16 Common Mistakes Students Make when Writing a Long Assignment

Mistakes are meant to occur if you are not careful enough irrespective of the fact if the assignment is big or small.

So here are 16 common mistakes made by students in long assignments.

1. Wrong Word


Wrong word missteps can take an assortment of shapes. They may communicate to some degree unexpected importance in comparison to what you proposed (make rather out of context) or a completely wrong sense (lie rather than hesitate).

They may even be pretty much as essential as a lost relational word or another type of mistaken word in a maxim. Simon working at TFTH says to be careful while utilizing your thesaurus and spell checker.

In the event that you pick a term from a thesaurus without understanding its particular importance, or in the event that you let a spell checker fix your spelling consequently, you may submit a slip-up.

In case you’re experiencing difficulty with relational words and colloquialisms, look up the ordinary use.

Let’s read the wrong word examples:

Did you spot my illusion to the Bible?

Illusion is defined as “an incorrect sense of reality.” Allusion was required in this statement since it indicates “reference.”

The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser is a beautiful sixteenth-century allergy.

Allergy was substituted with allegory by a spell checker.

2. A comma is absent after a basic component


After each initial component—regardless of whether word, expression, or provision—utilize a comma to show where it closes and the body of the sentence starts. At the point when the initial component is brief, you can exclude the comma, yet incorporating it is consistently suitable.

It’s hard to distinguish where the subject (“they”) is in this expression without a comma after the basic component:

Determined to make their flight on time they rose at dawn.

3. Deficient or Missing Documentation

Documentation rehearses differ from one order to another. However, in scholarly and research composing, it’s a smart thought to consistently refer to your sources: discarding documentation can bring about charges of literary theft. The models underneath follow MLA style.

In this model, the page number of the print hotspot for this citation should be incorporated. The Social Media Bible characterizes web-based media as the “exercises, practices, and practices among networks of individuals who assemble online to share data, information, and conclusions utilizing conversational media.”

What’s more, here, the source referenced ought to be recognized in light of the fact that it makes a particular, questionable case:

As per one source, it costs double a worker’s compensation to select and prepare a substitution. Refer to each source you allude to in the content, following the rules of the documentation style you are utilizing.

4. Obscure Pronoun Reference


A pronoun (e.g., he, this, it) ought to allude obviously to the thing it replaces (called the predecessor). On the off chance that beyond what single word could be the predecessor, or if no particular forerunner is available, alter to make the importance understood.

In this sentence, it potentially alludes to more than single word:

In the event that you put this gift in your cover, it might help you to remember significant mentoring techniques. In some pronoun use, the reference is suggested yet not expressed. Here, for instance, you may consider what which alludes to:

The dictator school changed its cell strategy, which numerous understudies stood up to.

To improve this sentence, the essayist needs to make unequivocal what understudies stood up to.

5. Spelling


Even though technology now reviews much of our spelling for us, one of the top 20 most common errors is a spelling error. Milo working at EduWorldUSA says that’s because spell checkers cannot identify many misspellings, and are most likely to miss homonyms (e.g., presence/presents), compound words incorrectly spelled as separate words, and proper nouns, particularly names.

After you run the spell checker, proofread carefully for errors such as these:

Vladmir Putin is the controversial leader of Russia.

Here the spelling of ‘VLADMIR’ is wrong. Should have been ‘VLADIMIR”.

6. Mechanical Error with a Quotation

At the point when we quote different authors, we bring their voices into our contentions. Quotes essentially show where their words end and our own start. Quotes come two by two; remember to open and close your citations.

In most documentation styles (e.g., MLA Style), block citations needn’t bother with citation marks. Counsel your educator’s favored style manual to figure out how to introduce block citations. The following shows when utilizing quotes with other accentuation.

Here, the comma ought to be put inside the quotes:

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”, Virginia Woolf argues.

7. Useless Comma

We frequently have a decision about whether to utilize a comma. Yet, in the event that we add them to our sentences when and where they are not required, then, at that point we may darken instead of explaining our importance. Try not to utilize commas to set off prohibitive components that are important to the significance of the words they adjust.

Here, for instance, no comma is expected to set off the prohibitive expression of working guardians, which is important to show which guardians the sentence is discussing. Numerous youngsters, of working guardians, head back home from school without anyone else.

Try not to utilize a comma before a planning combination (and, at the same time, for, nor, or, thus, yet) when the combination doesn’t join portions of a compound sentence.

In this model, no comma is required before the word and on the grounds that it joins two expressions that alter a similar action word, applies.

Do not use a comma between a subject and verb.

Happily, the waiters, sat down during a break.

Do not use a comma between a verb and its object or complement.

On her way home from work, she bought a book at the bookstore.

Do not use a comma between a preposition and its object.

On her way home from work, she bought a book at, the bookstore.


8. Superfluous or Missing Capitalization

Underwrite formal people, places or things and appropriate modifiers, the main expressions of sentences, and significant words in titles, alongside specific words showing headings and family connections. Try not to underwrite most different words. If all else fails, check a word reference.

Monetary Aid is a squeezing worry for some University Students.

9. Missing Word

On the off chance that you read your work out loud before submitting it, you are bound to see discarded words. Be especially mindful so as not to overlook words from citations.

Soccer fans the globe celebrated when the striker scored the subsequent goal.

10. Defective Sentence Structure

Assuming a sentence begins with one sort of construction and changes to another sort, it will confound users. The data that family’s approach is the thing that monetary guide is accessible and pondering the classes accessible, and how to enlist. Keep up the linguistic example inside a sentence.

Each sentence should have a subject and an action word, and the subjects and predicates should bode well together. In the model above, pondering the classes accessible doesn’t assist per user with understanding the data family’s approach. Equal designs can help your user see the connections among your thoughts. Here’s the sentence changed:

Families approach data about monetary guide, class accessibility, and enlistment.

11. Missing Comma with a Nonrestrictive Element

A non-restrictive expression or provision gives extra data that isn’t crucial for the essential importance of the sentence. Use commas to set off a non-restrictive component.

  • David who wanted to peruse history was quick to make a beeline for the British Library.
  • The condition who wanted to peruse history doesn’t influence the fundamental importance of the sentence.

The statement could be taken out and per user would in any case comprehend that David was quick to go to the British Library.

12. Superfluous Shift in Verb Tense


Action words that shift starting with one tense then onto the next with no unmistakable explanation can mistake readers.

Martin looked for an extraordinary horned owl. He takes photos of the multitude of birds he locates.

To compose any scholastic task, a student should utilize just a formal and scholarly language thus with the English tasks. Ordinarily understudies utilize the everyday language and condensing in the tasks. You ought to never utilize slang and nonstandard action word structures in your task, consistently utilize a standard significant level jargon in your paper.

Pronouns ordinarily should concur with their precursors in sexual orientation (male or female, if proper) and in number (particular or plural). Numerous uncertain pronouns, like everybody and each, are consistently particular. One of the TopAssignmentExperts suggests that as it may, they can be utilized to concur with a solitary predecessor to utilize comprehensive or unbiased language.

At the point when precursors are joined by or nor, the pronoun should concur with the nearer forerunner. An assortment thing, for example, a group can be particulate or plural, contingent upon whether the individuals are viewed collectively or people.

13. Missing Comma in a Compound Sentence

A compound sentence comprises of at least two autonomous statements. At the point when the provisos are joined by an organizing combination (for, and, nor, in any case, or, yet, so), utilize a comma before the combination to show an interruption between the two musings.

Miranda drove her sibling and her mom held up at home.

Without the comma, a peruse may think from the outset that Miranda drove both her sibling and her mom. Utilizing the appropriate accentuation is important to make a reasonable paper. In the event that you don’t utilize legitimate accentuation in the paper, you peruse gets confounded, aggravated and disappointed.

Check your paper with the spelling botches is very simple then, at that point check the paper with some unacceptable situation of commas. The most ideal route is to make your paper blunder free is to take help from take care of my English task administrations where they can edit your paper and make it mistake free.

14. Missing Apostrophe (counting its/it’s)

To make a thing possessive, add either punctuation and a s (Ed’s telephone) or a punctuation alone (the young ladies’ washroom). Try not to utilize punctuation in the possessive pronouns our own, yours, and hers. Use ‘its’ to mean have a place with it; use ‘it’s’ just when you mean it is or it has.

Repeated viral infections compromise doctors immune systems.

The chef lifted the skillet off its hook. It’s a fourteen-inch, copper skillet.

15. Combined (run-on) Sentence

A combined sentence (likewise called a sudden spike in demand for) joins provisions that could each remain solitary as a sentence with no accentuation or words to connect them. Combined sentences should be either isolated into independent sentences or joined by adding words or accentuation.

The house was overflowed with light, the moon transcended the skyline.

He considered what the choice implied he thought about it the entire evening. Spelling botches are basic slip-ups done in the English task paper by the understudies. Numerous understudies accept that the English spelling framework is the most regular and erratic on the planet.

There are numerous troublesome words in English letters. The best arrangement to stay away from such errors is to recall and remember the spelling. Check your paper with the spelling after you complete your paper and rundown out the regular most missteps done by you.

16. Comma Splice


A comma join happens when just a comma isolates provisos that could each remain solitary as a sentence. To address a comma, join, you can embed a semicolon or period, interface the provisions with a word, for example, as well as/in light of the fact that, or rebuild the sentence. The understudies surged the field, they destroyed the goal lines.

Utilizing appropriate jargon is important to develop a decent English task. In the event that you have utilized the right syntax and effectively composed a useful paper by utilizing the legitimate arrangement in any case, you have utilized some unacceptable jargon then you have made a calamity paper.

Try not to depend on the spell check site; these sites can’t distinguish the mistaken utilization of words, for example, influence versus impact, and lose versus free and very versus stop.

Try not to compose rapidly or when you’re in a hurry since you may compose something different which you didn’t intend to say.