How to Prep Your House For Sale to Attract Buyers

Getting your house ready to sell involves more than just cleaning, even though this is an essential part of it. You may have to sink a substantial amount of money into fixing up your home to get it in sellable condition. But keep in mind that some of these home improvements that add value can improve offers on your home by upwards of 10 percent over the asking price. So here are some valuable ways to increase the buyer pool viewing your home and close on your home for much more than anticipated.

Start With Curb Appeal

One of the first and most important things you should do is start with curb appeal. After all, the first thing people will see when they visit your home is the exterior. If this is unsightly, buyers probably won’t want to see what’s on the inside.

Make sure your lawn is perfectly manicured. Then, focus on ensuring your exterior surfaces are clean such as your siding, driveway, patio, and deck. If your house could use fresh coats of paint, add some. Ensure your curb appeal is as clean and attractive as possible.

Finish Specific Areas of Your Home


Should you finish the unfinished areas of your home? It all depends. This is where help from top-rated real estate agents will come in handy. They can run a comparative market analysis report showing what homes recently sold and some key features. If most homeowners are finishing garages, attics, or basements in your local area, this is a good indication you should also finish yours. However, if other homeowners are selling their homes without finishing unfinished areas of the home, you shouldn’t either. Instead, put that money into improving other areas that may be more valuable, such as the kitchen and primary bathroom.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

One of the most valuable home improvements you can make to your home is improving its energy efficiency. You can do this by replacing windows, doors, roofing, and appliances. Potential buyers will want to know about these improvements because they will help lower their energy costs.

Stage Your Home


Another way to prep your home for sale is to stage it. A staged home shows better than an empty one. This is because a home with furniture allows potential buyers to get a sense of how big the space is.

If you aren’t familiar with the best way to stage your home, leaving this to professionals is a good idea. Check your local area for home staging companies, or ask your real estate agent for suggestions.

Take Professional Photos

Once you’ve staged your home, getting professional photos is a good idea. Check your local area for photographers that specialize in real estate photography. They will know how to take pictures that will entice buyers to want to see your home in person.

Act Like an Appraiser

For the best outcomes with selling your home, you should see your home like an appraiser does. You may be wondering, “What does an appraiser do?” This person will assess the value of your home by checking the condition of specific items to get an overall valuation of the property. These items include HVACs, roofing, plumbing, electrical, and other functional areas of the home. If you inspect your house and discover that these items are in bad condition, it is a good idea to repair or replace them to avoid delays in the closing process.

To Sum It Up

Whether you live in an area that is a seller’s or a buyer’s market, it is a good idea to ensure your home is in the best condition to attract the most buyers. These tips will bring in more potential buyers and add value to your home, which could increase your asking price.