Is Affair Dating Really as Exciting as It Seems and What Its Consequences Are?

Sometimes, it seems that affair dating is so exciting and adventurous. Many people strive to find an affair apart from their marriage or relationship. However, just like any other decision, it has its pros and cons and can lead to consequences you may not really wish to face.

Where can you find an affair while being engaged or married, why would you do this and what consequences should you be prepared for? Learn this and much more about affair dating right now.

What affair dating is


Not many people understand what affairs are, unfortunately. Some individuals think that an affair is any fling you might have. Everything is more complicated though. An affair is something you have with another person apart from your relationships or marriage. In other words, having an affair means cheating on your current partner no matter whether you have an open relationship or not.

People can look for affairs on purpose or find them accidentally and unexpectedly. Here are the main reasons why you might have an affair while being engaged or married:

  • Your needs in this relationship are not met (both men and women have their needs in relationships and if they are not met, you might look for them to be met elsewhere);
  • There is a communication issue in your couple;
  • Your sexual constitution is much stronger than that of your partner and you require much more sex;
  • You aren’t happy in your marriage or relationship (there are thousands of reasons for that);
  • There is no love in your couple;
  • You are just longing for attention elsewhere since you lack it in your current relationship.

That list could be truly continued because there are really hundreds of reasons for which people may prefer affair dating. You could just bump into your new crush accidentally and feel this terrific passion you have not experienced for a long time.

No matter what your reasons are, it would be great to know the consequences you are going to face after starting your affair. Be well prepared for them and make sure to be aware of all the pros and cons before you ever find yourself involved in affair dating. Just remember that cheating always happens when everything already is broken in a relationship. In healthy couples, there are no thoughts about finding an affair even.

Your partner could be unpredictable

Regardless of what you think about your partner. You can take him or her as the calmest person ever. However, you never know what your partner is going to do when finding out about your betrayal resulting from affair dating. The quietest person can turn into a really aggressive machine when learning about being cheated on.

Therefore, you should be ready for the fact that lots of crimes happen based on jealousy. Aren’t you sure how your soulmate is going to react to your affair? Then think twice before starting affair dating. Moreover, you never know whether your new crush has a partner and who he or she is. You might get many more problems from facing a mad partner than from your affair.

You hurt your partner


No matter what your reasons for being involved in affair dating are, you, for some reason, do not break up with your partner. Any betrayal will make your existing problems even more. Affairs do not solve any problems in relationships but cause even more of them. If you do not break up, keep being married, engaged, or in a relationship with someone, maybe you should first stop your relationship and only then, look for something new.

Do you want to hurt your current date, fiance, or spouse? If the answer is no, then think twice before starting an affair with someone else. If the answer is yes — then you seriously need to think about your current relationships and what you both are doing in them.

You will never live in peace again

First of all, no one canceled remorse. You will be thinking about your “mistake” all the time. This is human nature. Secondly, you will need to hide all over the city when dating your new crush. You have a fear that anyone, including her/his colleagues, family members, friends, or just mates can see you dating your new affair partner.

It means that you both will need to hide — in suburbs, hotels, and other remote places. Yes, this is good for spending just a few nights together but you are still not sure you have not been seen by somebody yet.

Your safety still matters


An affair has nothing to do with serious relationships. Therefore, speaking about knowing the person you are going to have sex with is useless. You, most likely, will jump into a passion with someone you hardly know. Please remember that sexually transmitted diseases still exist. You might harm not only yourself but also your current partner. Think about it!

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