How Long Does It Take To Get The RBS Certification?

Almost all the premises that serve alcohol and related beverages in California have been subjected to strict regulations since July 1, 2024. The rule states that these servers must own a valid RBS or Responsible Beverage Service Certification to continue serving alcohol.

One can now obtain the RBS training certification by enrolling in an RBS training course approved by the state where you reside. The state-approved course for the Responsible Beverage Service training program is $13 approximately. Besides, the students will also need to excel in a final state exam that contains 25 questions. The minimum percentage required to pass the exam is 70%. Once you obtain your RBS training number, the rbs certification is valid for about three years.

Listed below are a few aspects that will assist you in serving such beverages safely as well as responsibly.

Can You Serve Alcohol in California Without Any Restrictions?

You can serve alcohol in California only if you adhere to the rules and regulations of the region you reside in. One of the most important rules is that an individual must be more than 21 years old to serve such beverages in the state. For restaurants and bars serving alcoholic drinks in California, employees who are aged between 19 and 21 years can serve alcohol. However, they are forbidden from pouring alcoholic beverages.

From July 1, 2024, all the managers, bartenders, and helpers need to own a valid RBS Certification approved by the region’s authorities. Employees who haven’t enrolled in an RBS certification program now own any approved license and are forbidden from serving or selling alcoholic beverages. Employees interested in taking the course will be granted approximately two months to enroll and pass the examinations invigilated by the state.

What Documents Do You Need To Serve Alcohol Legally In California?

Starting from the first day of July, the servers must fulfill a few criteria before continuing in their respective fields. You can consider going through the below-mentioned criteria to get greater insight.

  1. The beverage server should be more than the age of 21 years.
  2. The serve should own an approved RBS certification besides excelling in the state exam.
  3. After passing the state exam, the server will be given a unique RBS certification number required when filling out approved forms from the state.

Who Is In Charge Of The RBS Training Certification Program?

Laws related to alcohol or similar beverages in California are regulated by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). This authority develops and implements various training programs related to California’s Responsible Beverage Service Training Program.

Remember that customers usually look for companies that adhere to particular ethical standards. Many local consumers opt for companies or servers that follow safe community engagement practices. Today, the RBS training is the most important and recognized Alcohol Server Certification program approved in California.

What Features And Facilities Does The RBS Training Program Cover?


To serve alcoholic beverages legally, the servers need to enroll in an RBS Training program. This state-approved certification program educates servers on numerous aspects besides opening new opportunities in the bartending field.

Apart from that, the course is designed to help you learn your customers’ requirements and connect with them differently. A few topics that you will cover in the training program are listed below for your convenience.

  1. The job responsibilities of the beverage server.
  2. Safe and responsible practices to follow when on duty.
  3. The social and physiological impacts of consuming excess alcohol.
  4. The adverse effects of alcohol on the human body.
  5. The tricks as well as the tools required to prevent serving beverages underage or intoxicated customers.

What Strategies Should You Follow To Pass Your RBS Certification Program?

One of the most important things you must do is enroll in a state-approved RBS program today. After you complete your training, you will need to give a state exam. In a month, you will be allowed a maximum of three attempts, besides a minimum passing percentage of 70%.

After you have excelled in your state exam, the ABC department of California will issue a unique RBS certificate number on the official RBS portal. You will need to present this unique RBS number when looking for a job or whenever asked to.

This number will prove your valid certification program, especially during an investigation or an inspection. If your business or employee does not have an RBS Certificate, they may be subjected to strict disciplinary actions.

You can opt for an online RBS training course as well. This learning process is self-paced, and one can complete these courses at their speed. Many students usually take two or more hours to complete the foundational level.

Is An RBS Training Program Worth It?

Yes! An RBS Certification can provide an exemplary message which sets your business apart from the others in the industry. It verifies the fact that your company, employee, or trainee alcohol server is playing a crucial role in keeping society safe and secure.

This course can also benefit your company, increasing total productivity and efficiency. By incorporating best practices, an RBS training program can help you deal with the present dysfunctionalities of the industry and develop innovative and safe solutions.


The RBS training programs are usually offered by companies and businesses that serve alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the employees or trainees only sometimes need to pay for this program. If you are planning to serve beverages and alcohol in this region, you should be prepared to fulfill the state’s new requirements. To learn more about the RBS certification program and the current regulations governing the serving of alcohol, you can visit the official RBS portal.