The Meaning of YNT – YNT means “Why Not?“. It is an internet acronym. What does YNT mean? YNT is an abbreviation that stands for “Why Not?”. Check the content shared below on this page to find out YNT definition and all the information related to acronym YNT in FAQ format.

What does YNT mean?

YNT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “Why Not?”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

The Meaning of YNT

YNT means “Why Not?”.

What is YNT?

YNT is “Why Not?”.

YNT Definition / YNT Means

The definition of YNT is “Why Not?”.

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Other terms relating to ‘not?’:
 A/N Author’s Note
 AIN’T Am not/are not/is not
 AINEC And It’s Not Even Close
 AINT Am not/are not/is not
 AN Author’s Note
 AON All Or Nothing
As Of Now
 BDN Busy Doing Nothing
 BING But It’s Not Google
 BION Believe It Or Not
 BLAH Nothing to say
 BNI Batteries Not Included
 BNR But Not Really
 BTN Better Than Nothing
 DAGGY Uncool, not trendy, untidy
 DINT Did not, didn’t
 DN Doing Nothing
 DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Did Not Attend
Does Not Apply
 DND Do Not Disturb
 DNE Do Not Erase
Does Not Exist
 DNF Did Not Finish
 DNFTT Do Not Feed The Troll
 DNK Do Not Know
 DNM Does Not Matter
Deep and Meaningful
 DNP Do Not Post
 DNR Do Not Resuscitate
 DNS Domain Name Service
Did Not Start
 DNW Do Not Want
 DWISNWID Do What I Say Not What I Do.
 FINO Failure Is Not an Option
 GBNF Gone But Not Forgotten
 GNU GNU’s Not Unix, Linux OS
 GUFN Grounded Until Further Notice
 HEADS UP Advance notice
 HENRY High Earner, Not Rich Yet
 HJNTIY He’s Just Not That Into You
 HWSNBN He Who Shall Not Be Named
 IANAD I Am Not A Doctor
 IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer (this is an uninformed opinion)
 ICBINB I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
 IDNK I Do Not Know
 IGNTS I’ve Got Nothing To Say
 IINM If I’m Not Mistaken
 IKN I Know Not
 IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
 INB I’m Not Bothered
 INRS It’s Not Rocket Science
 INS I’m Not Sure
 ITN I Think Not
 KNOT Roll of paper money
 LBDN Look Busy Doing Nothing
 LBNL Last But Not Least
 LNF Life’s Not Fair
 N/C Not Cool
 N2B Not Too Bad
 N2M Not Too Much
 NA Not Available
Not Applicable
Not Announced
 NAA Not At All
 NABD Not A Big Deal
 NAC Not A Chance
Not A Chain (letter)
 NADA Nothing
 NADDA Nothing
 NAGL Not A Good Look
 NALGO Not A Lot Going On
 NALOPKT Not A Lot Of People Know That.
 NAP Not A Problem
 NARU Not A Registered User
 NATM Not At The Moment
 NB Not Bad
Nota Bene (Latin for please note)
 NBT Nothing But Trouble
 NBTD Nothing Better To Do
 NEDM Not Even Doom Music
 NEET Not in Education, Employment or Training
 NEGL Not Even Gonna Lie
 NEI Not Enough Information
 NF Not Funny
 NFAA Not Funny At All
 NFS Not For Sale
 NFSW Not For Showing Wife
 NFY Not Fixed Yet
 NGH Not Gonna Happen
 NGL Not Gonna Lie
 NHFT Not Here For That
 NHN Not Here Now
 NIMBY Not In My Back Yard
 NITM Not In The Mood
 NITW Not In That Way
 NJ Not Joking
Nice Job
 NLI Not Logged In
 NMF Not My Fault
 NMHJC Not Much Happening Just Chilling
 NMJ Not My Job
 NMJC Not Much Just Chat
 NMJCU Not Much, Just Chillin’, U?
 NMO Not My Opinion
 NMP Not My Problem
 NMR Not My Responsibility
 NMS Not My Style
 NMT Not My Type
 NMU Not Much, You?
 NNITO Not Necessarily In That Order
 NOK Not Okay
No One Knows
 NOKD Not Our Kind, Dear
 NOP Not Our Problem
No Problem
 NOTA None Of The Above
 NOTB None Of Their Business
 NOTTIE Unattractive person, not a HOTTIE
 NOTW Not Of This World
 NOUT Nothing (northern UK)
 NOWT Nothing
 NQR Not Quite Right
 NSAW Not Saying A Word
 NSF Not Sufficient Funds
Not So Fast
 NSFA Not Safe For Anyone
 NSFL Not Safe For Life
 NSFTBC Not Sorry For The Broadcast
 NSFV Not Safe for Viewing/Vegetarians/Vegans
 NSFW Not Safe For Work
 NSM Not So Much
 NSN Not So Nice
 NTB Not That Bothered
Not Too Bad
 NTBCW Not To Be Confused With
 NTD Nothing To Do
 NTH Nothing
 NTM Not Too Much
Nothing Much
 NTR Nothing To Report
 NTS Nothing To Say
Note To Self
 NTSH Nothing To See Here
 NTTAWWT Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That
 NTTU Not Talking To You
 NTW Not To Worry
 NUFFIN Nothing
 NUN Nothing
 NVN Not Very Nice
 NVNG Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
 NWIM Not What I Mean
 NWS Not Work Safe – for messages/sites containing adult content
 NYB Not Your Business
 NYF Not Your Fault
 NYI Not Yet Implemented
 NYK Not Yet Known
Now You Know
 NYOB Not Your Own Business
 NYP Not Your Problem
 NYT Not Your Type
New York Times
 OCN Of Course Not
 OMGNA Oh My Gosh, Not Again
 ONNA Oh No, Not Again
 ONNTA Oh No, Not This Again
 OTN On That Note
 PICNIC Problem In Chair Not In Computer
 PIPS Easy, not difficult
 RYN Read Your Note
Regarding Your Note
 SCNR Sorry, Could Not Resist
 SN Screen Name
Side Note
 SNF So Not Funny
 SNH Sarcasm Noted Here
 SOOC Straight Out Of Camera (not Photoshopped)
 SORN Statutory Off Road Notification
 TABOO Forbidden, not talked about
 TAR Not very pure heroin
 THICK Well proportioned, not fat or skinny
 TINAG This Is Not A Game
 TINALO This Is Not A Legal Opinion
 TINAR This Is Not A Recommendation
 TINWIS That Is Not What I Said
 TISNF That is so not fair
 TLDNR Too Long; Did Not Read
 TMN Touch Me Not
 TNB There’s Nothing Better
 TNF That’s Not Funny
 TNLN Took Nothing Left Nothing
 TNOP Totally Not Our Problem
 TNOT Take Note Of That
 TNSL Took Nothing, Signed Logbook (geocaching)
 UNPC Not Politically Correct
 VEG Sit around and do nothing
 WANNABE Someone who wants to be what they are not
 WN Why Not?
What’s New?
 WONKY Weird, not right
 WTHN Why The Heck Not?
 WYLION Whether You Like It Or Not
 YANA You Are Not Alone
 YASNY You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
 YNW You’re Not Welcome
 ZILCH Nothing, zero