Top 5 Places to Live in the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands are one of the most beautiful places in the world, without a doubt. There isn’t a person on Earth that doesn’t daydream about waking up at the beach on some of these islands. There are a plethora of different reasons why this happens. But the commonest ones are the exciting culture of people who live in this area, and the environment, which is one of the most impressive ones you will ever see.

Sadly, daydreaming about something isn’t reality. Therefore, the chances of visiting these islands are pretty slim. However, that doesn’t prevent many people from thinking about this. What many people don’t know is that pretty. Each one of these is different in many aspects. We are pretty sure that it can offer pretty much to every person who seeks this kind of satisfaction in its life.

To understand the differences between these places, we would like to provide you with some pretty interesting information. We know that it doesn’t look like that, but there are 26 countries in the Caribbean area. So, it’s much bigger than many people don’t have the idea about how big it is. Naturally, all of these countries will provide their visitors with a wide array of different interesting factors.

But the real question is, why should any person choose any country in this area instead of any other in the world? Well, this is not an easy question to answer. It depends on the preferences people have. It’s known that this area is one of the favorite ones for people who look for a country to retire. To help you with this choice, we would like to provide you with the top 5 places in this region where you can live. Let’s get started.

1. Belize

If you don’t know any other language besides English, coming to Belize will not be a big problem for you. The reason is, Belize is the only place in this area that has English as its official language. One of the main reasons for this language adoption is that a plethora of Americans visits this beautiful country every year. Besides all the beautiful beaches you will witness pretty quickly, Belize is probably the best place for you to come if you are interested in Mayan culture.

However, this is not the only historical element you will be able to witness. Furthermore, many people aren’t aware that this is the only country with its jaguar reserve where you can observe these beautiful animals. But jaguars are not the only ones. Furthermore, we can see that it has a massive population of insects and birds. If you have $2,000 at your disposal every month, you will be able to live can this country without any problem.

2. Jamaica

Jamaica is known as a place that welcomes its visitors with open arms. There are so many activities you can do while you are in this beautiful country. We are talking about the home of Reggae music and legendary Bob Marley. His legacy is present all over the country and you will be able to see it at every step you make. Another reason why you should live here is the culture of the people.

Jamaicans are heartful people and you will receive all the love and welcoming you can think about. They enjoy celebrating life through music and many other parts of their culture. Not to mention that the country is full of beautiful beaches where you will spend quality free time. In case you would like to move to Jamaica, you should read more about estates you can buy.

3. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is surely one of the better-known destinations to our readers. We are pretty sure of this fact. It’s one of the islands that still has that authentic vibe despite all the influences from the modern civilization we live in. Many people don’t know that this territory has close ties to the US, and if you are a citizen of Puerto Rico, you will have no hardships reaching it.

One of the main reasons Puerto Rico is considered one of the most popular destinations in the Bioluminescent Bay. We are talking about small organisms that can provide you with a magnificent experience. The reason is that these are organisms that give light to the water near Puerto Rico, which is one of a handful of places where you can experience something like this.

4. Dominican Republic

Next on our list of the best places in the Caribbean where you can live in the Dominican Republic. We are talking about one of the cheapest places in the world. Therefore, it shouldn’t support that so many people have chosen the Dominican Republic as their new home. We can see that the number of Belize’s tourists on an annual level heavily depends on tourists’ older population. At the same time, it has all that you need, friendly people and exceptional nature.

For most of the year, during the season, you will need to have around $3,000, which is not much, as you will agree. At the same time, the price of a plane ticket can go from $100 to $1000. Hotels are probably one of the best ones you will be able to witness in the world. Therefore, this kind of country and its culture and environment will surely provide you with an important piece of knowledge that will help you make decisions.

5. Honduras

Honduras can be described as a hidden gem in the Caribbean archipelago. Christopher Columbus is the person who gave this land its name. It means “the great depths.” Indeed, you’ve heard about a lot of adverse history this land had in the recent future. Thankfully, things are changed now, and Honduras opened itself to the outside world.

It would be a shame for all people not to visit it. We are talking about one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. Tourists are more than welcome to visit this country. Furthermore, we can see that more and more people choose to spend their retirement here. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest places you will ever visit, you can be sure of that.