The Making of New Mobile Pixels Trio: Behind-the-Scenes of Innovation

In the digital age, in 2024, a single-screen setup is no longer enough for productivity. At least not for professionals who are into graphics and gaming, who write lines upon lines of code and text, who refer to multiple sources to make informed decisions about their work—basically anyone who needs to multitask to stay on top of all of their tasks.

That’s why the Mobile Pixels Trio laptop screen extender has been such a hit. From conceptualization to design and manufacturing, creating this innovative accessory is truly an upgrade of its predecessor and a true masterpiece in the tech world. Join us as we take you behind the scenes.

TRIO and TRIO Max: A Tell-All Tale of the Supercharged Laptop Monitor That Ensnared Hearts

Garnering $443,202 from 937 backers (as of July 5, 2024), TRIO hit the market with a bang.

But the journey to creating this upgraded, 20% thinner and 1 pound lighter plug-and-play design was fraught with challenges—and we took them all in stride.

Starting with magnets, this all-in-one laptop extender provides users with supreme flexibility. Like the 2022 model, it has a magnetic mounting system that extends the workspace.

However, the magnets are optional in this new variant. You can swap them out in favor of the built-in kickstand to hold the weight of your laptop.

We’ve also skipped the clunky clips, using a second-stage sliding mechanism to hold the screens in place.

Through it, you can access all three modes of classic TRIO:

  • Landscape mode – You can use it as an extension of your screen to display different software, tabs, etc., or in mirrored form, making your triple-screen setup function as an ultra-wide setup.
  • Portrait mode – Detach the screen from the mounting system and use it as a standalone. The change in device orientation increases font sizes, giving you an easy way to browse and edit text.
  • Presentation mode – You just have to slide the screens out of their housing 180 degrees to the front, pivoting them about your primary monitor.

We’ve also sneaked in a collaboration mode, which allows you to move the laptop screen extenders all the way back, forming a triangle. So people sitting across or beside you can easily tackle projects as a team. The screens become completely hidden when collapsed, giving a clean, minimalist look you’ll love to work with.

This is on top of the portability you get with TRIO, which attaches and detaches from your primary monitor easily. You’ll be able to carry it without straining your back, and its durable build will ensure it won’t take on any significant wear and tear from all the jostling.

Don’t worry; its ultra-thin design won’t come at a cost to the screen. You have two options: 13.3” for 13 to 14-inch laptops and 14.1” for 15 to 17-inch laptops.

As for other upgrades, you can still enjoy multi-device compatibility with Mac (M1/M2), Windows, and Linux laptops, but with a USB-C DisplayPort.

The screens now feature IPS displays for better performance owing to high pixel density. This has improved clarity and viewing angles, so it will cater to many professionals from various backgrounds.

Its best use case is to increase productivity.

Tackling Risks and Challenges

Bringing the TRIO to life has had its fair share of challenges. But, with our flagship product DEUX launched in 2018, we had an established audience for TRIO.

We collected many pointers from triple monitor users worldwide. We also had the real-world usage experience and insight required to see this project to completion.

We identified the problem and tackled it by partnering with leading manufacturing and fulfillment businesses worldwide.

As screen extenders draw power from the main screen, which can strain its battery over the long haul, we also equipped this brand-new TRIO with pass-through charging capabilities. This means you can charge your laptop from any stable energy source while using your three-screen setup for next-level convenience.

Safe to say, our determination to create the most impactful portable setup brought a whole new world of possibilities, giving users—particularly coders, graphic designers, and stock bros—precisely what they need to thrive in their competitive industries.

Get Your TRIO Today

Whether you’re looking for productivity tools to work on the go, a setup that allows you to do more in less time, or shared with your teammates for next-level collaboration, any version of TRIO will be an asset in your arsenal.