending at the Florida Keys covering 340 miles, which can be done in 1 day but to live the beauty of the Caribbean Sea take it slow and spend 2-3 days on the highway.

Don’t forget to stop by the house of famous writer Ernest Hemingway which lies in Key West that has been converted into a museum.

5. Blue Ridge Parkway

The most famous road trip through National Parkways, starting from Virginia to North Caroline covering up to 470 miles. The roads are filled with mesmerizing views of the Blue Ridge Mountain range, a part of the Appalachian Mountains.

You get to discover Shenandoah National Park and The Great Smoky Mountains National Park; the trip can take a maximum of 1 week.

6. Olympic Peninsula Loop

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You can start the road trip for Olympic Peninsula Loop from Seattle (Washington) and end at the same in a loop covering 330 miles, which can be completed within 4-5 days.

For those who love to experience diversified nature this road trip is best for them, covering glaciers, rainforests, and coastlines. You can enjoy hiking, skiing in winters, camping, and discover the wildlife and many shades of green lush Hoh Rainforest.

7. Great River Road

Starting from Minnesota and ending in Louisiana, covering the path of the Mississippi River that is stretched across 3000 miles. The trip can take over more than 1 week if you’re determined to explore every spot.

The whole Great River Road exhibits the tales of history from Civil War History to The Movement West, preserving the history alongside. You can visit the hometown of Mark Twain, museums and many historical sites.

8. I-90 Across America

The trip is also known as the Great American Road Trip, starting from Boston (Massachusetts) to Seattle (Washington), covering 3000 miles. The trip can take 1 week to cover the route.

The trip offers the best and varied scenery of America including Great Lakes, Cascade Range, Northern Plains, green Northeast Forests, Rocky Mountain Range.

9. New York to Finger Lakes

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If you want an escape from the bustling life of New York on weekends then this road trip is for you. Starting from New York (New York) to Corning (New York), covering 250 miles.

Although the trip can be done in 1 day, the Finger Lake beauty offers many spots to acknowledge the beauty of the countryside, so it might take 2 days.

10. Mountain Trip

If you are someone who loves winter and want to have a chilly mountain experience then the trip from Beaver Creek to Keystone (Colorado), which is 70 miles. This trip can take 1-2 days.

You can go skiing and in Vail, you can do an alpine coaster, zip line, summer tube, and other fun activities in summer.


The exposure of being on the road, experiencing the breath-taking views while riding, closer to nature, and on top of that being the captain of your own ship!

So, what are you waiting for, choose your favorite destination and plan your road trip, and of course don’t forget your favorite playlist.