How Early Is Too Early to Start Writing Your College Essay

A rush towards the deadline is the norm for most students. Interestingly, most have so much time on their hands but are never in a hurry to start working on the essay. According to delays are coming from low motivation or the feeling that the deadline is still a while away. Do not be bothered by homework and looming deadlines.


Why should you rush to complete an essay yet you have weeks or months to the deadline? It appears like pilling pressure yet you have leeway to take it slow.

Start Now

The best decision you will make about your essay is to start now. Use every available opportunity to work on the essay. You will be through even before you realize.

But why should you start now and what are the dangers of waiting?

You have time to research

An essay is an academic paper anchored on research. The data and information you present must be chosen selectively to fit within the narrative you are building. You need all the time possible to research and collect data to support your ideas.

Starting early allows you to read more books. Consequently, you interact with diverse ideas that sharpen your perspective on the topic of discussion. Because of in depth research, your arguments will be supported by all possible principles.

Any academic paper is assessed based on existing knowledge. With time on your hands, you will review different ideas and arguments for and against your point. By the time you discuss the idea, you will have ascertained that there is no evidence to the contrary. Your tutor or supervisor will also see traces of in depth research because your discussion is not prone to shallow thinking. It is the best trick to produce the most compelling argument in an essay.

You produce more compelling ideas

Readers who pick your paper from the shelves are looking for convincing arguments and ideas. You cannot generate such ideas if you are rushing through essays. Take time to research and write the paper so that your ideas are convincing.

It does not mean that essays that take time to write are more compelling. No! The advantage is seen when a write spends time choosing words, data, and support ideas. These are the ingredients of a compelling paper.

The advantage of time will also be seen in your organization. You do not just discuss ideas for the sake of it. You create an outline that indicates gives room for the most compelling ideas to appear at the top. It is the strategic placement of ideas that will result in a convincing paper.

Ideas are also compelling when they are expressed accurately. Starting early allows you to edit and review your paper several times before submission. You ensure that your discussion flows in the same way you had desired and in a way that makes the essay convincing.

You can correct mistakes with little pressure

It is normal to make mistakes while you draft your paper. Some of the errors are typographic, incorrect formatting, or structure choices. As you spend time with the paper, you can see the errors and have time to correct them.

Most students only revise an essay when time allows. When you are too close to the deadline, editing and revision are done in a hurry. As a result, you will miss some of the errors.

It may also happen that an entire section is erroneously argued. In the course of other academic exercises, you may come across an alternative view that will alter the conclusions made. You have the chance to review such sections without too much pressure to beat a deadline. The cushion that comes with time allows you to deliver the most compelling paper under all circumstances.

You have time to cover for emergencies

Emergencies are an ordinary part of life. However, education systems are not designed to cater for such emergencies. As a result, you will fall sick or require traveling urgently, yet fail to obtain reprieve when you submit the paper late. Avoid such situations by starting your paper early.

Some emergencies will clear within a few days or hours. However, the deadline will have passed. In other situations, the damage will have already been done. For instance, you may have failed to collect data because it was the only available last minute window. Such missed opportunities are costly to your career and academic performance.

An emergency does not have to involve life-threatening situations. You may want to join friends for a party or tour. If you have time on your hands, you can adjust your schedule to accommodate the trip. You will return to tackle the essay with a fresh and rejuvenated mind. Such are the instances that contribute to a compelling and interesting academic paper.

You have time to edit the essay

Editing is probably one of the most important exercises before you submit any essay. It gives you a chance to correct errors on your paper to avoid misleading the reader. The errors may also misrepresent your idea, causing incoherence in your discussion.

The best editing is one that involves a third party. Since the best professional editors are usually busy, you will force them to rush through you paper or even miss the chance to engage the best editor because you need the paper returned faster. Start writing the essay now to create more time for thorough editing.

The basic idea of starting your essay now is to create more room to deliver the best essay. You have more time to research, revise, and edit the paper before submission. There is no better way to avoid penalties associated with late submission that to start working on the essay now. In fact, you can spare some extra cash, invest in a professional editing service like PaperTrue to get a step ahead!