Why do Some People Get Embarrassed when Buying Sex Toys

Modern world in which acceptance and inclusion are of the utmost importance dictate that everyone should be happy to be different and proud of who they are. This includes physical attributes as well as things that makes us “us” like our beliefs, race, religion, and sexual orientation. Another thing that should also be on this list is our interests, that is, things that makes us happy and relaxed, things we enjoy and everything we cannot imagine our lives without.

Shaming others for their interests is hardly a new concept in our societies. People who do not partake in certain activities and trends, especially if those trends are not mainstream, tend to make fun of everyone who does like them. That is how taboos came to be, topics nobody talks about because they are considered rude, impolite, or unorthodox in some way. Atop of these have always been sex toys, and enjoyment of sexual pleasures in general.

However, with the arrival of inclusion culture in which everyone is celebrated for who they are, sexual orientations, kinks, and fetishes have also become normal. No longer do people point fingers and talk behind others’ backs because of something they like. Still, many are shy and embarrassed while they are browsing for a new sex toy and then even more when they are about to purchase it front he vendor. Why is this?

If you have found yourself in such a situation before or if you simply want to know why are people still embarrassed about such a thing, you are at the right place. We are going to explore the reasons why someone may feel insecure or scared while purchasing these products.

Personal Insecurities


As long as you are insecure about who you are and what you enjoy, you will always be embarrassed about it in front of others, especially strangers. Being afraid of their impending judgment you are sure is happening is one of the worst feelings ever, mostly because it makes you think there is something wrong with you. To overcome this, you must first accept who you are and what makes you happy.

Next, you should try as hard not to think about what other people think and what they may have to say about your pleasures. As long as you are not hurting anybody, you are free to do whatever you like.

Therefore, purchase whatever and however many sex toys as you wish with confidence and certainty. People who are sure in themselves look a certain way, and those who would generally go out of their way to make them feel embarrassed do not have it as easy anymore. Own it and you will be fine.

Past Experiences

One of the most dominant reasons why so many people still do not feel confident nor ready to go out and purchase sex toys are bad experiences from the past. Whether someone judged them for what they bought, or made fun of them for talking about it with confidence, they now have a bad memory connected to an important piece of their life.

Nobody should feel like this, especially because being stuck in the past with your emotions will prevent you from ever feeling better about it and overcoming your fears. Think about how much you would have missed in life already if you applied this same concept to other areas, like dating, going to restaurants, or learning a new language. One bad memory and an awful experience does not mean it will always be like that.

Now Using the Internet


Modern times call for modern technologies, which is why everything is done on the web nowadays, from working and studying to shopping and having fun. Shopping is particularly great from the comfort of your home, and very exciting as you wait for the package to come knocking on your door.

If you are generally worried about buying something in person, you can always do it online. The web gives you an additional level of anonymity as all the shop needs is your name, your address, and your financial info. Within a few clicks you can order any sex toy no matter how onorthodox it is, and no matter what some people would say if they knew what you are getting.

It is none of their business anyway what you get in the mail, so find the right online store like Pabo and shop away for whatever you think will make your sex life more adventurous and fun.

The Right Kind of Vendor


Last but not least, we must talk about who it is that sells you your sex toys, rather, who is at the other end of the counter in your local sex store establishment. If you are not yet shopping online, you will have to go to a store and pick out what you liek of course. Once you are there, it makes all the difference who is selling you the toys and giving you advice about it.

If it is the shop owner himself or herself, you will probably have a better overall experience since they know what they are about and they know what the people coming into their store want. With this being said, they will probably let you browse the shelves without much (or any talking) and let you decide. If you have a question, they will answer honestly and without any kind of judgment. Most of the experienced people who know the industry are relaxed and they tend to be funny with how they talk, knowing full well most customers are embarrassed and scared.

In case there is a younger, inexperienced person in the shop who seems just like an average shop assistant without any prior sex toy knowledge, things may be weird and scary for them as well. You can try to make the situation better by letting them know that you want to browse on your own and that you will let them know if you need assistance. If you can obviously see they are uncomfortable to the point of being unprofessional and rude, you can always come back later when someone else is working. As long as you yourself are relaxed and aware of the situation, there is nothing to be worried about!