15 Alluring Places to Visit in Aruba

Aruba is an incredible island that is located in a very favorable location. This island is a part of the Caribbean, and this place is truly set in the heart of the people who love beaches and want to have a great Caribbean experience. Many tourists come from all over the globe in order to witness the hidden gems of Aruba. The vibe of the island is such that you will totally get lost in the beauty of the incredible beaches and mesmerizing delicacies.

This Caribbean Island is a favorite of many tourists, but there are many who come back every year to this island. Stay at the amazing apartments for rent in Aruba instead of the hotels to get the full Caribbean experience of living like a local. Aruba is such a paradise that you can visit this vacation destination at any time of the year.

Get the most of the Aruban sun, breath-taking sea, and white sand beaches. It is truly one happy island as the whole place has a happy vibe, along with the warm smiles of the locals and tasty Caribbean delights. There is a lot to experience in Aruba, such as luxury resorts, adventurous activities, and relaxing times.

Aruba is truly a paradise for the snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts as there is crystal clear water and exotic marine life. Out of all the attractions that are there in Aruba, there are 15 top alluring places that you must visit in Aruba, or else your trip will be incomplete.

1. Eagle Beach


Eagle Beach is the most beautiful beach of Aruba and also ranks to be the world’s third top beach in the world. Eagle Beach is located in the capital of Aruba that is Oranjestad. This dreamy beach is quite alluring, and once you are at Eagle Beach, you will forget all the beaches you might have ever been to. Tourists can book amazing Aruba apartments for rent at Eagle Beach that are fully loaded with many amenities. At www.VacationAruba.com you will find amazing apartment rentals that you will never want to leave.

2. Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park, being the largest national park of Aruba, has around 18% of the island. Breath-taking and adventurous Arikok National Park is a must-visit during your sightseeing tour of Aruba. Get to know much about the wildlife of Aruba and explore the majestic national park. The rugged terrain will surely give you an adventure ride while you are exploring the natural wonders.

3. Palm Beach


Exotic and stunning, Palm Beach is a key tourist beach. Relax and rewind at the white sand beach, along with enjoying the lip-smacking treats of Aruba. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Aruba with your friends and family.

4. National Archaeological Museum

If you are curious to know about the history and culture of Aruba, then there is nothing better than visiting the National Archaeological Museum. This is the largest archaeological museum in the capital of Aruba. Here you will get to see the influence of Dutch culture and many other artifacts.

5. Art District in San Nicolas

The ones who want to witness the beautiful art on the streets of Aruba then the Art District at San Nicolas is the somewhere they must go. Visit San Nicolas and view the stunning wall arts on the streets. They will surely make your spirits high. Get to know much about the local lifestyle and culture.

6. Guadirikiri Caves


The Guadirikiri Caves is surely a must-visit as when you visit these caves, you will see natural light coming in the caves, and the sight is just stunning. There are many natural formations that are extremely beautiful.

7. Renaissance Shopping Mall

For all the shopping enthusiasts visiting the Renaissance Shopping Mall is a must-visit. While you are enjoying your shopping, you can view the breath-taking scenes of the Caribbean Sea. You will surely love shopping at this beautiful mall which is quite different from any other mall you might have been to.

8. Hooiberg


While you are sightseeing the various Aruban attractions, make sure that you don’t skip out on Hooiberg. It is located right in the middle of the island of Aruba, and it is a volcanic mountain. Right from the top of the mountain, you will get to see scenic views, which will just take your heart away.

9. Aloe Factory

The Aloe vera cultivation in Aruba dates back to 160 years, and there are many products that are made from Aloe Vera. You can get various tour guides that speak multiple languages so that you can get to know about the history of this place.

10. California Lighthouse


Being a top sightseeing place, the California Lighthouse is loved by tourists, especially at sunset time. When you are in Aruba, make sure that you don’t miss out on the sunsets, as they are quite alluring. Visit California Lighthouse and get lost in the beauty of the Caribbean.

11. Alto Vista Chapel

Your sightseeing tour cannot be complete without visiting the Alto Vista Chapel, as it is a landmark destination. This place signifies the Spanish colonial history on the island, and you will really like to visit this place.

12. Butterfly Farm

Visit the beautiful & rare species of butterflies at the Butterfly Farm. Here you will see many rare and exotic butterfly species which you have never seen before. Get a guided tour of the Butterfly Farm, which is quite a fascinating one. View the breath-taking, diverse varieties of butterflies and enjoy the tropical garden.

13. Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

Gold was found in the 19th century at the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins. It is now a tourist attraction where you can see amazing views of the majestic Caribbean Sea. Get to discover and know about the various things of the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins that will really get you fascinated.

14. Arashi Beach


If you want to go to a secluded beach in Aruba, then Arashi Beach is the perfect pick for you. It’s not only a great place where you can enjoy swimming but also snorkeling and scuba diving. You will really love to explore the underwater marine life of Aruba. It is quite an amazing beach where you will be amazed by this beautiful beach experience in Aruba.

15. Malmok Beach

A rocky beach of Aruba is Malmok Beach which is quite famous amongst the tourists. The water here is very pristine, and you will definitely love to escape here where you can enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. You will just love snorkeling here and the famous shipwrecks of Aruba.