Types of slot games that you should know and try to play once in your life to win super attractive prizes

The slot game is no longer strange to players on all continents. Not only that, its development and expansion have not shown any sign of stopping. The reason the slot game is so attractive is thanks to the simple, easy-to-understand rules, beautiful configuration, and very high-value real money prizes, not only that, although it has been around for a long time, slots game is constantly innovating and developing more different players, so that players never get bored. Not only that, but many great offers also appear as an incentive for players, the most popular today are hot drop jackpots, which you can find out at the website www.ignitioncasino.eu/casino/slots/hot-drop-jackpots. Thanks to changing and keeping up with trends, slot games are always at the top of the most played games of all time. If you are a slot game lover, how many types of this game do you already know? Let’s find out together.

Classic Slots – Classic Slots

First, it is impossible not to mention classic slots. Classic slot machines have their own characteristics and are not easily confused with any other type of slot machine, basically, the configuration and game design are very simple, without too many distracting details and the image is somewhat older when using simple symbols like fruit or bell.

The number of gears is also quite small, always 3 gears on a reel slot, containing images of symbols and bonus numbers. Nowadays these axes are usually computerized with codes and run at random by software.

Overview of Slots game 3 gears:

– Including the Fruit Machine game, a famous game based on the classic slots that you can find in casinos around the world. 3-gear slots are a typical representation of classic slots. However, punters often prefer more interesting and complex things (like the games featured below) once they have gone through the classic games, but they also often like to go back to playing the classic games for a change. .

– As for the confusing video slots, the main difference from the classic games is usually the increased number of gears, more pay lines, and the new design. Of course, the classic slots are not necessarily lacking in variety, they still have different designs for you to choose from.

Famous game names of Classic Slots are Classic Deluxe, Gold Grabber, Super 777 Hot Fire

Best slot game – video slots

Video slots are games that are loved by players because of their diversity, players have a lot of different options when experiencing this type of game. Video slots are developed by influential names in the entertainment industry such as NetEnt, Play ‘N’ Go, Microgaming Quickfire, etc. For this type of game, the number of gears is more than that of the classic slot, with 5 gears and 100 pay lines. Not only attractive in terms of gameplay, but video slot games also attract players by using favorite characters or superheroes to make images for the game, not only that, but many video slot games also bring people to play. The plot is extremely attractive and attractive like a movie.

Overview of Slot Games 5 gears:

There are 5 gears like the video slot but this is a much better-upgraded version. Instead of having only 1 pay line, there can be up to 50 rows at 5 gears. More gears for more combinations, more chances of winning. As you have more gears and more pay lines, the pay line illustrator tables will have more to see.

The famous game names of Video Slots are Starburst and Dead or Alive.

Mega Spin Slot Game

Mega spin slots take slots to the next level. If you’ve been playing slots for a while and don’t feel very excited, imagine playing 9 games at once. Depending on your preference, you can choose for yourself the style of playing 3 slots or 9 slots at the same time. After placing your bet, the only simple action you need to do is to press the Spin button, this will trigger 45 wheels to spin at the same time, this is how you increase your winning and odds Win real money prizes. Many people tend to use 5 gears instead of the classic 3 gears like before.

Good slot game – Possessive Slots

This Slot game, also known as jackpot slots, is a system of slot machines that share a Jackpot lottery prize. Every time you join the game, the system automatically integrates the commission amount until someone is lucky enough to win the jackpot prize thanks to the cumulative value of the prize, not only that, but the amount of participants are also an important factor to increase the chances of receiving the prize. How to bet in Progressive Slots:

– Playing progressive slots is similar to regular slots. The only difference is that you need to bet the highest amount specified to get into the progressive slots list. You just need to remember the very simple and quick operations as follows:

– Bet on all the pay lines the game has.

– Place the highest bet if you can

– Calmly wait for your turn and receive the prize.

– Then either you hit big and cash out millions or keep playing until you hit the jackpot.

3D slots

This is the newest game in the slot game system. The way is slightly different from other forms, but perhaps most similar to the gameplay of video slots, only one difference is that the image is designed in 3D to create a realistic and eye-catching feeling for players. With the realistic experience that 3D effects bring, the plot and the game’s plot changes seem to take place more realistically. Not only that, the invested sound effects and vivid images have made the slot game popular right after it was released.

A 3D game means a game that has an image that creates the illusion of depth, making the image more realistic and in the case of video slots making the player more exciting, the graphics more appealing, and the experience more enjoyable when playing. you play online casinos.


iSlots is a slot game with a high format and quality configuration, it can run smoothly on mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. Each game usually has 15 pay lines and 5 gears. iSlots are distinguished from traditional slots based on two important aspects.

Each type of slot game will have its strengths and many interesting things. In general, the casino world is colorful and interesting. You will feel it is worth playing if you know how to prevent yourself from becoming a gambling addict.