4 Things to Expect from Your First Year at University

You received the news that you were admitted to the desired university – congrats! There comes a new phase of your life. We’re sure that you’re currently at the crossroads between fear and excitement, and that’s absolutely understandable – but there’s no reason to be afraid. Remember how everyone always used to tell you that the university years are the most beautiful part in one’s life – the time has come for you to see it for yourself. In addition to the great responsibility that undoubtedly awaits you, you are about to meet lifelong friends and learn some of the greatest lessons that’ll come in handy in the future. Many will experience a new way of life upon leaving  their family house and starting to live alone for the first time, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Although living in a bigger city and being able to party and meet people sounds pretty attractive, the reality is somewhat different from all-night clubbing and drinking beer in pubs all day. The first year of your studies brings numerous challenges, which is why you need to be able to balance responsibilities and fun. That’s why you should prepare in time and inform yourself about what awaits you in this period, or better said, what awaits you from the moment you step into your new dormitory for the first time. This guide will direct you to think about a few crucial novelties you can expect in your life once you become aware that you’re officially a brand new student now.


1. Moving out and the beginning of an independent life

Doesn’t that sound fun? Nothing compares to that ecstatic excitement when you start packing your things and getting ready to move to another city, to a newly rented apartment. You must be thinking about finally being able to make your own decisions and do whatever you want. But there’s a little surprise – this might be much harder than you expect when it comes to certain aspects.

That’s right – in addition to the responsibilities you’ll have when it comes to learning, you’ll need to think about responsibilities that include tidying up, doing laundry, and considering other chores that you maybe didn’t have to do while you were living with your family. You’ll have to learn what being economical means and think about how you will ‘extend’ the monthly allowance your parents send you for as many days as possible.

However, the majority of students agreed that moving into student accommodation wasn’t as scary as they expected. In fact, it was quite exciting and gave them some freedom to live independently, just like they wanted – and this helped them in terms of maturing and gaining responsibility. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the good sides of this aspect.


2. Making new acquaintances and friendships

This is probably the most beautiful side of the university period. E, especially if you live in a dormitory that allows you to meet a lot of different people from various parts of the country. The feeling of shyness is completely understandable and acceptable, but don’t forget that you’re all in the same boat. Show a willingness to socialize and meet – your roommates will recognize that in you and they’ll love spending their spare time with you.

If you have the financial means to live in a rented apartment, then the possibilities for meeting new people are endless. The fact is that you won’t be surrounded by students all day, like those people in dormitories, but that fact in no way hinders your socialization. During the courses you’ll meet fellow students with whom you’ll be happy to hang out later and go for a drink or two… or more, but only on weekends! Also, you can join various volunteer, sports, music, and other associations where you can certainly make new acquaintances with those whose interests match yours. If you think that social life might affect you studying and homework, don’t despair. There are many sites that offer help to students when in need, so click here to ask for help, and enjoy your student’s life.

3. Monthly budget management


As we have already mentioned, one of the challenges of student life is money management. Living at a family home usually doesn’t require children to worry about going to the store, paying monthly bills, or managing money until the next paycheck. These responsibilities are usually on the parents. Dealing with home finances is probably not something you have had experience with so far, so this will be the moment to acquire it.

Once you get your monthly allowance, or earn it yourself, depending on the financial stability of your family, you need to start thinking about how you will make it until the next one. First, consider the rent cost, monthly bills, the amount of cash you need to set aside for food, bus tickets, and much more. However, don’t forget about other fun activities such as hanging out with your pals, going for a coffee, or any other experience the city has to offer.

When you add the cost of textbooks, clothes, and shoes to this, you’ll realize that it’s not really so easy to manage the budget by yourself. After all, for all successful students, governments and colleges often provide scholarship programs so you can always take advantage of them if you feel you need them.

4. Hard work


Every beginning brings certain challenges, and the first year at university isn’t really an exception. You have enrolled in courses you love and you’re sure that, because of this, learning will be much easier to you compared to high school. We advise you not to relax too much since the university and high school work programs are very different.

There’s no doubt that the first year will require a lot of effort from you. If you have a goal you want to achieve, you have to prove to yourself and others that you can do it with your hard work. You’ll need a period of getting used to the new learning system, which will probably result in worse grades than you expect in the first semester. It may seem to you that the grade you get is lower compared to the effort you put in. All those essay assignments you get will seem difficult and confusing to you, which is why you might need help like the one that www.homeworkhelpglobal.com can offer. But don’t let that demotivate you. Correct mistakes and try to be even better – you’ll be astonished by an improvement in results you’ll make in no time.