8 Best Pillows For Flat Head Babies in 2024

Are you confused about your baby’s Pillow? Here comes the solution.

Newly born babies have Plagiocephaly, which means flat head on their’s head; this happens when the baby spends too much time lying on their back. It will correct on its own but if you use pillows for flat head results are excellent. If babies continuously sleep on their backs, SIDS (Sudden Infant death syndrome) will develop. Research says that about one in five children develops a flat area on the back of their heads. So don’t risk your baby’s lives. Here is a new product to avoid Plagiocephaly.

Pillows for flathead

To restrain the flat head syndrome, some pillows, particularly for babies, have developed to relieve from such contemplation. Pillow is a little doughnut size of Concave on both sides. The idea is baby’s head is placed in the center, and as there is a broader area, there will be no pressure, it supports the baby’s head when they sleep and when they twisty side. It includes a little cushion and concave dips down so the baby’s head lice down and no chance that head will not come the other side and lay on a flat part of Pillow. There are excellent features in the Pillow which makes the product more worth, and these are the most common features in all pillows.


  • Provides sensible pressure ordination on the soft baby skull. This is auxiliary for keeping SIDS away.
  • These pillows designed double-sided to provide the most comfort for your baby.
  • Provides support for both the head and neck of your baby.
  • Baby pillows esteem your baby to be secured from neck pain or a headache.

Different types of pillows provide different benefits. Let’s see them.

1. Cherish baby care Flat head Baby pillow:

img source: pinimg.com

  • Includes two removable, machine-washable Pillowcase and inner protective cover, so no need for separate laundry.
  • Comfy ergonomic design supports natural round head shape so you can avoid helmet or band
  • Anti-Flathead Pillow is a sleep positioner to help reduce flat head syndrome, brachycephaly
  • Removable white slipcover looks perfect in every nursery and matches all bedding and mattress covers.

2. Edelfeel newborn baby head shaping pillow:

img source: amazon.com

  • Made with pure natural cotton, these pillows have no smell or bad odor to protect the sensitive skin
  • Flat Head infant pillow concave center is designed to keep the baby’s head and neck in the correct alignment
  • Provides comfort and support needed for a peaceful and long sleep.

3. QHGC Baby head shaping pillow:

img source: alicdn.com

  • Evenly disperses the pressure on the baby’s head, so that creates a perfect head shape.
  • Pillowcases have antibacterial, skin rejuvenation, breathable, hygroscopic and other effects, care for baby’s delicate skin
  • Pillow and head contact area shaped like a skull’s back and are perfectly apt for the baby’s neck and protect the baby’s natural health.

4. Diamonique newborn baby pillow:

img source: amazon.com

  • The pressure is distributed across the entire surface of the baby’s skull, such that the spine and the soft head develop healthily.
  • It prevents flat head and helps in better shape of the baby’s head moreover chemical-free.
  • No toxic ingredients used while manufacturing.

5. Baby Love Head Pillow:

img source: truetop5review.com

  • To prevent head deformation, this Pillow provides perfect alignment for the baby’s head with excellent support.
  • Good air circulation provided to prevent overheating of the baby’s head.
  • The shape is designed according to the human body principle and the area of baby pillow contacting the head shaped like the back of the skull.
  • Should wash under 40-degree warm water by hand, rinse out lightly and hung in the shade to dry.

6. PB PEGGYBUY Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Newborn:

img source: amazon.com

  • The Pillow can protect your newborn baby delicate head and spine growth during this crucial time of development.
  • The memory foam covered with soft, luxurious, cotton fabric, provides style and soft touch.
  • Allowed better airflow on the neck, which leads to a better quality of sleep.
  • As Pillowcase is detachable, it can be easily removed, dust-free and allow more prolonged use.

7. Baby pillow head shaping By You Me Brand:

img source: amazon.com

Baby pillow with a star pattern to support the infant’s head, a comfy design that can help keep round with its Head shaping design.

  • Luxuriously soft organic cotton provides a natural fabric and an extremely smooth surface.
  • Supports natural skull development while protecting your baby’s neck and spine.
  • Corrects mild cases of flatheads and prevents flat head syndrome for babies.

8. Mustard Pillow:

img source: thespruceeats.com

  • One of the best natural methods to prevent Flathead Syndrome. Fill the Pillow with mustard seeds, the self-adjusting nature of mustard seeds makes the pillow mold perfectly to the head shape and size.
  • Made from high-quality material, PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) fabric used for encasing is soft, waterproof.

Pros of using these pillows:

  • Not Hypoallergic
  • Easy to travel
  • Easily washable
  • Comfortable for sleep
  • Supports head and spine growth
  • Breathable fabric and soft memory foam
  • Can use in stroller, car seat, baby crib
  • Keep cold air in summer and hot air in winter with the construction of the 3D-air mesh. (special benefit)

So based on the pros and information above, you have got the idea for purchasing Pillow. There are some natural methods to treat the flat head syndrome, but as the baby’s age is just one or two months old, you can’t do experiments on their lives. These pillows are proven, and there will be no side-effects after using as they are designed in a way choosing the size of a baby’s head. They are available in different sizes to rely on your baby’s head; you can choose the best one. Once if you start using you will be happier by seeing the results better don’t go for too expensive pillows.