5 Ways To add Value to your Home with an Exterior Makeover

Creating the perfect space in your home is extremely important for every homeowner, and we pay the most attention to the things that are happening inside. We pick the best furniture, we think about the color of the walls, and we make sure everything is working properly. Picking the right things and materials for the inside of your house is really important, but if you want to add the biggest value to your property, but you need to pay attention to the exterior as well. When you choose the right things for the outside of your house, it will make it more attractive, and it will easily attract a lot of buyers. If you think about it, you fall in love with the things that you see in the first few seconds. No matter how good something is on the inside, and no matter how quality the materials used are, if you don’t like the exterior, you will just walk away and search for something that is easier on the eyes.


Many homeowners spend tens of thousands to add better materials in the interior, they change the floors and they update the staircase. Even though this will help, and it will make the house more functional, as well as add value to it, potential buyers will not pay attention to it, or they will try to bring the price down if the exterior is old, dirty, or if there are visible issues with the home. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on the ways you can make your home more attractive, and put a bigger price tag with a simple exterior makeover. It is said that even though for some things the initial investment may be a bit higher, you will still get all the money back and make a lot of profit when you focus on the exterior. At the end of the day, even if you don’t plan on selling your home, when you are done with this makeover, you will be living in a more beautiful home, and everyone who walks in front of it will compliment you on the condition of the property.

1. Windows and Doors


If you want to make your home more attractive, then you need to change the doors and windows. When you have old, or damaged units, it drastically decreases the value. Experts suggest that the right windows, especially those made of timber and wood will be low maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about them in the next few decades.

Choose the style depending on the rest of your property, and how that nowadays there are a lot of styles, sizes, materials, and types you can choose from.

2. Painting


Now let’s talk about the biggest area of the external space – the outside walls of your home. This is something that is first seen and noticed by everyone, so if the walls are damaged or stained, people will notice it right away.

According to LikePainting, by adding a new layer of paint on the exterior, you will give it a fresh look, and you will make it more attractive. Note that the right service can help you out with damages or holes that need to be patched, and they will also help you locate any issues that may come from the gutter or the roof.

3. Driveway

The driveway is another thing that will increase the value of your home, so you need to make it look beautiful. First and foremost, you should take care of this part of the house because of you. When there are bumps and holes in it, you risk damaging your car, and whenever it is raining or snowing outside, you add an additional risk to yourself.

The whole process of renovating it should not take a lot of money or a lot of time, and with the right company, you will get the pathway you’ve always dreamed of. In addition, it will create a nice flow between the entrance and the rest of the house.

4. Roof


Now let’s talk about the part that can make or break the whole look and functionality of the place. We think that the roof is not important because we cannot really see it, but the reality is, if the roof is good, everything else can be easily transformed. If there are any damages on the top of the property, you risk things, including flooding, damage to the walls, damage to the foundation, and even damage to the freshly installed doors and windows. Have a professional service check the condition of the roof, have it cleaned, and if needed, replaced.

5. Garden


The last thing we are going to talk about is the garden, including the front and the back of your place. When you take care of the lawn, when you have nice grass, and when you plant the right flowers or trees, you will drastically change the value of your home.

The reason for this is human psychology. When we see that flowers thrive, and when we see that the homeowner makes sure the grass is green and the bushes are trimmed, we believe that they care about everything in the home as much as they care about the green part of the property. The whole makeover will not cost you a lot, and you can plant or remove most of the things on your own. Depending on the weather in your location, choose plants that will not be affected by high or low temperatures, and don’t forget to follow your personal preferences and style.

The entrance is another thing that you should pay attention to, and you can create a new one when you remodel the driveway. Note that you can easily finish this whole makeover on a budget, and you can choose materials that are durable, but not extremely expensive. By finishing this project, you will end up with a property that is at least 20 thousand dollars more expensive, and the price could even go higher depending on the other things that a buyer is looking for.

Note that you should not be doing this only because you want to sell your house. Do the remodel because of you, and you will fall in love with your house even more than you did when you first bought the property. The right services can help you out with all of the steps, it is just up to you to think about what you can do on your own, and where would you need help from someone with knowledge and experience.