The Waist Trainer Phenomenon: What Science Says About Its Effectiveness

Corsets have been worn for several centuries. But the reason behind wearing this has been shifted from originally concealing the majority of a woman’s figure between her breasts and hips to now accentuating the voluptuous hips and sexy hourglass figure.

Hence these waist trainers have become a trend that has recently swept over the Internet and social media. For now, every girl strives to achieve those celebrity bodies with perfect hourglass shapes like the Kardashians or Madonna and hopes to achieve for themselves, like a dream coming true.

What Science Says About The Effectiveness Of The Waist Trainer?

Could wearing these waist trainers help people attain that desired body naturally? Let’s find out scientifically:

Calorie Curb Through Constriction


One way to cut the intake of calories in your body is said to have a smaller vessel to contain it. A tiny stomach implies a reduced meal capacity, which might help you control your hunger and consume fewer quantities.

Although for maintaining the weight, clothing anything snug around your midriff may help you feel fuller faster, lowering your calorie consumption. However, because waist trainers are so uncomfortable, you’re unlikely to be sporting them long enough to notice a shift in your eating habits.

In fact, due to the unpleasantness, just under a quarter of the individuals eventually found themselves wearing them regularly, preventing the researchers from reaching any strong findings on that subject.

Is That Cinch Permanent


The lucrative shape-wear business and influential celebrities positioned these stomach-squishing items as essential for losing weight and shaping obstinate cores. But the fact is that the fat, tissue, and internal organs surrounding your mid-region will not be taught into a new position.

Many might argue that it would work just like braces on teeth, but the pressure from braces is exerting on teeth that are practically bones and can hence mold into desired positioning, while fat and flesh around the waist is something that can’t be destroyed or tamed like this.

Fat Loss With Targeted Sweating


Many times, it has been claimed that sweat or perspiration in the abdomen might help break down fatty tissue faster. But despite the claims made by many marketing industry waist trainers, the fact is that fat cannot be perspired away, just as it cannot be distributed another way just by pressure.

While in fact, any weight fluctuations you experience post-workout are most likely due to fluid loss from the body as water is sometimes retained in the body, which seems like a fat muffin.


In summary, no matter how much the big billion industry of weight training may allure you to believe that wearing a corset for a longer period may achieve that glamorous hourglass body, the truth is albeit different.

Some medications can aid in weight loss, but only the surgery can remove fat from a specific place. And for those, who cannot afford surgery, remember that even then, no matter what you’re wearing, it can’t hold everything into that desired shape forever, and it will steadily diminish all at once.