How to Stay Organized During a House Move

Even the thought of finally moving into your new house can be very thrilling and exciting because you are taking a big step in your life that can actually change your life a lot. However, preparing for that big movement can make even the calmer person become anxious. It can be very frustrating to pack all of the things you own and to navigate the overall movement procedure.

That is why we are here to help you go through this challenging and difficult process in the most easier and more effective way. We prepared a comprehensive guide of the straight tips that you can look at and organize your packing movement in the best possible way.

Prep Ahead

One of the crucial tips that you should think about is to prepare yourself and everything else in advance. This means that you should not leave the decluttering and packing process at the last minute. By doing this, you will only make everything a lot harder for yourself and your family. Preparing ahead will actually save you from stress and overwhelming feelings. You need to prepare for a couple of phases. You have a lot of things to do.

Primarily, a month or two before the packing you need to start with eliminating items that you will not bring with you to the new house. After that phase, you can start packing room by room. Depending on the number of things you need to pack, you should leave enough time for that job. Logically, you do not want to pack your house too early and leave surrounded by boxes. Therefore, prepare your schedule on time. You are going to feel a lot more organized and confident about your move.

Make Some Organizing Goals

The second thing you need to do reffers to create an organizing plan that will include all of your moving goals. In that way, you will have everything on paper and you will ensure not to forget about something. For instance, you need to find a lot of boxes and labels. You can save money on your moving process by asking groceries, stores, your neighbors, friends, etc whether they have empty boxes. Do not forget to reference your priorities.

You also need to divide all of your things and see which items you are going to bring and which of them you are going to toss, donate, or sell. By organizing a yard sale, you can earn a lot of money that you can use for moving costs. After that, you should also think about hiring the right moving company. Finally, you want to plan what are you going to do with your current house and leave it in good condition.

Declutter Thoroughly

After you create a straight organizing plan with the goals that you need to follow, you can start with the first step and that is decluttering. Once you start going through all of the things you possess, you will come across so many things that you have not used for a couple of years. It does not matter whether you have lived in your current house for a year or for 15 years, you have probably accumulated things that you are no longer using or needing.

There is no reason to bring those items with you. In fact, you can save a lot of space by eliminating those items. Instead of piling up unnecessary items, you should create four categories and start diving into all of your things. Prepare a category of the things that you want to keep. This refers to the items that you are using and that have a purpose. Do not let emotions affect your judgment, so do not keep things that you have not used in past years. Leave those things for packing.

The other category is the one that is going to include things for selling. So, all of those items that are still in good shape and condition and that you are not using can be sold at a yard or garage sale. Additionally, you can sell them online. Next, if you want, you can rather donate some things and make someone happy! In the end, you should prepare the group of things that are ready for recycling. This refers to all of the things that are damaged, unusable, worn out, etc.

Start packing your items room by room

Now, you are ready for your next step and that is packing all of the things you decided to keep. It is not a wise idea to hire a professional packing service because you will just waste your money. Sometimes, their hiring can cost several hundred dollars. Instead, ask your friends or family to help you. This can be a fun project that you can all work on. If you do this together, you will complete the job much faster and you will not feel stressed about the mess.

The most effective way to pack items is to pack room by room. So, make sure that each box contains things from only one room. You will be grateful for this tip when it is time for unpacking your boxes in the new house. Additionally, do not forget to label things along the process! Create a system that will keep tracking all of the things you own. One more thing that is good to do is to make a list of what every box contains.

Stop for a moment and take it all in

Moving is a truly exhausting process in an emotional and physical way. Therefore, take some time for yourself as well to accept that change. This means taking some time to breathe and to think positively about your moving day. The approach that we choose to take can have a big influence on the way how we are going to handle some processes. Therefore, stay positive and excited no matter what! Focus on setting up your new home and celebrate your fresh new start!

Ready to move?

Now, we came to the final point of our guide. After you packed and prepared everything, you are ready to move your stuff to your new home. Contact the reputable and experienced moving company on that is going to responsibly move all of your things. We are wishing you the best of luck and happy moving!