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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Child’s Backpack

When it comes to choosing the perfect backpack for your child, it’s important to look beyond aesthetics – no matter how much how much pressure you come under to buy the one with their favorite cartoon character emblazoned across the front! By also considering how their backpack impacts their comfort, health and safety, you can make an informed choice that ensures your child has a positive and safe experience that keeps them not only safe, but also happy, as they wear their backpack in the years to come.

1. Size

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It might sound obvious but choosing a backpack that aligns with your child’s physical development is crucial! Too small, and it won’t hold everything they need to carry, but too large, and there is a risk it could cause strain on their back and shoulders – and of course, result in them being reluctant to use it.

Consider when and where you child will most use their new backpack in order to work out the optimum size. If it’s for school, what needs to fit inside? If it’s just their snack for breaktime and a small pencil case, then there’s no point investing in something that could hold a week’s worth of clothes! Equally, if they’re in high school and need to take their books and PE kit, it’s important to find something with a large enough capacity, so they’re not having to cram everything tightly in each morning!

Of course, the age and size of your child also impacts the size of backpack they can carry, which brings us onto….

2. Weight distribution

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If you know the feeling of achy, tired shoulders the day after lugging a heavy backpack, you’re probably keen that your child doesn’t experience it with their new backpack! Choosing a well-designed backpack that distributes evenly across your child’s back means a lower risk of strains and discomfort, along with added protection for their developing spines.

Teaching your child how to pack their backpack, with heavier items placed in the center and lighter items towards the outside will not only protect their backs, but also help nurture organizational skills!

3. Pockets, pockets and more pockets!

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The key to staying organized, is finding a backpack your child can easily navigate through. Separate compartments for their snacks and notebooks is not only hygienic, it minimizes the risk of finding a moldy apple down the line! It will also make it easier for your child to access what they need, without emptying the backpack’s entire contents all over the floor. You can find kids backpacks here that include not only fun designs that are sure to appeal to children, but also models that foster good organization skills.

4. Think about visibility

If your little one is going to be walking home in the winter or after dark, it’s important to consider reflective elements that add to keeping them safe. As well as reflective strips, brightly colored bags make your child stand out to cars, too. What’s more, bright colors aren’t just more visible to others; when your child is hunting through a pile of backpacks in the schoolyard, they’ll spot theirs easily!

When it comes to choosing a child’s backpack, it’s not a case of finding the cheapest or the one that appeals the most aesthetically. By choosing a quality backpack that is comfortable to use and easy to keep organized, you’ll make sure your child can focus on learning, not on discomfort or losing their things!