5 Reasons Why Emojis Are Important in Today’s Digital Age

It is incredible to witness our society grow in different technologies for convenience. We must admit that the internet is now a big part of our lives, especially social media. Other social media apps are fun, and it keeps everyone updated with the latest news, events, and gossip. It is also a way for friends, loved ones, and even strangers to connect and build relationships despite the long distance. Fortunately, people have access to emojis to have more to say than just plain words.

The web and app developers introduced emojis in the 2010s to the rise of social media. It is timely because people get to talk using symbolism, and they can also use face emojis to express their emotions. Websites like EmojiGuide.com are there to help anyone understand the depth and meaning of every existing emoji. If you are curious about why emojis changed the game in social media, then continue reading this article.

1.  Emojis Present Good Visuals


We cannot deny that sometimes we cannot fully express our feelings through words, especially when it is not in person. Composing lengthy explanations to friends and family through a messaging app can be tiring, and it can also be time-consuming, which we do not need because of the fast-paced society. It might be the time to utilize those emojis. These cute digitized icons are accessible to everyone who has a smartphone. So you can use it all the time without worrying about payment.

The different emojis are great visual representations of our emotions. You can already convey messages even with one to three emojis combined. And most of your friends and family will understand your message.

2.  Emojis Can Express More Than Words Can

Even if it has been said many times already, it is nice to know how emojis are convenient and fast to have a conversation. Sending an anxious face emoji to your friend without word context is already understood. If you drop an ambulance emoji to one of your family members, they can immediately know that you need medical attention. If you send an airplane emoji to your friend group chat, they can already identify that you are inviting them on a trip somewhere. All you have to do is wait for them to come along.

But we must admit that words are essential, especially when trying to clarify things and explain stuff to others. Thankfully, emojis can also help out with that. Dropping different emojis in chat conversations can bring a more meaningful and sincere message so that your loved ones will understand you more. So make sure to utilize the emojis for a more open-minded and deep connection with others.

3.  Emojis Make Every Conversation More Fun


The emoji list is continuously expanding because everyone has grown to have fun using these in chat messages and social media posts. Different companies and businesses are using emojis to market their products and services. Meaning these emojis are becoming relatable to the masses. The bottom line is that emojis make everything more fun. With all the world’s challenges, we need to find some light in different aspects of our lives. While the internet and social media can be serious, they can also be fun platforms. That is why everyone is free to express their humor and positive thoughts with the help of emojis. The party face emoji, red heart emoji, sunflower emoji, and the party popper emoji are just some of the many emojis that convey positive energy.

Sending a Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes Emoji to your crush as you ask them out can express more sincerity. And giving away a hugging face emoji can help comfort someone in a low mood. Dropping a glass of wine emoji to your romantic partner can mean inviting them to an intimate dinner. There are so many things you can do with emojis.

4.  Some Emojis Represent Different Cultures


Another reason why people adore emojis is that they can represent different cultural symbolism too. Every country has a rich culture, and some cultural symbols are popular worldwide. Japan’s culture is famous enough for some of its prominent symbolism in the emoji list. The cherry blossom flower emoji represent the beautiful pink flowers that grow in winter and spring. The Shinto Shrine emoji conveys that Japan has a rich ancient history that everyone admires.

Another country that has a significant history is China. Thanks to emojis, some Chinese representations are familiarized worldwide. The take out box emoji represent Chinese take out foods like noodles, dumplings, and fried rice. The golden moon cake emoji symbolizes the mid-autumn festival in China, which is an important Chinese tradition.

There are a lot more cultural symbolism emojis you can find, and you can use them whenever you post your pictures once you travel to those places.

5.  Emojis Allow Creatives to Explore New Ideas

We are lucky to grow in a generation where career opportunities are expanding. There are jobs now that we have never heard of before, which is a good thing. It gives every person the chance to make a career out of their abilities, especially the people from the arts, where career opportunities are pretty limited compared to corporate jobs. Since emojis are one of the trendy things on the internet and social media, it will allow its creators and developers to come up with more emojis. Notice how each year, there are new sets of emojis released? That is thanks to the creative innovation of graphic designers working for these huge operating system companies. Who knows, maybe you might be the next emoji creator?

Final Thoughts


We must admit that we cannot live without emojis, and our social life depends on our use of these cute digitized icons. Having emojis and using them to message friends and family will make every conversation more engaging and exciting.