6 Reasons Why Hiking or Backpacking is Good For Your Dog

Going out for a walk is beneficial and crucial for your well-being. You get to exercise, get rid of stress, bad toxins, as well as any negative energy. What you can do to make the walk even more enjoyable is to take your furry pal with you! Dogs love to go on hikes or backpack adventures, and you should bring them with you! Just make sure that you stay protected with a face mask, and go on with your activity! Want to know why your dog may love it? Keep on reading!

Is hiking good for your dogs in the first place?


Hiking can provide many benefits for any person, as well as most animals.  Did you know that it is recommended that adults get at least 2.5 to 3 hours of moderate-intensity physical activity per week? This same rule applies to dogs, which makes the whole backpacking and hiking idea enjoyable for both of you! Hiking trails will provide your dog with different scents, sounds, as well as sights, and this will help with their mental health! Do you wish to know which dogs love to hike the most, and which ones will make the best companion? Visit this site and explore your options + figure out how practical it is to bring each breed with you!

Top 6 reasons why you should bring your dog with you on a hike or on a backpacking adventure

1. Physical exercise

Obesity is common in people and animals. Did you know that one in three dogs is usually overweight? This is why it is important to make an exercise plan!

It is recommended that you talk to your veterinarian before you start with some new hiking tours, or with a new diet. Plan out some easy tours where they will meet and enjoy their surroundings in their neighborhood before hitting the trails. Go for half-hour walks, but each week as you make a progress add 10 more minutes to your schedule.


2. Great if they have some health concerns

Consider the age of your pet, as well as if they have any health concerns. The most common issues with dogs are arthritis or joint injury. This means that you should take care of them, and walk them carefully when on a hike or your journey. Smaller dogs may not be able to hike as far without concerns for respiratory distress. However, the right approach will help them in the long run, and your dog will feel better when you two exercise.

3. Great for mental stimulation

As you know it by now, dogs love to sniff everything! Their brain can sense a smell 40 times better and greater than humans. In statistics, they can smell 1,000 times better than we can. By taking your dog out for a walk or a hike, you are allowing him to explore every path, trail, and every corner. By doing so, dogs will sniff everything and you will stimulate their senses.

4. You are always training

Both of you are always training, which means that you are improving your mental power, and overcoming new obstacles. Every time you two are out for a walk, you are training their endurance. Train with your dog while having him on a leash, especially if you are in a new environment. Practice makes everything perfect, so repeat that a couple of times before you go on big walks.

5. Amazing social interaction

By meeting with new dogs at a nearby park, you’re most likely going to encounter beautiful interactions! Your dog will not come off as a shy pup, and he or she will practice on its interactive skills. This also allows you to meet some new people and kill your spare time, as well as enjoy some small talks. This increased bond will do loads of positive things for both of you!

6. Improved digestion

Last, but not least, you get to think about your dog’s bowl system! When going out for daily walks, and especially for weekly hikes or backpacking routes, your can will improve the digestion system. They will eliminate everything right on time and more regularly, which will lead to them being happy and cheerful for a while longer!

When not to hike with your dog? Top 3 important tips


1. If it is too hot outside

Dogs do not like hot and steamy weather. Make sure to let your dog rest quite frequently, and let them cool down in the shade. Do not forget to bring loads of water as well.

2. If there are some trail risks

How experienced is your dog when it comes to trails? You should always be aware of the risks. Make sure that your dog is physically active and ready to take on a trail. Also, protect them from any wildlife since dogs don’t do well with flies or snakes, which are often spotted on the outside. Additionally, you should be aware that there may be outdoor allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, mold, animal dander, and insect stings caused by bees and wasps. The American Kennel Club states that veterinarians have approved the preparation of benadryl for dogs in order to prevent their immune systems from becoming oversensitive to foreign substances. How much benadryl can I give my dog? Learn more at Pet Parents.

3. If your pup is not ready

You need to be capable of determining their physical and mental capacity. Hiking shouldn’t reinforce any bad behaviors. Let’s say, if your dog is not ready to walk on a leash at home, they may struggle walking in the woods just as much. Make sure to bring them treats to keep their mind occupied, and make them feel safe and sound at all times.

Ready to enjoy your hike with your puppy?


Are you ready to enjoy this time with your dog? They can be an amazing company, and you two get to have so much fun together! This hike will help you in many ways, and you should focus on the two of you as well as your spare time sometimes during the week. The best time to hike is on the weekends, after a long and exhausting week at the office. Make sure to prep accordingly, ahead, and do not forget to bring loads of water! In no time your pet is going to fall in love with this activity.