Top 5 Tips for Travelers to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone State because of its role in building the foundations of the United States of America. It was here that the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address were drafted. The state, whose most well-known cities are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, attracts visitors from all over the world with interesting museum exhibitions, local traditions and customs, and a diverse mix of ethnic, cultural, and religious groups.


Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the United States, designed and built by Freemasons in the state of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is known all over the world because the independence of the United States of America was proclaimed here in 1776. This grandiose event is linked to Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the National Constitution Center.

  1. Independence Hall. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed in Independence Hall, and in 1787, the US Constitution was. Today, the building is part of the historical park, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. The Liberty Bell. One of the main symbols of the struggle for freedom. In 1776, the ringing of bells called the residents of Philadelphia to announce the Declaration of Independence. The total weight of the bell is about 950 kg, and the diameter is 3.7 meters. Every year on July 4, on Independence Day, the bell is struck 13 times.
  3. Franklin Institute. The politician and leader of the War of Independence in the United States, B. Franklin, was also a good inventor. His work formed the basis of the museum collection of the Franklin Institute. It also presents the inventions of scientists of the XVIII-XX centuries and innovative technologies of our time. The museum has a planetarium and a Dinosaur Hall, which will be especially interesting to visitors with children.
  4. National Constitution Center. A museum entirely dedicated to the American Constitution. His collection consists of photographs, texts, and presentations telling about the history of this document and its importance for the whole nation. Museum halls are imbued with the spirit of patriotism, which is easily picked up even by foreign tourists.
  5. Philadelphia Masonic Temple. The headquarters and main temple of the Great Masonic Lodge of Pennsylvania, which annually receives thousands of visitors. The unusual architecture and rich interior make the Masonic temple one of the most picturesque in Pennsylvania. Moreover, it is a national historical monument.

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A large port city located on the banks of the Ohio River, Pittsburgh is a major financial and commercial center in the United States. The city was founded in the middle of the 18th century. Thanks to the wealth of natural resources, Pittsburgh quickly acquired the status of a major industrial center with its metallurgical and machine-building plants.

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  1. Take a walk through the “Golden Triangle”. The business center of the city, or Downtown, is a place that is very popular with tourists. Three rivers converge here, forming a piece of land shaped like a triangle. Modern skyscrapers emphasize the beauty of buildings and churches in the classical style. The largest of them has a height of more than 250 m.
  2. Admire the city from a height. There are two funiculars in Pittsburgh that take passengers to the top of the hill. One of them is Duquesne Incline, located to the west along the South Shore. The other is the Monongahela Incline, considered to be the oldest functioning funicular in the USA. It is located near Station Square. Climb on any of them, and you will see a stunning panorama of the city.
  3. Visit the Heinz Memorial Chapel. An incredibly beautiful building with sharp spires was erected in the Neo-Gothic style. The temple is built of gray limestone resembling marble. Its facade is decorated with elaborate carvings on the theme of biblical stories. Especially beautiful are the famous arched windows of the chapel, decorated with colorful stained glass windows.
  4. Get to know the rare exhibits of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. One of the largest natural science museums in the country is located in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. It has 20 halls with the most interesting expositions. Among them are the halls of American Indians, ancient Egypt, and Hillman Minerals. There is also one of the best collections of dinosaur skeletons on the planet.
  5. Try the local cuisine. Order a cheesesteak (a bun stuffed with bacon, cheese, pepper, and onion), and deep-fried chicken pieces. And for dessert — pancakes with berries and fruits, local chocolate products.

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Besides Independence National Park, Hershey, a town also closely associated with chocolate, and Punxsutawney, known for its weather-predicting groundhog, there are also many other famous sights in Pennsylvania:

  • Presque Isle State Park, Millcreek Township;
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art;
  • Pennsylvania State Capitol, Harrisburg;
  • The Philadelphia Zoo;
  • Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh;
  • Valley Forge National Historical Park, Chester County;
  • State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg;
  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh;
  • Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park;
  • Gettysburg National Military Park and many others.

Pennsylvania is rich in must-visit sites, as many other states are as well. Everyone will find something to feast his or her own eyes on here. By the way, you can use different travel blogs to find many other beautiful sites to visit in the USA. To make your journey better, you can consider some car rental options in the USA as well. Have a good rest!