6 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags in 2024

Nursing a little one is a challenging job from feeding, nursing and making sure the child gets every ounce of nutrition that is required. It wasn’t easy, and now you’re feeding with mastering the breast pump. Though it is advocated feeding breast milk is very important for the baby, here come situations where the mother is unable to feed the baby directly from the breast.

And in such a situation, no mother would wish an excuse for not feeding the baby; instead, it calls out something more efficient than just pumping the breast milk that is- storing the breast milk.

Breast milk storage bags are more than a nursing accessory for a nursing baby. When a mother wants to keep a clear record of every ounce of nutrition that goes for the baby, the breast milk storage bag comes in handy. These bags are more comfortable to store in the fridge, compensating for the space of unnecessary milk bottles. These bags have individual millimeter and liter marks on the storage bags. These breast milk storage bags are much thicker, and BPA-free and FDA approved for storing breast milk for babies.

Breast milk can be stored in the breast milk storage bags at room temperature that is 25 degrees or below for 6 hours. It takes up minimal space even in the refrigerator and can be stored for up to 5 days. You can store it in the freezer for 14 days. Breast milk is an ideal form of nutrition for the baby. Your baby can be fed even in your absence with the help of storing breast milk. In the case of working mothers, or mothers having medical problems like mastitis or breast engorgement, using the breast milk storage bag to feed your baby can be pretty relaxing.

Here are the few most efficient breast milk storage bags that won’t leave you crying over breast milking problems.

1. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bag

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There’s a reason why these are one of the most popular breast milk storage bags in the market. These beloved breast milk storage bags cover all the bases, made from thick BPA and BPS free plastic that’s pre-sterilized for the safest use. If you use the Lasinoh breast milk storage bags, they come with ideal packing designs to lay flat and fast freezing. It is an ideal breast milk storage bags. They are ideal for storing, freezing and protecting precious breast milk.


1. Bags hold up to 6 ounces, are sterilized and ready to go, and the double zipper prevents messy leaks.
2. It saves time, and pump directly into the Lasinoh storage bags for convenience and reduced waste.
3. Once frozen, bags can be stored flat or standing up for storing flexibility along with volume measurements.
4. Can be helpful, especially for a working mom, the milk can be stored safely and later fed to the baby.


1. Many moms do not like standing upright while pumping out milk into the bag.
2. If you pump out an extra amount of milk, there are few chances of leakage from the bag.
3. To open these bags, moms have to tear open the top off, which may take a little longer than usual than other storage bags.

LINK: https://www.amazon.in/Lansinoh-Breast-Milk-Storage-50-Count/dp/B00198I2WU

2. Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage Bag

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Description: Philips Avent delivers functional and best-designed breast milk storage bags, at affordable prices and including all the features you need. It also has two-zipper locks closure, pre-sterilization and dual layers of added thickness and wide opening. This wide opening helps you to pour milk in and out quickly. They are BPA free and have a tamper-evident seal too.


1. It has a sturdy pouch where milk cannot leak or spill in any case.
2. Secure, leak-proof double zipper to avoid leakage of milk from the storage bag.
3. They do not have plastic smell or taste.
4. It is easier to feed and give your baby a seamless experience while feeding milk without any doubt.


1. Sometimes due to over storing, the milk pours out of the fast-lid bottle.

LINK: https://www.amazon.com/Philips-AVENT-Breast-Storage-25/dp/B00GZFNHOA/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2FMZ7UPU34GBM&dchild=1&keywords=philips+avent+storage+bags&qid=1594038933&sprefix=philips+avent+storag%2Caps%2C272&sr=8-2

3. Kiind Twist Pouch Breastmilk Storage Bag

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Description: If you’re a mom who values convenience over all the other odds, then the Kiinde Twist Pouch breast milk storage bag is all you need. Halfway between the bag and a bottle, it comes with a twist pouch caps that can attach most breast pumps. Most importantly, they are phthalate-free, BPC and PVC free.

This means you can pump directly into the bag from the breast milk pumper and adapt a range of nipples to feed your baby. No pouring, no decanting and overall no measuring out, everything stays in the same pouch.


1. The bags are recyclable and can be used multiple times.
2. It fits narrowly to several pump parts of many different brands.
3. Extremely convenient: Pour, store and feed all in the same pouch. The cap itself seals appropriately and tightly. It does not require any additional zipper lock to store milk.
4. It is environmentally friendly, which is very adaptable and measurable.


1. The bags are not entirely flat, and not easy to store as those with the more straightforward design.
2. Only available in one size.
3. The full range of accessories can be quite expensive.

LINK: https://www.amazon.com/Kiinde-Storage-Freezing-Feeding-pre-sterilized/dp/B00CXPYWCC

4. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags

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Description: Madela Breast Milk storage bags are favorite among breastfeeding mothers. Working mothers can understand how hard is it to nurse babies, especially while traveling. These breast milk storage bags are convenient and can be jostled around in a diaper bag or purse. One thing beautiful about this storage bag is it includes re-sealable pouches, which allows mommies to carry unused bags and keep it organized and clean.


1. These bags can stay standing up and can lay flat depending on the necessity.
2. They are chemical-free, BPA free and offers leak-proof protection while traveling.
3. It includes a re-sealable transport pouch.
4. It comes with an adapter to transfer breast milk directly into the bag.


1. You can’t feed your baby directly from these bags, so other bottles are required for feeding the baby.
2. Currently not recyclable.

LINK: https://www.amazon.in/Medela-Breastmilk-Storage-Bags-Pieces/dp/B075R5DQ5R

5. Mommy’s Precious Breast Milk Bags

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Description: With their gusseted bottom design, they can stand up by themselves. These breast milk storage bags are not only BPA free- but phthalates and latex-free as well. Because of their well stand up design there won’t be any problem in filling the bottles. They use a double zipper lock for closure and is easily frozen inside a refrigerator. Once filled, they freeze flat to save on storage space. The measuring lines of this bag claim to be 95% accurate, which means the mother can easily track the ounces that their child eats.


1. Accurate measurement helps moms to keep a clear record of the amount of milk he child drinks.
2. There is a safety seal on the bag and prevents bacteria from entering into the seal.
3. These breast milk storage bags are recyclable.


1. The plastic is thick but not as reliable as the other breastfeeding storage bags.
2. Moms have complained not to like the smell of the plastic that these bags contain.

LINK: https://www.amazon.com/Breastmilk-Breastfeeding-Container-Sterilized-Measurements/dp/B01FD6OHDG

6. Nurture Right Breast Milk Bags

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Description: Made up of sturdy plastic, holding 6 ounces each it comes with a safety seal to ensure the bags are not contaminated before use. They are sturdy and stand on their own and have a double zipper, which makes it less likely leaking. There is a sizable record panel where you can write your baby’s name and the number of ounces in the bag. These bags are latex-free, BPA free and phthalates free and favorable to use. They have no hard plastic smell like others and no leaks. Each bag comes with a safety seal on the top, for the baby’s safety and peace of mind.


1. The plastic is so rigid that the milk won’t spill or leak while pouring.
2. Moms can also appreciate the design on top of the bag, and customize it if they want.
3. The bag still has a lot of room even after reaching the full mark, which makes moms very confident about the non-leaking of the milk out of the bag.


1. Women may not appreciate using scissors to cut off the safety lid on top.
2. Some pens won’t work on the labeling area, and you might have to use markers or stickers.
3. Seals are sometimes not adequately used to close or tighten the bag.

LINK: https://www.amazon.com/Nurture-Right-Breastmilk-Pre-Sterilized-BPA-FREE/dp/B016NEMM9I

Overall the final call for these highly affordable and best quality Breast Milk storage bags possess features that other brands supposedly offer. Hence it is very relaxing to know that the quality that you are looking for and at the right price is found in the right place. You need to ensure the ones that you are choosing are meeting all yours and your baby’s needs.