9 Best Sex Toys For Males In 2024

If there’s one thing that’s true in this world – it’s that you can have enough sex toys. Sex toys are like tattoos. Once you get one – you’re always looking for more. They’re simply amazing. They feel good, they’re safe, and they will enhance your orgasms by a lot.

Now, when it comes to sex toys, people usually just think about vibrators or dildos that ladies use, but nobody thinks about the stuff men can use, and well, we don’t like it a bit.

Today, we’re going to talk about men because men use sex toys, too. On that note, we’ve decided to help our boys out by pointing them towards some cool sex gadgets that they can get for themselves. Also, here are more websites which can help, such as cam4.com. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Tantrix


Tantrix is a one-time masturbator made by Trojan, the company that manufactures condoms – you’ve heard about them. This is one of the cheapest and one of the simplest “toys” on our list. For only a couple of bucks, you can get this silicone pleasure sleeve, as they like to call it, and use it to give your masturbation a little twist.
Most people with a penis learn to masturbate as quickly and quietly as possible. After all, as a testosterone-charged teenager, you have to expect your parents or siblings to walk in and disrupt your private life. And it’s not just the fear of getting caught jerking off — there’s also a lot of shame when it comes to sexual pleasure when you’re younger, certified sex counselor and founder of YouSeeLogic, an online sexual education platform. “Few people have been told that masturbating is something natural and a good way to learn more about your sexual pleasure,” she says.

These secretive, fast and furious masturbation habits can continue into adulthood, says Shamyra Howard, a sexologist and Men’s Health advisory board member, in Men’s Health Best. Sex. Ever. “Many men masturbate the same way they did in their teens — in a hurry,” she says. “You need to do things differently. If you’re right-handed, use your left hand, use sex toys or try masturbating on your stomach. Also, don’t just focus on your genitals. You have a whole body. Involve your nipples, perineum, and anus.”

The possibilities may sound a little overwhelming. If you’re sitting there thinking, “Thanks, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing — WAIT! According to Howard, exploring new masturbation methods can benefit your sex life overall.

2. Fleshlight Quickshot


Nobody’s surprised that a Fleshlight product is going to end up on this list, but you probably haven’t expected this one. At first glance, this looks like a weird, steampunk sculpture that you would keep on your nightstand until you look a little closer and see that it says Fleshlight right on there.

Either way, this is not your regular looks-like-female-genitalia masturbation sleeve. Instead, this is a small, 3.5-inch long masturbation sleeve that looks like a glass sculpture, so if being discreet is something you’re into – you should definitely check this one out.

3. LELO Tor 2


No male adult toy list would be complete without a cock ring or two, and the first one we’re presenting you with is LELO Tor 2. This one does pretty much what you would expect from a cock ring, and it does it really well. The vibrations are more than strong enough that both you and your partner will be able to enjoy them thoroughly.

The fit will be pretty snug, depending on your size, but it shouldn’t be too tight so that you can still have some blood pumping down there. Also, this is a rechargeable device, as you would expect it to be, and we see it serving you for a really long time.

4. LELO Hugo


Here we have another product from LELO, only this time we’re talking about a prostate massager. Now, the first thing you’ll notice about Hugo is that it is pretty expensive. This thing will set you back quite a lot, but believe us – it will get the job done.

This massager is fully adjustable, both strength and location-wise. You can easily tilt the massager in any direction you want and focus on the areas that you find the most pleasurable. Also, the intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted, so we’d say that this is a good product for both experienced toy users as well as the ones with little to no experience. For more products like this one you can check xinghaoya.

5. Sex Doll


Since we are fully aware of the fact that everyone in this world has different preferences when it comes to what gets them off – we’ll just talk about dolls in general.

Sex dolls are an excellent way for you to experience having sex under your terms. Naturally, these won’t come cheap, but they will last you a really long time, and they can become a lot more than just something you use for sex.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to these dolls. Do you want to bone a 5-foot blonde girl with a rack that’s the size of your head? No problem – just visit here. There are thousands of dolls that you can choose from, and in the end, if none of them are good enough for you – you can get a custom one.

6. B-Vibe Anal Beads


Prostate massagers are great, but they are usually a little bit too much for the beginners, so we have something else for them – Triplet Anal Beads. Now, if you’ve ever seen anal beads, you’re going to notice that these don’t really look like your everyday, regular anal beads. Well, that’s because they’re not ordinary anal beads. These are more phallic in shape, they go in smoothly, and the best thing is – they vibrate!

7. B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2


Rimming is one of those things that’s not really easy to come by, but once you try it – you don’t ever want to go back. Rimming Plug 2 is one of the best toys on the market that can replicate the glorious feeling of getting your salad tossed. The toy vibrates both on the inside and the outside, so you’re stimulated across various points, quite similar to when you’re getting rimmed.

8. Oxsling


If you’re having a bit of trouble lasting as long as you would’ve liked – Oxsling might be able to help. This is not your everyday cock ring. Sure, it does go on the base of your penis like any other cock ring would, but then again, you’ll notice there’s another opening on this one.

That’s where you would slide your testicles through. The idea behind it is that keeping your gonads away from your body while having sex should help you last longer, and it does make sense, theoretically.

9. Autoblow AI


Take a wild guess – what does this one do? You’ve guessed it – it performs fellatio. To be fair, nothing will replace the real thing, but this third-gen Autoblow is getting dangerously close. This one comes equipped with ten different blowjob settings, so you don’t get just randomly stimulated or bored of using this product. Want to know the fun part? The 10th setting is why this one is called “AI”. It uses machine-learning technology to make sure you never get your buddy sucked the same way twice.


In conclusion, the selection of the nine best adult toys for males in 2024 represents a diverse array of options designed to cater to a wide range of desires and preferences. Whether you’re seeking solo pleasure or looking to enhance intimacy with a partner, these toys offer innovative features and designs to help you explore and discover new dimensions of pleasure and satisfaction.

It’s important to remember that choosing the right adult toy is a highly personal decision, and what works best for one individual may not be ideal for another. Prioritizing safety, consent, and open communication, both with yourself and with any partners, is crucial when incorporating these products into your intimate experiences.

Ultimately, the evolving world of adult toys continues to provide exciting opportunities for individuals and couples to explore and enjoy their sexuality in unique and fulfilling ways. The key is to approach these choices with a sense of curiosity, respect, and a commitment to enhancing your overall well-being and satisfaction.