Virtues and Downsides of Modern Online Dating

The advent of the internet brought along with it many colossal changes to the way human beings live and function. A great many things which used to be done in person were transferred to the net and it almost seems like interpersonal connections are dwindling as our age advances. Perhaps no sphere has been influenced to such a degree as dating. What used to be a strictly personal and mainly face-to-face event became something you could at least set up online, which greatly changed the industry itself. As the world became more global and we moved our attention from the material aspect of existence to our mobile phones, so too did apps emerge which specialize in catering to the dating world. Apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and have never been more popular and it almost seems as if they present the only way a person may get a date in the 21st century. All that being said, it is important to evaluate the necessity, effectiveness, and practicality of such apps, as well as of online dating, trying to ascertain the benefits while also staying mindful of the negative aspects of such a method.

Let us begin on the bright side by highlighting a few of the positive aspects of online dating. The first would be the universal benefit of all matters conducted via the internet and that is its simplicity. Much like browsing for a new pair of shoes or a TV set, one can today browse dating apps to quickly notice and choose what one desires. Matching has seemingly never been easier as you no longer have to go through the tedious process of locating a suitable mate and then the awkwardness of attempting to get a date with the said mate. With online dating, much of that is a thing of the past, as one can now ‘match’ with someone by pressing a few buttons in succession, sometimes even just one. Another benefit would be its practicality, as online dating cuts right to the chase and tends to speed the process up much while also offering a method of choosing based on initial attraction, wherein you need not waste any time. Moreover, it can also help those who feel a bit more insecure about themselves in a face-to-face setting get past the initial anxiety involved in the pre-meeting stage. At, you can learn about the different types of dating apps and find one that suits your needs.

Now, to mention some of the drawbacks of internet dating. The first that comes to mind is precisely the dehumanization of essentially human activity. Dating has become as impersonal as going to visit a mechanic, and one could argue that the whole flair which used to grace the dating scene has gone. This robotic attitude pervades our industrially minded, progress-based society and dating is no different. One could see how simple souls could be overwhelmed by the industriousness of something which was and should be regarded as an intrinsically human enterprise. In turn, we begin viewing people as dating commodities rather than individuals. Another negative aspect is the so-called ‘choice paradox’. The idea is that precisely because there is such a vast number of people there, that it is excruciatingly hard to find the proper person. Furthermore, communicating with a person online may lead to many more unreasonable expectations which might set you up for failure even before you’ve begun. And of course, who could forget the ‘troll’ element of anything online, including dating. You can never be sure if the person you’ve established contact with is real or if they are just a troll looking for some casual pranking.

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