Here are the Things I have Learned after 2 Years of Online Trading

The financial market is a big puzzle. There are tons of learnings to do while you are in it. And one fact is unchangeable; it doesn’t follow any rules. Yes! There is no estimating how tomorrow will go. Today one of your trades went down, and tomorrow it will go up. And make you a good profit.

In my two years of online trading, I have learned a few things. Patience, less worrying, doing my research before trading, expecting logical returns are keys to a happy mind. Of course, there will be failures, but you have to pick yourself up, learn from them and start again. That is the key to success in this business.

Online trading is a very emotional place. Although you have to keep your emotions in control, sometimes it will take advantage of you. Sometimes the emotional choices are good; sometimes, they aren’t. Making a wrong decision means you learn something from it. Even Warren Buffet made some terrible investment decisions over the years. Yeah! The king of trading and investment has his share of not-so-good choices. That is what everyone will experience.

What is online trading all about?


Online trading is when you buy and trade something online. First, you place your order for your desired stuff, and the order gets processed across multiple platforms. Then, the price you have agreed on purchasing the goods gets checked and shows you all the possible matches. From there, you pick your interests, and the exchange happens.

A licensed broker like does the work for you in the financial market, buying and selling stocks and other assets on your behalf. It is a simplified process for the convenience of the buyer and seller. Thanks to online trading platforms, the process has become even more thoughtful and convenient.

Why did I choose to trade online?

It’s less time consuming and organized. You open a trading account on the internet and start trading right away. With instant access to global exchanges, you can deal whenever you want.

Almost zero percent broker fee is another beneficial aspect of trading on the internet. If you are trading a large sum of money, you can negotiate with the broker for a lower fee.

You have complete control of your investments. Whether you want to invest or not, want to back up from an investment, you can do that anytime.

You get to monitor your investments and profits 24/7. There is no time limit of when and when you cannot check on it.

Safe and time-saving, cutting out the traditional method of in-person deals.

Anyways, below are the few essential things I have learned so far:

A reliable broker is a keeper

Among the things I have learned by trading online, one of the first is the importance of having a reliable broker. A trustworthy broker gives you the opportunity of swift deals with your seller. With little to no fee, the best broker helps you with your ideal trade. Is it possible without an online broker? Yes, maybe. But why do all the work of going to the exchanges when you can get everything done with a few fingertips!

Wealth doesn’t grow super fast

Many of the time, people rave about how the trading market is an easy peasy deal. You can go from a few pounds investor to a millionaire in no time. It’s not true. A precise ambition, dedication, analysis of the trade market and ideal investment will help you earn money. Time is another crucial factor, as wealth cannot grow out of the blow.

No one strategy for all


The trading world on the internet is fun, smooth, messy and confusing at the same time. One minute you are gaining profits, the next your trade is seeing red scores, which mean it’s going down. No one formula and strategy can define the market. It is all in your precise self, how you see the investment opportunities, how you manage the risks, the geopolitical factors, and so on. As a result, you might get a different outcome from the same trading that people did before. So have a calm mind, think, learn, analyse and develop the strategy that works for you.

Patience, a lot of it

This business is like any other. It is just a convenient way of doing it from the comfort of your ideal place and time. And talking about time, you cannot go and make a ton in the very beginning. You start slow, learn, and form a strategy. You are sure to lose some money along the way. To navigate through those losses would require a lot of patience. Besides, patiently holding a position for longer often translates as a great return.

Logic goals, significant achievements

Throughout your journey of trading and investing in financial markets, you have to set logical goals. Just like exercise, you gradually increase your weight, lift and time. From baby steps to running, it goes that way. You cannot just set a big goal at the very beginning and run with it. Instead, go small, and in time, it will turn out to be a tremendous achievement.

There is no alternate to research

Do your research before making a trade in the stock market. Without that, you might miss a possible gem that will make your investment worthwhile. In my little experience, I feel that the differences between profitable and not profitable trades are the lack of factual research and learning. After all, online trading is not some misguided betting, although many beginners think like that.

And finally, failing is a valuable experience

After two years, I no longer make the rookie mistakes that most beginners do. Buying high and selling low with CFDs was the one that cost me the most. Yet, I kept at it and kept learning. I still make some terrible decisions, but no longer the same ones. The experience of past failures certainly helps in avoiding them.