8 Things To Check Before You Sign A Contract With Your Pool Builder – 2024 Guide

Remodeling your home is a thing that you need to carefully plan, and when you add new things to your property, you have to pay attention to even the smallest of details. Building a swimming pool in your backyard is going to be beneficial for you, your family members, and even your closest friends. When you have this unit in your backyard, you are going to improve your mood, you will feel happier, and you will get healthier in time. It is said that spending time in the water can tone your muscles, help with different diseases, and even boost your immune system.

However, all of this is possible only if you pick the right unit to build, and if you don’t stress too much about the process. In most cases, you will look for a contractor to help you with the job, but as you already know, not every specialist is the right one for you, and not everyone is going to be transparent and work with your best intentions in mind. If you’re looking for a way to protect yourself, and if you want to steer away from people who are not actually professionals, you’ve come to the right place. Read on if you want to find about some of the things that you will need to check before you sign a contract with your pool builder.

1. What is their experience?

img source: poolarama.ca

When collaborating with a professional service, you need to know if this is the first unit they are going to build, or if they have done similar pools in the past. There are more than 1.5 million private households in Australia and a large portion of them are in Melbourne, so chances are, the person you are looking to collaborate with has done a similar job before. Talk to them about their knowledge, skills, and previous projects.

2. When can they get the job done?

Note that you should always know when the contractor is starting with the project and when they are expecting things to be finished. Depending on the specific size, materials used, and type of terrain you have, things may take more or less time. However, they will be able to give you a period when things should be finished. Remember that these things have to be added to the contract that you sign, and you should know what your options are in case they start late, in case they cannot finish on time, or if an issue arises during the construction period. You should protect yourself and your assets by discussing these things beforehand.

3. What are their recommendations for your specific case?

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The best builders will help you find the right type of unit for your needs. When you initially sit down to have a meeting with them, they should tell you what they recommend about your specific case, what are the biggest obstacles that you may face, and what are the reasons why the project could be delayed. They should help you figure out what is the best, and they should be able to provide professional advice depending on your plans and goals.

4. Can they provide custom solutions?

When looking for the right contractor for you, you should be looking for someone that is able to provide custom solutions depending on your needs. Note that sometimes you are going to request something that not many people want, but that does not mean that you should not get it.

According to Compasspoolsmelbourne.com.au, the right builder should help you find the material you need, advise you on what you should or should not install, and how that is going to affect the longevity of the unit you have.

5. Are the features scalable?

img source: leisurepools.co.nz

Today’s technology allows us to have anything that we could dream about and more. From special types of fibreglass, up to amazing three-dimensional colours, and self-cleaning units. When we choose what we want to get, we want to be able to pick the right things for us and our families.

Search for a contractor that will help you find scalable solutions and that will provide you with information about both the positive and negative sides of the features you may want to implement.

6. What do other people say about them?

Good reviews and recommendations are a must, and you should never sign a deal before you see their previous work. Most of the builders will give you pictures of the pools they’ve built, but you should do your own research as well. Look for photographs that are not professionally done, and see if there is any negative feedback on their previous work.

7. Do they have all the necessary certificates?

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Always check to see if the contractor you plan on hiring has all the certificates and if they have proof of their knowledge and skills. All of these things should be added to their website, and if you cannot find them, then you should either reach out to customer support or ask for the credentials when you have your initial meeting. It is important to check where they got their certification for, if it is valid, and if you can verify the originality of it. These things are usually easily noticeable, and you should be able to check things out just by researching the main code or number of the certificate.

8. Will you get a warranty?

Lastly, you should check the document that you are signing for a warranty period, and the proof of the materials they are going to be using. There are thousands of pool builders in Australia, and a lot of them are stationed in Melbourne, so if you don’t find a person that can vouch for their work, you should not settle and you should continue searching. Some contractors will offer a longer warranty than others, so see which deal provides better protection.

Pay attention to these things, and never sign a contract you are not completely familiar with. If needed, consult with an expert or an attorney so that you know what you are getting yourself in. make sure all of your demands are stated in the contract along with the start and end date. These things will largely protect you in the long run.