5 Hidden Gems of Budapest that Most Tourists Never See

Ah, Budapest, one of the most widely visited cities in Europe. The capital of Hungary is known to be a tourist hot spot and although 2024 didn’t allow for many traveling opportunities, 2024 is definitely going to be the year for this amazing city filled with hidden gems. If Budapest is not on your bucket list yet, we suggest adding it, and moving it a few places up to the top.

When it comes to visiting Europe, there’s a lot of things to see and do. But, if the roads ever take you towards Hungary, you’ll never be able to forgive yourself unless you visit the capital of Hungary. And no, it’s not all hype or an overrated tourist destination. This place has a lot to show, and today we’re here to prepare you for your upcoming journey scheduled for as soon as this pandemic comes to an end.

They say one day is not enough for Budapest, but in all honesty, not even a week is enough to fully explore the city. After all, we’re here to talk about hidden gems, not the mainstream locations everybody knows about. In case you were once here and you missed these, now’s the right time to correct that mistake. Let’s take a look.

1. The Rudas Baths – A wonderful place for relaxation


If you don’t really like the “buzzing” hotspots where countless tourists line up to see or do something, then the Rudas baths are the right place for you. This is a quiet place and it’s an absolute paradise both for your body and your soul. Even if you are not a person who regularly does something like this, you’ll love the baths. It’s a thermal bath meaning that you can visit it during the winter, don’t worry about the temperature of the water. Don’t confuse this place with the Szechenyi Baths, which is indeed the more popular variant and isn’t really considered a “hidden” gem.

Uhm, we hope you’re open-minded and ready for the nakedness because there will certainly be a lot of people wearing no clothes here. But, worry not, the atmosphere is pleasant and everyone is there only to have good fun. When purchasing your ticket you can choose what place you’re buying an entrance pass for. Oh, and did we mention that info-budapest is a website where you can learn everything about the city, check prices and acquire all sorts of information that guarantees to make your stay in Budapest better?

2. The Beer Spa – Bath yourself in beer


Are you a fan of beer? If the answer is yes, you’re a fan of this place as well. It’s close to the baths, but not the baths we mentioned above. This place is actually close to the Szechenyi Thermal Baths. But, worry not. You don’t have to pay an entrance for the baths in order to have a beer at the beer spa. Wait, we still didn’t mention the most important part of the entire experience. You’re not bathing in water. You’re not bathing in water and drinking beer. You’re bathing in beer and drinking beer. It sounds way too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, it is true, and it’s available in Budapest. The entrance fee isn’t that high actually. This place falls into the category of “affordable things to do in Budapest”, so let’s take a look where you can spend the rest of your money.

3. The chain of underground caves – Exploration


If you like to go on adventures, well, you won’t find anything more exciting to do than this particular activity. Budapest has a huge chain of underground caves that you can explore with a professional tour guide next to you, telling you all sorts of interesting facts about the places you’re witnessing at the moment. These caves are beautiful and all of them are different, so you’ll truly have an unforgettable experience. We don’t really want to spoil it for you so let’s just leave it at that, you have to visit this place.

You’ll have to wear safety gear in order to proceed into the caves, but it’s nothing uncomfortable or strange, just a bodysuit and a helmet for your own protection. If your helmet doesn’t fit properly, you can always get it changed.

4. The invisible exhibition – An unforgettable experience


This place is probably the best thing you’ll ever see. Or, “seeing” it may not be the best word for it. Jokes aside, it’s a really cool experience and it will teach you about the way blind people feel. The guides there are blind and you will learn about how they live and what some of the obstacles they face on a daily basis are. It’s an eye-opening experience and something that’s definitely worth the money. Make sure to visit it as not many people do, simply because they don’t know it exists.

5. The Szabo Ervin Library – A place of culture


Last but not least, we have the Szabo Ervin Library, a place where you can learn a lot about how they used to keep books in the past, witness great architecture, take breathtaking photos for social media and a lot more. If you end up purchasing a ticket you can go inside on a tour and check some of the rooms out. It’s truly amazing and it doesn’t cost all that much, so if you have some extra time, why not?


Culture, nightlife, intriguing lifestyle and beautiful architecture is only a part of what Budapest has to offer to the tourists. Ever wondered why this location is so popular amongst those who decide to visit Europe? Well, now’s the right time to find out. In the article above we listed five hidden gems that you can uncover and have the time of your life in case you ever visit the capital of Hungary. Ranging from the Buda Castle and going all the way to the Holocaust Memorial Center, we’ve covered it all.