Steps For Becoming A Responsible Beverage Seller/Server In California

A responsible beverage seller and server is one liable person to avoid alcohol-related harm in society. They need to follow specific parameters while engrossing their business growth.

Alcohol is a licensed beverage, but overconsumption and illegal usage of these stiff drinks can severely damage society. So all those supplying or selling liquors should maintain minimum responsibility to regulate the misuse of the toxic part following specific rules and regulations imposed by the authorities.

Californian society is fond of partying. Not only that, but in every corporate meeting or any private party, alcohol is an inevitable part of socializing. Massive demand for stiff drinks needs some code of conduct to dodge the abuse in serving and consuming them.

Overlooking the alcohol regulating laws is a serious legal offense. So, it is better to understand the know-how of the legal part of the business before getting into it. As much profit is generated, the alcohol selling or serving is that much the risk and restraints involved.

Steps To Become A Responsible Beverage Seller/Server In California

Before entering the alcohol-selling market in California, USA, there are steps to follow. Each fresh supplier and salesperson of stiff drinks should be well-prepared and knowledgeable about the market’s dos and don’ts.

Step 1: Enroll Into An Authentic RBS Training Program

The California Legislative Assembly passed the RBS Training Act 1221 in 2017, which is a training program designed to regulate the abuse of alcohol and its illegal supply.

The bill demanded the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) start a training program called the Responsible Beverage Service Training Program (RBSTP), to assure that alcohol-serving people are educated about the adversity of selling alcohol to the minor age group or over-serving the drink to the regular consumer.

This training program apprises the trainees to serve liquor for on-premises consumption and control the damage caused by unapproved ways of alcohol use. Various authentic RBS training providers assist in attaining the ABC-accredited license to serve alcohol. Purchasing a reliable training program and undergoing training is the primary requirement.

Step 2: Register & Get A Server ID

Register under the California Department of Alcohol Control and get an ID. The ID is provided to those who create an account on their RBS portal. Fill out the KYC and receive the information despatched by the department regarding the exams and other license-related updates.

The portal has a list of approved RBS trainers. This list will help the servers to choose a suitable place to get the training. This online portal consists of tools to help attempt the ABC exam. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control circulates the exam dates and miscellaneous details regarding the license acquisition among the server ID holders.

The RBS training curriculum is approved by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, so all the training providers from the list have a standard version of the training syllabus that has a remarkable result.

Step 3: Complete The Training Program Successfully

Hand the ID to the trainers and start learning at one’s convenience. It is enough if the trainee could spend two hours per day studying. The server/seller course module of RBS training is divided into three significant divisions.

  • It educates the server/seller about the laws and regulations attached to the sales or serving of stiff drinks.
  • It wraps the societal influence of alcohol which is the civil or general liabilities of a server/seller.
  • It explains the self-obligation of serving alcohol to intoxicated people and the related risk, including the government impositions and cancellation of the ABC license.

Once the course is completed, the trainee will be well-versed with the laws and skilled to apply the legal points required to govern the liquor-selling business benefiting social wellness and harmony.

Step 4: Attempt Responsible Beverage Server Exam

After wrapping up the RBS training, the trainers will submit the details of one server’s course completion certificate to the Department of Alcoholic Control. Only after this step will one be eligible to attempt the exam. Since the RBS training program is self-paced, anybody can crack the exam easily.

The exams are held online via the portal of ABC. After cracking the exam the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control will provide the RBS certificate approved by them. Every on-site premise alcohol server and manager must have this certificate from an accredited training provider.

Every on-site premise alcohol server and manager must have this certificate from an accredited training provider. The servers must pass the ABC exam within 60 calendar days. The RBS exams are now available in multi-languages to comfort diverse language-speaking citizens from any nationality in California.

Who Are Accredited Training Providers Of RBS?

The training providers accredited by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control are qualified to train the servers for the RBS exam. This accreditation is done after verifying the curriculum of the training program.

The program verification is required to ensure the quality training of the server so that there is no further complication in the services rendered by the alcohol sellers/servers that will affect the social peace attached to the proper usage of alcohol consumption.

The accredited trainers do not work under the Department of ABC, nor are they affiliated with the ABC. Suppose the trainees have questions regarding the accuracy of the knowledge provided by any training providers or need help accepting the training methods supplied. In that case, they need to reach the training provider immediately.

Winding Up

Every business has its method of working in society. The law and judiciary have a set of points or guidelines for every company according to the risk involved. Alcohol is good until it is not the reason behind chaos and social indiscipline.

The stiff drinks may be fun but can create a mess if not managed properly. Thus, the alcohol sector is strictly controlled by the law and order of countries worldwide. As alcohol cannot be banned entirely from the world since it is a most significant income source for every nation, respective federal bodies can control it.

RBS exams have a valid reason to justify from a social point of view. It would be a blunder if an alcohol server /seller must be made aware of the basic rules or laws that may affect his service.