Types of Roulettes in Online Casinos

In almost any online casino, there are thousands of exciting games, including poker, baccarat, blackjack, etc. However, roulettes are the most attractive to players. American and European, French and no zero – they are all presented online, just like in real casinos. There are a lot of roulette types. Check out this page to see this.

Although there are hundreds of variations of roulette in the world of Internet gambling, they all, in fact, boil down to three main types: French, European, and American roulette. All other modifications come from them. Be that as it may, on the Internet, you can try everything in turn without leaving the site.

What Is Roulette?


Roulette is a game of chance, which is translated from French as “wheel.” The essence of the game is that the wheel rotates, and the croupier launches the ball in the direction opposite to the direction of the reel movement. The wheel is divided into numbered cells. The launch starts from the number that appeared on the roulette wheel the previous time. The ball makes at least three turns in a circle and falls into one of the cells.

When the dealer says, “Place your bets, gentlemen,” players place their bets on the table. Each position has minimum and maximum bets. After the croupier’s phrase “Bets are placed, there are no more bets,” the most interesting part of the game begins. When the ball hits one of the cells (black or red; green indicates the “zero” cells), the game stops, and the losing bets go to the casino’s income. After that, the winning players receive their winnings in this order: number, split, straight, four of a kind, then odds.

French roulette is the least common in online casinos. The most popular is American, while European is in second place. Online game rules are the same as in real roulette. The only difference is that the game takes place online, and the wheel stops in one of the cells, choosing it according to the algorithm for generating pseudo-random numbers.

An interesting fact: there is an opinion that the game was born with an easy feed of the mathematician Blaise Pascal. Although it is also said that the homeland of the game is France or China, from where it migrated to the United States, where it acquired the status of the “queen of games.”

American Roulette


The American version of the game is distinguished by the fact that the American table is smaller, and it can have two tables for bets. Another difference is that there are 38 cells here. An additional cell appeared as a result of the presence of a “double zero” cell – 00. When 0 or 00 rolls out, this implies a win for the casino itself. The arrangement of the numbers and the alternation of colors on the drum distinguish the American game from the European or French.

Payments are made starting from the lowest bet and then in ascending order.

European Roulette


In the European version of the “Casino Queen,” there are 37 sectors on the reel, one of which is zero or 0. When 0 falls out (colored green), all other bets lose. The rest of the rules are almost identical to the French version of the game, except that the rules and terms are voiced in English, which makes the process more understandable for all participants.

When the dealer spins the ball, bets are no longer accepted. The chances of an ordinary player to win here are twice as high as in American roulette.

  •  For bets, tokens are used instead of real money.
  •  The main advantage of this type of game: payments are made at the highest rates.

You can dispose of your bet in two ways: return 50% of their value or leave it in the game, but the player takes a certain risk. If the bet loses or “zero” falls out, the tokens will not be returned.

French Roulette


As in the European modification of the game, the French one has 37 sectors. If a player has bet on “zero” and this sector falls out, then he/she and other participants who have made the same bet are given equal chances, as well as a consolation in the form of half of the amount of their bet. A good bonus as consolation is making French roulette one of the most popular in offline casinos since it is assumed that here, each participant can count on the maximum benefit among different money games.

In addition, the French version differs in some other points:

  •  For bets, not real money is used but chips or tokens, which can then be exchanged back for money.


  •  All names used inside the game are pronounced in French. This is the main difficulty of the game.

In addition to the named varieties, there are other modifications. In “No zero,” there is no “0” on the playing field. There are only 36 digits here. Mini roulette is often found in online casinos. It has 13 sectors: from 1 to 12 and also “zero.” There is no maximum bet limit. But whatever game you choose for yourself online, you will definitely love to play casino anyway.

What Is the Difference between Roulettes in Online Casinos and Real Casinos?


In online casinos, there are also less well-known but richer versions of roulettes. They offer the player non-standard gaming tables, bonuses, free spins, and many other benefits. For example, themed roulettes are often dedicated to individual popular characters or entire movie universes (for example, Marvel).

For the online version, sometimes, those emotions and experiences that the player encounters in the real world are not available. Therefore, online establishments offer compensation in the form of bonus game slots, unusual slots, or extra slots. If the ball hits such an additional cell, the player gets a multi-fold increase in the bet (up to x500). In addition, transitions to additional games with separate bonus systems are often offered. An example of such systems is Triple Bonus Spin or Double Bonus Spin.