Role-Play Handcuffs: How to Choose to Make Sex Brighter

Recently, BDSM culture has become more and more popular. Not only experienced “players” are involved in the practice of these relationships, but a large number of inexperienced participants also seek to plunge into the aesthetics of these relationships.

BDSM devices are divided into professional paraphernalia and toys for beginners and harness

There are fixators for the body (handcuffs, bondage kits, ropes, belts, costumes – limiters of movements); spanking accessories (lashes, floggers); body accessories (collars with leashes, masks, gags).

One of the important attributes of BDSM is its attributes, symbolizing dominance and submission – shameless toys for adults. They can be both theatrical and staging in nature, and have a very serious functional purpose and application.

Experienced participants use several accessories at the same time, beginners and “vanilla” partners are encouraged to start with any one toy of your choice.

The most common paraphernalia for beginners to dive into the world of BDSM are handcuffs.

What are Handcuffs for?

Sexy handcuffs in role-playing games perform two functions – immobilization of a subordinate partner, emotional coloring of your game, immersion in it with a feeling of complete realism. The physical restriction of habitual movements increases the sensitivity and excitability of both partners, brings the relationship between them to a new psycho-emotional level.

The popularity of BDSM handcuffs is due to the fact that this device is suitable for a large number of different game scenarios, easy to use, looks erotic and realistic.

The main thing is to choose the right model of handcuffs. We will talk further about what types of limiters are and what to look for when choosing.

Types of Handcuffs for Role-playing games

There are so many options for handcuffs for role-playing games, as well as their designs, so it’s easy for a beginner to get confused. However, if you look closely at the material of the handcuffs, then in fact there are two varieties of them: metal and leather handcuffs.

The metal handcuffs look very realistic, look great and add spice to your game. However, they also have a number of disadvantages. We do not recommend them for beginners, and here’s why:

  • can leave marks and scratches on the skin on the wrists and ankles
  • you need to keep the key in sight at all times or have a spare just in case
  • the lock at the right moment can “stick” and you will not be able to release the partner at the moment when he needs it
  • they quickly lose their appearance, bend and scratch during use
  • the lock mechanism weakens over time and during the game they can be unfastened, because we should not forget that they are only a theatrical attribute, and not a special means of restriction used in the professional activities of the police.

Leather cuffs for arms and legs are the most preferred option, which has more pluses than minuses and is suitable not only for “experienced” experienced players, but also for vanilla beginners and just couples who decide to diversify their sexual relationships.

The advantages of BDSM leather handcuffs are the appearance itself and the wide variety of models that can be fixed in different ways, not to mention the huge selection of colors and designs. But that’s not all of their “pluses”, here are the main ones:

  • the skin looks especially exciting and looks erotic on the body (just imagine patent leather cuffs with shiny carabiners and chains)
  • genuine leather is a practical material that will last you a long time, it takes into account the anatomical features of a person, is pleasant when touching the body (many models have an inner layer of soft suede)
  • leather handcuffs does not leave marks after prolonged use
  • easy to combine with other BDSM accessories and harness products (leg garters, leather underwear, crotchless panties, full body harness, strap-on and chokers)
  • they are securely fixed, but at the same time they can also be easily removed from the partner
  • ease of use and maintenance of the product
  • versatility (one set, if desired, can be used by both men and women)
  • many mounting options (hands in front, behind, boar pose and everything that your imagination is capable of)
  • affordable price.

How to Choose Handcuffs for a Beginner

For those who are not yet familiar with BDSM toys, we advise you to pay attention to patent leather handcuffs with a suede inner layer. They will look beautiful and sexy on your wrists, like an expensive accessory. You will feel comfortable in them and will be able to act out any scene of your game.

The handcuffs made of genuine leather belt are more versatile, look very realistic, suitable for more advanced ones.

When choosing, pay attention to the stock of holes in the adjustment straps and the quality of the metal fittings. Also important is the presence of additional clamps (single or double-sided carabiners and X-shaped attachments, a combination of garter belt set and chains, etc.) that will give you more options to restrict the movement of a partner.

A bondage kit can be an excellent solution: you can use its individual parts, or you can wear it as a whole, limiting your arms and legs at the same time. Such kits include belts, handcuffs, tight garter, ankle cuffs, a choker with a leash and various types of straps for fixing.

How to use correctly

To get the most out of BDSM toys and not harm each other during the role-playing game, you need to follow the most basic rules:

  1. Mutual agreement between partners on the use of fetishes for sexual play.
  2. Rules for fixing on a partner – only on allowed areas of the body and only for a certain time
  3. “Code word” by which you can stop the game and remove the limiters
  4. Correctly selected model and material

Where could I buy

The expanses of the world wide web are full of sites of sex shops that offer different models of handcuffs at different prices. We advise you to give preference to trusted brands that guarantee you not only timely delivery, but also the quality of the product, a guarantee of compliance with your parameters.

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