7 Child Safety Tips and Tricks for Real-Life Emergencies

The chances to get into some unpleasant situation, natural disaster, or even a terrorist attack are different throughout the whole world. However, even if you live in a country with very low or no chances for any of those occasions, it is always advisable to learn more about the necessary steps to help you deal with them. That is especially important if you have kids. You are not able to predict any of these situations in most cases. Therefore, you should always be prepared to keep your kids safe. You can also use additional steps for keeping your child safe by using a GPS tracker on its smartphone. You can search online to read more about this excellent feature.

Furthermore, you have to know that there are crimes in highly developed countries as well, and taking necessary precautions related to safety measures can help you be relaxed when your kids are not at home. Furthermore, it is also essential to educate your kids and introduce them to potential dangers outside. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most critical tips that can help you keep your child safe during emergencies.


1. Watch Over Your Kids in Public Places

The main issue related to walking with your kids in public places is that they are always so many attractions, stores, people you might know, and other distractions that might lead you to stop looking over your kids. The problem is those small kids could start running, collecting stuff from the streets, and other things that can cause problems. Therefore, you should always carry your child or hold its hands in crowded places and pay attention to its activities.

2. Look for Emergency Exits in Any Closed Area


There are all sorts of possible dangers in stores, shopping malls, official institutions, and other closed spaces. Therefore, the first precaution you should take is to find out where are the exits, emergency exits, fire escapes, and more. In case that there are riots, shootings, or a terrorist attack, you must find a good cover in the shortest time. Learning more about safe spaces in any area could save lives. Moreover, if someone attacks you when you are with your child, first and most importantly, create a proper distance between the attacker and your kid.

3. Don’t Run with the Crowd

The most common reaction of people during some emergency is panic and massive running to first doors. However, there is a high possibility for many people to get injuries if they fall during running where other people will run over that person. It can be crucial to stay concentrated on these occasions and step away from the mass that can injure your kids. Stay calm and find the best solution for a safe exit.

4. Levels of Precautions for Different Ages


Kids that are younger than 6 or 7 are still not able to understand any of the reasons for precautions and being careful. That is the main reason why you should never let them alone outside. However, you should start educating them from an early age about the importance of paying attention in public spaces, avoiding conversation with strangers, proper behavior while crossing the street, and much more. When you introduce them to all of these safety measures and ethical behavior, you can be less stressed when they reach the teenage period.

5. Focus on Suspicious Things

While the chances to predict some natural disaster like earthquakes, flooding, and more, are very low, there can always be a chance to envision a crime and violence by observing some factors. In most cases, there is a chance to notice when someone is preparing to commit a crime. For example, if someone is acting nervous in a public place or leave a package in an open location, that is a sign to immediately call the police and step away from that area as fast as you can.

6. Always Have a Plan

One of the best ways to act appropriately during any emergency is to educate yourself about the most efficient ways to keep your family safe. In that matter, you should create a plan related to different areas and different situations. Also, you must have a strategy for the occasion where your kids are alone during an emergency. You can memorize your number on their smartphones and set a fast dial option. Also, a GPS tracker is an excellent solution to take care of your kids even when you are not with them. However, instructing them on how to react in those cases can be crucial as well.

7. Stay Calm


People can make some reckless moves in case that they are panicking too much during emergencies. For example, they can miss the exit doors, fall on the ground, lose their kids in the crowd, and more. On the other hand, staying calm and focused on any accident will help you deal with it with less danger. For example, when there is an earthquake, many people will start running to the exit, which can affect the time needed for getting out. The same is with other accidents. There is a procedure for any of these occasions, and you should stick to it no matter what.

The Bottom Line

You should keep in mind that kids are much more vulnerable during emergencies. Also, they cannot take the right steps of protection, especially kids younger than 6 or 7. Another issue is that people quickly lose focus on their kids while walking in public places. In that matter, hold the hands of your kids and avoid checking your phone more often. There is always a safe spot in both open and closed areas, and you should pay attention to be prepared and cover your kids adequately. All of these tips and tricks can be crucial for the safety of both adults and children.