Energy Efficient Windows for Window Replacement

Windows enhance the look of your home, are used to ventilate and let light in, and play a key role in regulating the heat in the house. Besides the looks, when doing window replacement, people should also consider energy efficiency. An energy-efficient window will help you reduce energy consumption in your home. The more energy-efficient your window is, the more it will be able to keep heat in the house, and the less you will spend on monthly energy bills.

Given the many types of energy-efficient windows available in the market, it is essential for the homeowners to know what to look for in each window when shopping for. In this guide by NorthTech Windows and Doors, we will take you through those details. The best window replacement project is the one with energy-efficient windows! Check more here.

1) The Number of Panes

The number of window panes differs in different windows. Some have double-glazing (two panes), while others have triple-glazing (three panes). Some of them also have one pane. The double and triple glazings have gas, mostly argon, between the panes that act as an insulator. These added panes have an advantage over the single pane because they offer an additional security layer. This is because it is not easy to break a double or triple pane. They also act as noise insulators. The more the number of panes, the more the advantages.

The cost with added panes is higher than that of single panes. This is so because of the added advantages they come with. If your home has a single-pane, you can add another layer of glass. This will be less costly than buying a double glazed window. Although adding another layer makes it a double-glazing, the heat efficiency level is different. You can also increase heat efficiency by adding layers of your curtains.

2) Energy-efficient Materials

When doing window replacement, choose energy-efficient materials. As much as the glass matters, the window frames play a crucial role in energy efficiency too. Wood, fiberglass, and composite frames are suitable for energy-efficient materials. They do not conduct heat, and so they will keep your house warm. Other materials like aluminum conduct heat, meaning during hot days, and your house will attract so much heat from outside. It is not advisable to use frames made of aluminum if you want energy efficiency windows.

3) Replacing Windows

Window replacement using energy-efficient ones tends to cost more than when using typical windows, which discourages many people from going for them. It may seem expensive at the moment, but it is an investment worth your coin. Some of the reasons you can consider replacing your windows are if the locks have stopped working, they do not have double glazing, the window panes are broken, and if they have stayed there for more than twenty years. If yours fall under any of the mentioned categories, it is time you considered replacing.

4) Low Emissivity Window

They are also called Low-E windows. These can be more energy efficient even more than the double glazed ones. They have a metal coating on a plastic film between the pane and the glass, allowing short-wave radiations from the sun into the house. The metal coating is usually invisible with a naked eye, and it acts as an insulator. The thicker the metal, the higher the energy efficiency, and the thinner the metal, the less the energy efficiency.

5) Are energy-efficient Windows Costly?

The amount you will pay for an energy-efficient window will depend on the frame materials, the window’s size, and its design. Double panes cost more than single panes, while triple-pane windows are even more expensive. Windows made of fiberglass will cost more than those made of aluminum because those made of aluminum are not energy efficient. Fiberglass and wood are good heat insulators and are more costly than vinyl and aluminum. So many things come into play to determine the cost of window replacement.

6) Compare Many Quotes

When doing window replacement, pick many quotations and compare them. You can call the companies and hear each of them out, ticking on the best deals. Let them also know that you are weighing between many options. Remember, you get what you pay for, so don’t be deceived by the lowest quotations. Their work might not be that quality.

The best energy-efficient window types

There are different energy efficient windows available in the market that you can get for your home. All of them have different features from the ones mentioned above. So here is the list of the top 5 window types.

1) High-performance R-5 type

These windows have high insulating properties and that’s what makes them energy efficient. They are perfect for both cold and hot regions. Furthermore, if you live in a mixed temperature region, these windows are perfect for you. Thus, you can save around 30 percent of your energy cost.

2) Fiberglass sliders

These window types are best for limited space. If you are a fan of casement windows, they are the best alternative to them. You can use them in your kitchen. These windows are best in terms of durability and strength. The latest fiberglass technology has been used here that makes them durable. And it is not just the durability that makes them best, but they are also virtually indestructible. Moreover, these are also shattered resistance.

3) EcoExcel type

These windows are highly effective in terms of energy conservation and electricity bill reduction. The energy efficiency varies with the season. For example, during the summer, you can reduce 70 percent of your electricity bill. Furthermore, during the winter, energy efficiency is 45 percent more than the dual-pane glass used.

4) 3D energy type

In terms of design, framework and glaze, these windows are suitable for every region. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions in your area before considering them.

5) Light deflecting type

High-performance glass is used in this type, which has been insulated by argon gas. Thus, it does not even increase the weight and also gives your home the needed insulation. This glass works by deflecting the sunlight and, therefore, prevents condensation. So you will have the complete option of customization of design.