How To Do Bookkeeping As An Ebay Seller – 2024 Guide

Bookkeeping is a necessity when you are doing business. You need a record of your finances in order to perform well and make profits. How can you analyze your sales and expenses and profits without bookkeeping? However, with the level of today’s businesses, it is not possible to keep a record of finances with traditional methods.

We have international markets and a lot of businesses are selling their products internationally. Thus, the sales are at a huge level. So how can the traditional methods work there? Of course, they won’t. Therefore, you need to change yourself with the times.

But changing yourself does not necessarily means that you can stop bookkeeping. No, it’s not the solution. You will need proper bookkeeping because you will be paying your taxes and you also need to analyze whether your company is making a profit or not.

So what is the solution then?

Bookkeeping app


Using the latest bookkeeping apps is the solution to your problems. there are software apps that will help you in keeping all your financial records safe. furthermore, these apps will also help you with tax calculation and other taxes. So if you are interested in using such an app but not sure which one to choose then you should go to eBay seller accounting by visiting

They have a list of the 5 best bookkeeping apps that will be best for your business. You will find the apps along with their necessary details. They are providing the overall rating of the app and the price. In addition to this, you will also learn whether the app is suitable for small, medium, or large businesses.

Thus, you can get something according to your business needs. Business needs change with the change of business level. Small businesses often do not have too much data and therefore, you do not pay for an app that is meant for large enterprises.

How to do bookkeeping?

1 – Check the scale of your business


Bookkeeping is the thing that you need to take seriously even during the start of your business. You need to have a look at the scale of your business. If you are just starting a small business, you won’t need heavy software.

However, if you have purchased a company that has been in business for a long, you will need to get a hold of all their records. Because it is now yours and you need to make it work and grow. And how will you do that? You will need to start with the financial records. And if they are in paper form, you will need to change them.

Thus, you will know whether your new business is getting started from a small level or a large level. So decide which app to get depending on the level of your business.

For large enterprises, you will need software that can process a large number of transactions. Furthermore, it should be able to handle and store all the transactions. Therefore, such software will be a bit expensive.

However, if you have a small business, you won’t need such heavy software, a simple app would be enough for you. So why would you pay so much when you do not need all those features, moreover, you can upgrade your system at any time. Thus, in this way, you will save your money and will also have all the work done perfectly.

2 – Get the app and start doing your work

After checking your business level, you can get the app that is most suitable for your business. Now make a record of all the financial transactions. The apps are easy to use and you just need to put the numbers there. If you feel trouble using it, you can surf the web and learn about it more.

It is necessary to record the payments as soon as they are spent or received. Because leaving it to do later will result in many complications.

Now you are all done. Start recording the payments and remain resourceful and knowledgeable about your spending.

Benefits of using bookkeeping software


You might be thinking of not using it for a small business that you have just started. However, this is not the case. Let’s have a look at the benefits that you will get to enjoy and then you can make your decision.

1 – Saves time

One of the biggest benefits of using software apps is that they save time. However, it might seem like bookkeeping won’t take much of your time because you are recording things on paper as well as on the computer. So how is it saving time?

Because you can access any details at any time. If the records are on paper, you will need to prepare the book and then write the records and finding them will be difficult during emergencies. On the other hand, software tools allow you to add as many transactions as you want. Furthermore, everything is ready so you just type the details and you are done.

According to the estimates, apps and software tools for bookkeeping save around 6 hours every month.

2 – No more overpayments

Taxes are not an easy thing to handle and there is always a possibility of human error. Therefore, with the help of a bookkeeping app, you will have all the transactions in one place. Thus, you will be able to get the amount for your taxes.

In this way, you won’t make any mistakes and will pay only the amount that you need to pay. Thus, no more overpayments.

3 – No fees

If you are doing bookkeeping manually, you will need an accountant. Thus, you will be paying him/her money for doing the job. However, for a small business, you won’t need any such employee because you can do the job yourself with the help of software tools. So you will be saving the money that you might be spending on paying an employee.