Can Adult Toys Replace a Good Sexual Partner?

We discussed this and similar topics prior and although it is a bit of a controversial topic there is something to this. Most of you would probably read this and said NO! Well, believe it or not, there are others and other sides that claim YES!

When a topic like this pops up, we immediately know that we will get a 50/50 split with our readers and that is fine. Topics like these are here to have you understand and find out more about those that don’t think like you as well as everyone’s opportunity to see the other side. Some will also argue that a situation like this or the answer to a similar situation will need a professional relationship therapist or even a psychologist to answer and detangle this conundrum.

Before we dive into this, we just want to say that there is nothing wrong or controversial with sex toys. The sex industry is growing and it is not revolving around videos and the adult video industry. It is so much more and a huge chunk of that falls to sex toys and aids. Sex toys are for anyone that needs something besides their sex partner or as an aid to prepare for a certain thing, or even for practice. What you do with your sex toy and how you used, it is totally up to you as long as you follow all safety measures and do nothing weird with it.

We also covered this before and we wrote about all kinds of different sex toys, from simple ones to more complex ones like something you may find if you click here. You can use these for fun, you can use them to break routine but it is very difficult to imagine that one of these, no matter how simple or complex it is, could ever replace a sex partner.

As you can figure out from this last point, we are telling you it is nearly impossible for a human being of any sexual orientation to achieve a long-lasting, or any at all, relationship with a sex toy. When we say sex toy, we do mean anyone ever made for this purpose and anyone you prefer of course.

Humans are emotional beings and we thrive off emotions, sensations, touches, warm breaths and warm touch. This is something that, at least currently, sex toys are unable to provide you. we are physical beings, we need emotions, communication laughter, and tears to function properly and to move forward. Being alone and being tied to a piece of silicone, rubber and some batteries and wiring, that can’t offer any of the said is something that will easily drive you to solitude and emotional disconnect from the world.

Since sex life is a huge part of humans it needs to be treated right and sex toys need to have a place in that as well. We all need to start treating our sex toys like an appetizer or a snack before the main course. It can’t and should not ever replace something like a real man or a woman in your life. The sexual experience all of us get from the opposite sex is hard to explain but something that also feels natural and needed, no matter who you are.

Most sexual therapists recommend sex toys for both men and women. Women are using those to find out more about themselves, to find out about the physicality of their bodies. This is good because you will find out what you like and what you dislike quickly without pressure. For men, it has a different purpose, still educational but in a slightly different way. Men usually know what they need and how, it is all about practice now and lasting longer when needed.

Another thing where sex toys are good is for single people out there. Again, they can’t replace a sex partner but they can help you release some of the tension and enjoy yourself now and then, so you don’t have to go out and forcefully find and do something that is not good for you or your soul. You will do that in your bedroom in the comfort of your home and the search for that special someone can be continued without any setbacks.

Another thing we can talk about and advise that you try to do is to use your sex toys together with your partner if you have one. Don’t treat or don’t allow your partner to think about your sex toy as a direct competitor. Fill them in and show them what it is and what you do with it and you will see that a lot more fun in the bedroom can be had that way. Society and our perception of certain things are changing and we are not that shy or strange to some things. A good conversation with your partner will discover many things, from what they like or don’t do what you do. During that, you can reach a consensus and experiment with your or your partner’s toy and see if you can work it out to have an even better sexual experience than before.

Sex toys are not and can’t be a competition and replacement for a living sexual partner. Not to say that it is wrong with people that try that but just google out two out of the latest relationships/marriages of people with their sex dolls and toys ended up. It is ridiculous to even think about it. we do have a lot of liberties nowadays but some things just shouldn’t be allowed.

Last thing, and we want to reiterate this because it is important – use sex toys and don’t be ashamed of them, but never look at them as a replacement for a real live partner. Never! You can have them, you can use them, and you can even share them with your partner for bonuses, but always make sure to have a partner and to focus more on them than on your toys. Everything can be worked out and everything can function if you put the effort in.