5 Reasons You Should Choose A Copper Farmhouse Sink for Your Home

Besides being malleable and one of the most attractive materials, copper metal is also one of the most durable. This is perhaps the main reason why many sinks manufacturers choose to use it to manufacture farmhouse sinks.

Items made out of copper are beautiful and durable and come in different styles and tastes that virtually meet the intended purpose. Despite the aesthetic value of copper farmhouse sinks, there are several other reasons you should invest in them. This article examines why you should choose a copper farmhouse sink for your home.

1. Copper Farmhouse Sinks Are Antibacterial


Several studies have been conducted on the natural antimicrobial properties of copper. They have shown that bacteria can only survive on the surface of copper for only a few hours, if not minutes, which is not the case with other materials used to design farmhouse sinks where bacteria can last for several days.

Therefore, when choosing a copper farmhouse sink, you don’t have to spend extra money buying disinfectant and antibacterial products for your sink, which makes it cost-effective and safer for your home.

2. Copper Has Restorative Properties

You will accidentally scratch the surface of your copper farmhouse sink when carrying out your daily cleaning duties. However, you should not worry about those scratch marks, as copper can heal itself over time.

The scratch will only appear shiny for a while, but after some time, the scratch marks will darken and blend back to their original color. Therefore, you don’t have to perform any restorative procedure to fix the scratches.

3. Farmhouse Sinks Are Durable


Copper-made sinks can last for generations because copper is very resilient to wear and tear. It readily reacts with atmospheric oxygen to form a protective layer known as patina. The protective coating prevents it from further reaction with air and other substances, making it last for decades without corrosion. The copper farmhouse sink is also highly resistant to stains which makes it last a long time without losing its original color.

4. Copper Sinks Don’t Rust or Crack Easily

Copper is a soft but strong metal; therefore, it cannot crack easily even if you place a hard and heavy object on the sink. Copper is also not a reactive metal; it readily reacts with oxygen to form a protective layer that prevents further reaction with water and other substances that can lead to rusting.

5. It’s Easy to Maintain and Clean

Copper does not retain stains, so you will not require any special cleaning for your sink. You can easily wipe your farmhouse sink with a cloth soaked in warm water with mild soap. Also, the fact that copper is a naturally existing antibacterial saves you the cost of buying antibacterial and other disinfectant products to keep it safe for use.



Some of the reasons you should choose a copper farmhouse sink for your home is that copper possesses antibacterial properties making it safe for use at home. Copper also has restorative properties, which enable it to heal naturally from scratches. It is also highly durable, does not rust or crack easily, and is easy to clean and maintain. Copper is also a beautiful-looking metal that adds aesthetic value to your sink.