Unlocking The Potential: Must-Have Accessories For Your AR-15

If you own an AR-15 rifle, you have your hands on something versatile. It is an American rifle and is derived from the M16 rifle platform. Also, another specification that you should know about the rifle is that it operates in calibers ranging from a .22 Long Rifle to a .50 Beowulf. Usually, these rifles are used for various purposes, from hunting to self-defense, whenever there is any danger.

But what can you do to change the rifle’s purpose?

The answer to it is simple. All you must do is invest in some quality AR 15 parts and accessories that can help. Here are some new things that you can have along with the rifle. Owners can think of investing in the following accessories.

Gen 3 PMAGs

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If you need an accessory that ensures that your rounds feed every time, you should choose a reliable one. You should look for features like enhanced curve geometry, offering an easy round count, and others like an anti-tilt follower. Many brands offer accessories with these features, and you have to choose the perfect one that compliments your rifle.

Charging Handle

The key is to spot the lightest charging handle available in the market, and you have to ensure that it is available at a competitive yet genuine market price. The design should help do away with the lever and lock it in place automatically. If it is available in some millimeter versions, you should choose it and seek the help of an expert if it is required.

Rail Covers

If you want to hang lasers and other things like foregrips and optics securely, the rail covers can be the best thing you can use. The market has different covers, but ergo rail covers are a good choice. It is because they are not expensive and also, they help in covering unusual areas. Also, it protects the rifle from any surroundings, which can cause any issue that can hamper its functioning. So, you should not miss buying it for your rifle.


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When buying an AR-15, you will get it along with a standard mil-spec trigger. So, when you are looking for an upgrade, you can choose a trigger that comes with a staggering design but, at the same time, does not cause a hole in your pocket. Competitors will promise you the world regarding triggers and will ask hefty amounts in exchange for the same. But you must make the smart move by knowing what you are looking for and, more importantly, what works for your rifle.

Back-Up Iron Sights

If you are anyone who runs your rifle hard, you need the iron sights at all costs. If there is a forbidden situation in which an optic fails, you should have a sighting system that ensures that the shooting goes on and there are no issues with the accuracy.

Shooting Mat

The next one is an underrated essential that helps make your shooting experience comfortable. If you are planning to shoot in the damp woods, will you waste your time looking for the right piece of wood or cardboard that can be the shoot-prone thing for you?

Of course not!

So, you should invest in a waterproof shooting mat. You should ensure your chosen one has an anti-bacterial coat with grommets on all corners for staking and related purposes.

You will spot many online and offline buyers, but you should choose the supplier and mat that has or is the closest to the ideal measurements. The best idea is to choose a 72 by 20 inches mat, which is ideal for most of the activities you tend to do while shooting in damp woods.

Red Dot Sight

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If you are an avid shooter or used the rifle, you will be well-versed with different times when you would have swapped out of the hard-to-find batteries on the red dot that appears on the rifle. You can choose the one that promises a good battery life, and it will be better if its overall functionality is also considerably large.

Also, it should be equipped to adjust the dimness to match the ambient light levels. Further, you can see if any variant offers extra battery power generated from a solar panel. They should assist in your shooting and fit your style; otherwise, they won’t offer any practical use.

Brass Catchers

If you are dicey about safeguarding your brass, you will find many reasons that will push you to do it. A brass catcher is a great pick in different circumstances, like avoiding sweeping under the eye of any range professional and keeping the wilderness areas pristine. So, it gets you covered in different scenarios.

The brass catchers are available in different hook and loop designs. You must see the perfect one for you so there are no issues later.

Strike Eagles

Strike eagles are self-explanatory accessories that will help you ensure a correct vision that can be adjusted based on the requirement and promises a perfect shoot. The strike edges should have a long tube, probably, a 24-millimeter tube, and also should offer an adjustable magnification. Also, the reticle is glass-etched, and you should ensure it is illuminated. The horseshoe helps fast acquisition, especially when going for a short range.

Also, the lenses should be packed with multiple coats as it plays a major role in ensuring excellent light transmission. Also, the eye relief should be generous enough to come up as a suitable pick for other rifles.

Modular Buttstock Assembly

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The modular buttock assembly combines glass-filled nylon, majorly with other products. It helps you with a length of pull followed by a cheek-weld adjustment. It helps you have and maintain good contact with your rifle. That’s important when it comes to ensuring a good shoot. You can attach the stock to your standard rifle, or also, or you can try to do the same with a carbine buffer tube. It is available in different colors, and you can choose any.


You will see that all firearms come with different components that are exposed to daily wear and tear. Hence, they are open for exchanges and upgrades. It is common for the parts to depreciate, break, and also become lost during a shoot. But, as they say, that the show must go on, you can look for, better yet, essential accessories that will enhance the functioning of your rifle.