No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Not only for beginners or novice players who have the opportunity to play with no deposit bonuses and practice before deciding to deposit their own funds, but also for experienced players who want to try a new casino.

No deposit casino bonuses are one of the most requested among casino players at

For this reason, we have decided to put together this guide to the no deposit welcome bonuses that we can find at various online casinos, explaining everything we would like to know when we started in the world of online casinos.

Through this guide, you will learn how to find no deposit bonuses, how to wager them to get the most out of this type of bonus, and above all, learn to recognize a good no deposit welcome bonus.

What is a no deposit casino bonus


A no deposit casino bonus is any bonus that we can receive from a casino without the need for a deposit on our part to activate a promotion.

That is, to activate the balance or free games that the casino offers us in exchange, no previous deposit is required. The casino simply credits this promotion without asking anything in return.

Logically, these types of bonuses and promotions, which do not require a deposit by the player, have less earning potential and, above all, stricter conditions.

Before the balance can be unlocked and converted into real money, which can be withdrawn to a bank account or any other account other payment method accepted by the casino to receive this money.

Among the no deposit bonuses, we can find different types, since the casino can provide us with a balance or free spins to enjoy the gaming site.

But we will see this below, now we will see the main advantages and disadvantages of this type of bonus.

Types of no deposit bonuses


With no deposit bonuses, the same thing happens as with regular casino bonuses there are many types and ways to receive them.

We can group these bonuses into different types according to different characteristics of the bonuses themselves: different types of bonuses based on the reason they are given, different types of bonus accreditation, etc.

In this case, we will distinguish between different types of no deposit bonuses depending on the reason that makes us credit this bonus, since this is one of the main differences between many of these no deposit bonuses.

Bonuses for registering a new user


New user bonuses are not only welcome bonuses that give you a certain amount in the form of a first deposit bonus, but we can also find casinos that give free no deposit money to their new users to get their attention.

The truth is that casinos that prefer to give away balance or free spins just for signing up are usually good casinos.

Since they know what their casino is worth and that the player will like it, they allow them to try it out without putting money out of their own pocket, hoping that a percentage of these new users will later decide to deposit and play for real money at the casino.

Anniversary bonuses

In some cases, casinos use the anniversary of their page to offer additional promotions to their existing users.

In this case, one way to celebrate the anniversary with your users is to give a no deposit bonus to celebrate.

In addition, in this way they take advantage of the fact that users who have not visited their online casino for a long time remember them and, possibly, a percentage of them is returned to the deposit.

Thus, they perform a dual function, celebrating and reactivating users.

Bonuses for the user’s birthday

The reason for the celebration is not only the anniversary of the casino: the birthdays of users can also be celebrated with no deposit bonuses.

Therefore, when entering the date of birth at the time of registration, it is convenient for us to check the mailbox when our birthday approaches, since the casinos will offer us bonuses with and without a deposit to celebrate it with us.

Bonuses for launching new games

An online casino knows that many players are loyal to their favorite slots and casino games, which makes it difficult for them to try new casino games.

So when a major new game is added to their casino games library, there are often promotions that offer you credit or spins to try out those new games.

Sometimes you will need to make a deposit in order to be able to activate the promotion, but in many other cases you just need to log in and you will have a balance or spins available in your account to enjoy new games.

The bad side of these bonuses is that they are specific to the game being promoted, so you won’t be able to use them for the games you would normally play in a casino.

As far as how the no deposit bonus is credited, there are basically 2 different formulas: bonus balance and free spins.

Let’s look at each of them and how, depending on how it’s accredited, we can use it in one way or another.

No deposit bonuses as a balance


This is the most common type. What the casino does is set aside an amount of money as a bonus or bonus money in a player’s user account so that when they access the casino they can use that balance to play different games, betting at the level the player prefers.

For example, if you have been credited with $20 as a bonus balance, it is up to you whether you want to wager $0.20 or $5 on the games you play.

Of course, make sure that the bonus does not set maximum or minimum wagering amounts, because if you do not comply with them, even if you manage to unlock the bonus, they will not credit you with the real balance in your account for violating the terms and conditions of the bonus from which this bonus is money comes out.

Free spins no deposit

With free spins, we are much more limited than with the previous bonus in terms of balance directly in your account.

No deposit free spins are usually limited to one game or game type. For example, they may be limited to a particular slot or roulette game, as it may be a bonus intended to promote and advertise that particular game.

On the other hand, sometimes they are limited to one type of game, such as for playing slot machines. This means that we will be able to choose the slot where we want to play our free spins, but we will not be able to move on to other game types such as blackjack or roulette.

The no deposit bonus for slots can be either free spins or bonus balance as both will allow us to highlight our no deposit bonus for playing casino slots.