How AI is Easing Our Daily Lives

Artificial Intelligence is a wondrous invention of recent times. Yet, despite its avant-garde state, this technology has taken over the world by storm. What is AI, anyway? Artificial Intelligence or AI is a hub of computers, which mimic human intelligence and behavioral patterns. Doing so, these machines undertake tasks that would have otherwise been performed by humans and even streamline them to make our lives easier, convenient, and hassle-free.

AI technology communicates and works over the internet, in most cases. Fortunately, internet access has become quite common, these days. You can find the best AI-powering connectivity in the market, offered by top-of-the-line companies near you. See it here for yourself. Coming back to AI, this innovative technology holds a lot of potential for turning our everyday activities around. Here are all the ways AI is already easing our daily lives:

Personalized Curation

Millions of online users visit social media platforms on a daily basis. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn hold a real engagement power. Users can create profiles, upload vacation photos, add friends, and most importantly, scroll through their social media feeds to ward off boredom. Artificial Intelligence plays its part on social media, as well. Its Machine Learning technology picks up on the kind of posts that you like and the types of people you add as friends, etc. After this, AI customizes your social media feed to suit your personalized taste. It curates posts that may resonate with you and suggests new friends under “People You May Know.” This eliminates all the unnecessary content that you may have to tackle, making your social networking time worthwhile.

In the same way, Netflix integrates Artificial Intelligence into its search engine to analyze your viewing habits based on your ‘recently watched’ history and to give you content recommendations of the TV shows and movies that you may like. What’s surprising is that its recommendations are usually on point.

That’s not all. The feed recommendations you see while shopping on Amazon list out certain products on the side that you may not even know you needed in the first place, but end by buying ultimately. Suppose you’ve been searching for the perfect coffee maker to warm up your winters. The smart AI algorithms of the largest online retailer may start showing you accessories that go perfectly well with your desired coffee maker, thus, facilitating you in ways that you wouldn’t think possible.

Smart Home Automation

One of the most apparent ways in which AI eases your daily life is through smart home automation. Smart utility devices like smart thermostats automatically adjust the temperature of the house to suit your preference and help you save up on energy consumption. Similarly, smart appliances like smart vacuum cleaners sweep the rooms clean on their own without external input. Smart security gadgets like smart motion sensors alert you instantly through push notifications if there is suspicious activity inside or outside your residence. The list goes on.

All these smart home devices have computerized chips embedded in them that work along with the principles of machine learning. Their built-in AI tech helps these smart home gadgets to communicate with each other and to learn new patterns, so they can make your life more convenient than it already is.

Moreover, you can control the smart gadgets in your house remotely through their designated mobile apps, or by simply saying the commands out load to your AI assistant, such as Amazon Alexa, which will take care of everything for you.

Expert Navigation

Nowadays, there is a proliferation of vehicles on the roads around the clock, which may worsen things for you, especially if you’re running late. Google Maps and its AI helps you locate the perfect route, so you can reach your destination in time. This advanced technology communicates with traffic control centers and road-monitoring cameras to show you the real-time traffic situation and give you weather updates. It also suggests the routes through which you can avert the road jams or gridlocks in the best way.

Not only that, if you don’t know a certain route, AI navigation will lay out the whole map for you along with directions, which Siri or Google Assistant may even articulate verbally, so you can listen to them which maneuvering your vehicle and stay focused on the road ahead.

Health Monitoring

It is important to stay fit in this world, ravaged by the pandemic. Lucky for us, Artificial Intelligence takes care of the healthcare dimension, as well. An example of this would be the smartwatch you wear on your wrist. This smart device not only counts your steps, gives you the time, or links 24/7 with your smartphone, but also scans your biodata including heart rate, keeps an eye on it, and alerts you or your doctor in case of an emergency. Thus, by monitoring your health, AI ensures that you stay healthy and fit all day long.

Facial Recognition

Passwords are a thing of the past. Remembering the long, unique combinations of letters, symbols and numbers is nothing short of a drag. Artificial Intelligence steps in with its three-dimensional scanning technology and relieves you from the struggle of typing in passwords every time you have to unlock your phone or laptop. Apple’s FaceID software maps your facial features through thousands of infrared dots and stores the data in the device, so the moment you attempt to unlock your phone, this AI recognizes your face, matches it with the stored map, and opens it for you in the blink of an eye, provided you are the authorized user.

The Final Word

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that Artificial Intelligence is the future of this world. With the pace at which it is currently traversing and integrating into our lives, you can be sure to find AI implemented on a larger scale soon. AI brings a promise of next-level connectivity and convenience, automating menial tasks and elevating human labor towards epic progression. This post points out the most common ways AI eases up our daily lives, so if you haven’t invested in this technology yet, we suggest you do it to secure your place in the hyper-digitalized future.