The Sex Guide in Times of COVID-19

These days, regarding protection against infection of COVID-19, there are detailed rules and instructions for all areas of life. Clearly, and rightly so, recommendations about sexual relations are also included in this care combo, because, after all, it is a matter of concern for both mental and physical health.

Nevertheless, fear remains, and caution is the best option for prevention. However, almost a year into the pandemic, sex cannot be left behind, but it can be done safely and securely to get it right.

Is there a place for love in times of a pandemic?

Regardless of the moment and the way the world is, the answer is yes, and not only love, but everything that involves a relationship with another person in some way, as in the case of escorts from Skokka. Although it is recommended to keep distance and avoid physical contact, there are couples who started living together 24 hours a day.

On the one hand, this can be scary, or it can make everything more tense because of a possible loss of sexual desire due to the fact that they are always together, but on the other hand, there are always ways to reinvent passion and, so to speak, to make a plan to keep things going well.

It must be clear that the current situation of a pandemic continues, but it will come to an end eventually. Even if everything passes, a sex guide always comes in handy to help when needed, either in the current conditions or for when everything gets back to normal. A sexual guide to help both to get out of a routine for those who have been “locked in” and a guide for those whose flame has been extinguished. But also a guide for those who have been so overwhelmed by the situation that anxiety has lowered their libido and need a little help.

Always thinking about improving sex life and the interests it can provide to the interested public, the biggest portal for sex workers in the UK, has created a small sex guide. This is a manual that proposes some alternatives to innovate and to keep the sparkle alive.

Exploring new activities

Every relationship needs new things to keep the flame of passion alive. A surprise, a dinner, going out for a drink. However and for whatever reason, innovating and having new plans always helps a relationship to remain healthy and with that beautiful spark that is to love one another.

In times where it is advised, in some cases even forced by a question of security, to stay indoors to contain a virus, novelties have to come from within, literally. And there are some “little things” that can help maintain a more relaxed and, perhaps, warmer atmosphere… Series, movies and popcorn never lose their reign! It’s the best time to enjoy together by choosing something romantic to spend time with from the menu of Netflix.

Exploring yourself

Despite all the taboos about sex, knowing and exploring oneself is a challenge that never loses momentum. By spending more time alone, a person can discover his or her body. Learning to touch and love the way he/she is and discovering a new way of looking at him/herself.

To explore oneself sexually, to learn to touch oneself, to learn how touch can give more pleasure. This is a piece of advice from experienced escorts which is valid for singles or couples! What’s more, masturbating and getting to know the body you live in is an important alternative that reduces some risks.

Now more than ever, there is time to do it and, above all, time and confidence in which to learn how to do it.

Exploring with each other

The sensual scenes of movie characters, a very beautiful man cooking totally naked, the woman wearing the shirt that the lover used the night before. The two of them in the kitchen, they start cooking, they kiss and then, the best sex of their lives. That can be real, can’t it?

Plus, giving and receiving sensations, perhaps of something never tried before, all in a very erotic way can also be something new and desirable between the two of you. Now there is time to enjoy together and nothing better than to experience touch, taste, sounds, looks (or without looks, blindfolded).

Whatever you can think: strawberries, biscuits, chocolates. Different flavours, ice cream, ice… There is an infinity of products or other little things ready to make a very sexy and hot game.

Acquiring new toys

There are people who like to use lubricants. There are those who use patterned condoms for more sensations. There are lip glosses that can be flavoured and that trigger different perceptions and increase the desire to have sex.

And there are toys. Standing in front of the options, deciding to buy something new, waiting for them to arrive so you can enjoy yourself in the best way. Those who work better for him, for her, there are even toys for role reversal.

The popular suction toy continues to triumph. With a lot of suction power, it helps women to reach orgasm very quickly. And there are couples who don’t leave that help aside.

For them there is also a very modern toy. It is a robot that performs fellatio (oral sex) on men. It is available in different sizes and is considered intelligent because it has different speeds and can be used hands-free. It is a real novelty that is driving them completely crazy. Something very innovative that they enjoy in a new way that they have never experienced before. Would you dare to try it? Would you free your hands and give free rein to pleasure?

The important thing to know is that you have to maintain respect and the desire to be together, it’s time to keep calm and show that all this will pass! But with the best sex… that’s the best way to pass the time!