Online Gambling Legal in Germany

Online Gambling Legal in Germany?

Online gambling has been fully legalized and regulated in Germany since July 2021 with the implementation of the new interstate gambling treaty. Prior to this, there was a grey area where some offshore online casinos accepted German players, but the activity existed in a legal vacuum. The new regulations have opened the path for operators to obtain licenses and offer their services legally to Germans, though with strict rules and oversight in place.

What types of online gambling are permitted in Germany?

types of online gambling in Germany


Under the new regulated market, several forms of online gambling are allowed for licensed operators. This includes online casinos offering slots, table games like blackjack and roulette, as well as poker rooms and sports betting sites. However, certain gambling products are still prohibited such as loot boxes, unregulated skill games, and nationally banned games of chance. The regulations cover all real money gaming.

Are there many online casinos licensed for the German market?

The licensing process has been quite slow due to the stringent requirements and high taxes/fees imposed. As of early 2024, only around a dozen or so online casino Germany brands have managed to obtain a interstate gambling license. Notable brands include the German company Tipwin, as well as some major international groups like 888 and bet365 who have secured approval. However, many top casino brands are still in the licensing pipeline or have not yet applied. More licensed options are expected to roll out gradually over time as the market matures.

What are some of the key regulations for online casinos in Germany?

Online Gambling in Germany


German regulators have implemented a comprehensive set of rules focused on player protection, taxation, and strict oversight:

– €1 maximum stake limit per spin/round on online slots and electronic table games

– 5.3% turnover tax on betting/gaming revenues (reduced from initial plans for higher taxes)

– Mandatory time and money limits that players must set when signing up

– Extensive KYC and anti-money laundering identity verification requirements

– Prohibition of most advertising and marketing of online gambling products

– Requirement for companies to have German-based subsidiaries and servers

– Age verification protocols to prevent underage access

– Responsible gambling tools and self-exclusion programs must be offered

Can any online casino accept German players?

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Only online casinos that have successfully gone through the German licensing process and obtained an interstate gambling license are legally allowed to offer their real money casino games and services to players located in Germany. Offshore sites without this license cannot accept German players without risking penalties. Players are recommended to check for the German license to ensure compliance.