How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Refrigerator?

Lifting your refrigerator will strain your back. It is a “mission impossible” that you should not attempt to do on your own. After all, it can strain your back and shoulders, leading to severe injuries. In addition, you don’t have proper techniques and tools like a furniture removal service. In some cases, it is best to hire a professional such as everyone over at Jiffy Junk.

Remember, apart from being heavy; your refrigerator contains tons of chemicals. Thus, transporting it elsewhere can be quite difficult. Furthermore, you must abide by specific disposal methods in accordance with environmental protocols. Hence, leave refrigerator and furniture removal to the pros. Do you want to know more about this service? Well, keep reading below.

How Does It Work?

Hiring the pros means you rely on professionals that can responsibly dispose of your unwanted refrigerator. Check out this process which is part of the furniture removal service of a junk company:

  • Call or email the company about a quote since prices depend on your location.
  • Don’t forget to include the refrigerator model because the size can also impact the price as larger appliances are more difficult to extract.
  • Schedule an appointment if you find the quotation acceptable.
  • Wait for the technicians to come and collect the refrigerator.

The refrigerator removal costs somewhere between an average of $50 to $150. In addition, these larger appliances contain freon gas which threatens the environment. Thus, you must hire a professional refrigerator and furniture removal company. Since you will be welcoming strangers inside your house, you want a fully-vetted team you can trust.

Why This Service is a MUST

Since refrigerators contain freon to maintain the cold temperature, you need a proper junk removal service. After all, freon holds high toxicity levels that can harm the earth. When this gas leaks, it can contribute to the following:

  • Worsen the greenhouse effect
  • Damage the ozone layers
  • Exacerbate global warming

When you no longer have a usable fridge, calling a professional appliance and furniture removal company should be prioritized. This assures that salvageable parts like metal, glass, and plastic will be recycled. At the same time, the service ascertains that dangerous chemicals like freon get disposed of safely.

What to Look For In a Junk Removal Service

You will find many junk and furniture removal services in the market. However, you must remember that they are not all created equal. Besides, the cheapest choice doesn’t always work out as the best choice. You must take note of the following when narrowing down your prospective company:

1.   Transparent Pricing

Work with a company that offers transparent pricing. This should include the following details:

  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Labor
  • Transport service

Hence, you must find a company that provides a proper estimate. With this approach, you won’t get surprised when you receive the invoice.

2.   Environment Friendly

Choose a company that prioritizes keeping the environment safe. Ask them what they do with the stuff they remove and haul away. You want a company that:

  • Reuses
  • Recycles
  • Donates
  • Resells
  • Re-purposes

Whenever possible, the company you keep must do those mentioned above to all the things you dispose of. This approach proves to be the safest for the environment. You don’t want all your trash hanging out in the landfill where it takes years to biodegrade.

3.   Trustworthy Service

You want to work with a company you can trust. After all, appliance and furniture removal mean having workers in your home. Firstly, you want a legit and licensed team on your property. They will respect your time and arrive on schedule. Secondly, they ensure they won’t damage your home and other belongings. Above all, they offer insurance in case anything untoward happens. To find a great team, do the following:

Ask for word-of-mouth recommendations from family or friends

  • Check the official website
  • Read online reviews and testimonials
  • Seek past client referrals from the company

How to Know It is Time to Replace the Fridge

Changing your old fridge to a new one requires a significant monetary investment. Thus, it’s not something you can be flippant with. When your old one is not completely dead, you may feel unsure about upgrading to a new model. Consider the following signs that indicate you must switch to a new fridge.

1.   Uneven Temps

If your food inside fails to freeze or constantly spoils, it means your temperature settings no longer perform well. Without a consistent temperature, your refrigerator does not do its job. Thus, you must opt for refrigerator removal and replacement.

2.   Produces Lots of Condensation

Do you frequently see beads of liquid or puddles in and outside your fridge? When your refrigerator is constantly sweating, something is wrong. It means the seals around the doors constantly fail. Moreover, it shows that you could have a problem with the fridge condenser.

3.   Overheats

Assess if your refrigerator overheats by feeling the back and sides. If high temperatures emanate from the area, it means your fridge is overworking. In addition, the heat shows a problem with insulation around the coils. Thus, you must consider changing the unit as it is a fire hazard. Moreover, it can also cause electric shocks.

4.   Sky-Rocketing Energy Bills

If you have an old fridge, it may already be inefficient. Older models consume more electricity because of the design. On top of that, older machines generally overwork and consume more power. So for best results, purchasing a newer Energy Star model must be prioritized.

5.   No Longer Fits The Lifestyle

If your fridge can no longer accommodate your family’s needs because it is too small, you must consider a replacement. Thus, upgrading to a fridge with a bigger volume can help conserve resources. This means you can minimize gas expenses because you can purchase more things in one go.

Parting Words On Refrigerator Furniture Removal

Remember, when it is time, go discard your old fridge, don’t just leave it on the sidewalk with the rest of your trash. Your garbage collector will most likely not take it in the first place because it is oversized. So instead, call a professional appliance and furniture removal company to take your fridge away. They will responsibly recycle the usable parts and discard the damaged materials responsibly to protect the environment.