5 Facts About Discovering Unique Destinations in Ecuador

Ecuador is a small country in South America, bathed by the waters of the immense Pacific, crossed from north to south by the majestic Andes mountain range and covered by the dense Amazon jungle, and as a plus in its territory, it also has the magical and famous Galapagos Islands.

A dream of a country, with a diversity that will surely make you hallucinate. As well as, its territory is diverse, its culture is also diverse, the wealth of knowledge of the ancestral peoples is fascinating, the customs and traditions are precious, a delight to get out of every day and turn it into an unforgettable experience.

Traveling in Ecuador is simple when you take into account some details that will save you from any mishap or setback. In addition to that, there are tours where you can learn a little about everything. Although some more risky travelers prefer to go on their own and take the time to enjoy each space of this beautiful territory. Whatever your option to travel, I will recommend the ways to travel safely and have a wonderful experience.


A dollarized country since 2000

After an economic crisis, the currency of this country known as Sucre devalued. The government of Ecuador saw the need to adopt the dollar as currency, currently this allows the economy to remain more or less stable and for travelers, it is easier to exchange currency. But there is a detail, being somewhat Americanized by the currency, it is more expensive compared to its neighboring countries, so it is advisable to make a good budget. But don’t worry, you will always find cheap places where you can consume or buy souvenirs at a very low cost. One more piece of information, the food is cheap too, you can taste the traditional food of this country at a very low cost and in large quantities.

A climate that changes a lot


The climate here varies a lot, not to exaggerate, but in one day you can experience all four seasons of the year! And you can go from being very hot to feeling cold air accompanied by a downpour. It seems like the mood of a teenager, you never know how the day is going to dawn or how the day is going to end.

Although it is true, depending on the region you visit there are ways to dress, for example, on the coast it is warm and you can wear cool shirts, loose dresses, but still, you should always have a sweater because of how cold it can be in the morning or evening. nights. In the mountains, on the other hand, warm clothes are worn and depending on the city, some are at a higher altitude, they require more clothing to protect themselves, but there are usually days when you can calmly go out in jeans and a light shirt, but you must always be careful with yourself because at any moment a hail shower can appear, so a cold jacket is not too much.

So, don’t forget to pack, sunglasses, sunscreen, a cold jacket, a backpack, and hot and cold clothes. It may sound crazy, but that’s the way this country is. They don’t call it the country of the four worlds for a reason.

You have to carry a stomach with a lot of space


If you are a foreigner and you are used to the diet of your country, you are going to leave your comfort zone in Ecuador, where the food is varied, although there are some recipes where you will always find rice with different accompaniments. The reality is that you can eat anything and in large quantities. What you will always find in a traditional restaurant is soup and rice with some type of meat, chicken or fish, you choose, many times it comes fried or cooked with spices. I’m not going to deny it, food often contains fat or butter, so you have to take that into account. But there are other more traditional types of food such as ceviche, than a seafood dish tanned in lemon and salt with a delicious vegetable salad, or corn tortillas and starch bread, here the vegetables abound and with it the variety of dishes. An important fact, here the food is consumed fresh, the vegetables, the meats, and everything is very fresh, so it is an explosion of flavors. Important note, whenever you order one or more dishes make sure of the quantity, here you eat a lot and the plates are filled to the top.

Roads and their traffic

The traffic here is peculiar, in the city centers there is a lot of traffic congestion, if you are in a city you have to be careful and leave early, and the noise is very loud, you will hear street vendors, traffic police giving directions, people shopping or just chatting. You also have to be careful with drivers who are nearby, many are clueless and can crash. So always drive carefully and with great attention. Just like if you use the bus, go early, wait patiently, and travel easy.


Spanish is the official language

Here very few people speak English very well, in tourist places or tours there will always be people speaking English very well. But on the street, you will not find people speaking fluently, so learn a few phrases or words to understand. I think that one of the priorities to travel to Ecuador is to speak basic Spanish, so you can have nice experiences talking with locals and exchange information.

Millennial tradition and culture


Traditions and customs are so diverse, you can find communities where shamanic rites are performed, and live a mystical experience, or get to know a community where toquilla straw hats are woven or world-famous with Panama Hat, this famous hat is Ecuadorian and considered an intangible heritage by UNESCO. Also, dance to the sound of marimbas with the traditional dance of Afro-Ecuadorians. Each site has its own custom and knowing it will be a class=”id99″marvel for you. For more information about Panama hats visit >> EcuadorianHands

Before traveling, the most important thing is that you go with the confidence of knowing unique places, although the cultural change may shock you, you will enjoy it, the places, the food, the landscapes, nature in its purest form. So, do you dare to travel to Ecuador?